Toddler Timeline.

  • Birth.

  • 13-18 month old.

    13-18 month old.
    13-18 months-knows about 5 words.
    -can turn pages in books
    -play with a ball
    -create "pretend" games
  • 19-24 months

    19-24 months
    19-24 months-wash hands
    -brush teeth
    -learning 10+ words a day
    -can throw and kick a ball
    -put on their clothes
    -make short sentences
    -becomes interested playing with other kids
    -likes to search for hidden objects
  • 25-30 Months

    25-30 Months
    25-30 months-independent
    -50+ words in their vocab.
    -start to lose baby fat
    -starts to wash hands
    -brush teeth
    -starts to run better
    -jumps around
    -"terrible twos" because the child starts to take more risks without thinking.
  • 31-36 months old.

    31-36 months old.
    -adjust to preschool easily
    -understanding of the alphabet
    -solves problems & ask questions
    -likes to help around the house
    -start using their imagination
    -loves to run around