Life of a Toddler

  • Baby is Born

    Baby is Born
    Baby is born on new years! (:
  • 12 -18 month physical development

    12 -18 month physical development
    -Turns several pages of a book
    -picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger
    -move objects from hand to hand
    -may walk alone or while holding a caregiver's hand
    -sits down without help
    -slides down slairs backwards, one step at a time
  • 12-18 month cognitive development

    12-18 month cognitive development
    -Begins to put two words together
    -Names common objects and people
    -Understands "no" but ignores
    -Finds hidden objects
    -Begins to form concepts
    -Loves to mimic all actions
    -Is able to fit round block into round holes in form board
  • 19-24 month physical development

    19-24 month physical development
    -walks sideways and backwards
    -bounces and sways and simple dancing movements
    -loves to run, jump and climb
    -can throw ball into basket
    -can fold piece of paper once, immitating demonstration
    -snips paper with scissor
  • 19-24 month cognitive development

    19-24 month cognitive development
    -can remember familliar objects without seeing them
    -identifies familliar objects on tv screen
    -completes simple jigsaw puzzle of 2-3 pieces
    -has vocabulary of 50 or more words
    -continues to ask "whats that?"
    -enjoys hearing nursery rhymes
    -recognizes when the picture in a book is upside down
  • 28-30 month physicial development

    28-30 month physicial development
    -enjoys running but is unable to measure sudden stops
    -climbs everywhere indoors, even in forbidden places
    -opens doors by turning knobs
    -likes to take jar lids off and screw them back on
    -climbs on jungle gym with fair amount of ease
    -kicks ball forward
    -throws ball overhead without aiming
    -plays on swings, ladders, and other playground equipment
  • 28-30 month cognitive development

    28-30 month cognitive development
    -becomes interested in children's tv shows
    -understands cause and effect in terms of own behavior
    -better able to plan a play activity and carry it out
    -vocabulary starts at 200 words and increases to 500 or more in this period
    -use two-word sentences
    refers to self by name;then learns to use pronouns
  • 31-36 month physical development

    31-36 month physical development
    -likes to be in constant motion
    -enjoys games involving running
    -goes up stairs by alternating feet, but goes down with one foot at a time
    -climbs quickly on jungle gym to reach the top
    -sits in adult chairs and may prefer these to smaller chairs
    -turns doorknobs with greater strength
    -likes to pain using full arm motions combined with finger motions
    -takes objects apart and puts them back together
  • 31-36 month cognitive development

    31-36 month cognitive development
    -is better able to use nearby objects and make believe games
    -tries new play activities to discover more about how things work
    -can remember and follor three step commands
    -recognizes self in pictures
    -asks names of objects and repeats them
    -tries out various roles and make believe play
    -begins to classify objects into generalized categories