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10 Critical advancements in Computers

  • IBM's first electric typewriter

    IBM's first electric typewriter
    IBM introduced a revolutionary device that would change everything at that time. I chose this because it revolutionised the process of transfering data to paper.
  • The LINC

    The LINC
    The LINC was the first microcomputer used for academics. I chose this because it put the computer to use in whole new ways.
  • The MOUSE

    The MOUSE
    The Mouse.The mouse was invented in 1964, and the first one was a single button and block of wood. I chose this because it made the computer a whole lot easier to navigate. Because it elimainate typing in all those pesky codews.
  • The macintosh series

    The macintosh series
    Stevce Jobs introduced the first portable computer that had immense power at the time. I chose this because it made computing a thing for everyone, not just "geeks".
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    The most revolutionary computer software of its time, which is why I chose it.
  • The the Macintosh II

    The the Macintosh II
    In the later 1980S Apple introduceed us to a faster everything. This started the "Computer wars" with apple. This would be the major push in technology.
  • Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft office revolutionized the work expierence. Being able to create word documents, powerpoint slideshows.And keeping finances on track with excell, which is why I thought it was important.
  • Powerbook160/180

    These were introduced in 1992 and outdid every laptop in its time era. Apple took the lead with this microscopic computer, Which Is why I thought it was a perfect candate to be in the timeline.
  • ZIp Drive

    ZIp Drive
    these could hold up to 100mb which today is about 16 songs, which was a great amount for 1994. With out these we might not have the powerful computers we have today
  • The Macbook Air

    The Macbook Air
    The thinnest computer of its day. This is important because its the computer of today.