1.6 The Obsolete and the Opportunity

  • Landline

    The Landline was used to contact people through the phone, it was most popular during 1961-1997 time periods.
  • Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records
    Vinyl Records, where used to play music during the 1950's-1990's time period.
  • Typewriter

    The Typerwriter was used to compose text, such as letter's and other various forms of literature, most popular during 1880's time period.
  • Pagers

    The pager was used to contact friends from a distance this can be compared to a cellphone, these were most popular during the 1949-1998.
  • Slide Projectors

    Slide Projectors
    The Slide Projectors was most commonly used in classrooms to play various images on a screen, but was also used where needed, this was most popular during the 1849-2000's
  • Cassete Player

    Cassete Player
    The Cassete was used to play music or tape recordings, most popular during 1970's-1980's time period.
  • DVD

    The DVD was used to play films, through more relatively modern television systems. It was most popular during the 2001-2007.
  • Phone Booth

    Phone Booth
    The Phonebooth was used to contact family and friends, through a phone, it was most popular during 1999-2018 (these phone booths were still active in 2018, although they hadn't been made since 2011)
  • Photo Film

    Photo Film
    The Photo Film was used to print photo's from camera's, they've been most popular during the 1898-1900 time period.
  • iPod

    The iPod was used to play music through more modern technology, it was most popular during the 2001-2010 time period.