Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment

  • Surprise Police Arrest of Participants

    The prisoners are arrested and handcuffed after having agreed to be a part of the study. They’re driven to a police station in squad cars, fingerprinted, photographed and then thrown into a cell blindfolded to disorientate them. Zimbardo’s RAs (Research Assistants) then bring the prisoners to the basement of Jordan Hall, Stanford’s Psychology Department building. The prisoners are stripped naked in front of a full length mirror, blindfolds removed. Verbal abuse is thrown at them by the guards ab
  • Abortion of Study Considered

    Zimbardo considers abandoning the study as guards are not role-playing as guards well enough. Guards were against the role they were assigned, clearly stating their preferred role as prisoners. Study is continued nonetheless to obtain any sort of result(s).
  • Period: to

    Zmbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment

  • Full-scale prisoner rebellion

    Zimbardo is suddenly woken up from his sleep in the office above the prison to analyze the rebellion caused by the prisoners, who have barricaded themselves in their cells and spewing verbal abuse at guards. Reinforcements are called for, and after some time, the prison cells are opened and the captured prisoners are stripped naked. The more troublesome of the lot are thrown into “the Hole”; a solitary confinement room.
  • First prisoner breakdown

    Carlo Prescott invited as prison consultant down to check out the situation, to have
    dinner and interview some guards and prisoners. Prescott had been a felon in
    California Prisoner for most of the prior 17 years and was easy to enrage on issues of
    discrimination and corrections.
    When returning to the basement, Warden Jaffe alerts us to an impending explosion of
    prisoner #8612. He wants out -- can't deal with the hassles, etc.
    Prescott shows no empathy; rips into him verbally.
  • Scheduled Day for Research feedback

    Some actions planned, like Prisoner Grievance Committee Meeting, and Visitor's night, and unplanned, like responding to rumor of a break- in by former prisoner 8612's buddies that evening in order "to liberate the prison." Guards create cell 3 as "Good Prisoner Cell," with the three prisoners least involved in
    the riot yesterday and most generally obedient; they get special privileges of eating slightly better meals, get their beds back, and shorter work routines.
  • Priest provided, some prisoners released, new prisoner

    A priest is called for at the demands of the prisoners, one of many such demands. Priest reports that prisoner #819's continual crying is a first responder reaction and may be called a "sissy boy" by fellow prisoners and/or prison guards for unmanly behaviour. New prisoner #2093, nicknamed "Sarge" for his military style of obeying orders and asking for physical display of strength if punishment befalls him.
  • Prisoner #819 did a Bad Thing!

    Prisoner #819 still sobbing in his cell. Vandalism to property and defiant attitude towards guards noted. Due to his actions, other prisoners received various punishments. After dinner, Zimbardo decides to release him early as he may show symptoms of psychological breakdown. Prisoner #819 refuses to leave, stating he must prove to fellow prisoners his conscious.
  • Overwhelming Action by Prisoners

    New prisoner #5704 suddenly refuses to eat meals at assigned times. Guards try to force him to eat, but to no avail, thus receiving degrading punishments. Prisoner #3045, who was quite obedient and silent for the time, suddenly snapped and went ballistic, uncontrollably crying and distressed. Has to be released early.
  • The Evening Erupts!

    Mother of prisoner #1037 concerned about her son's mental state, his father thinks otherwise stating " He can take it. " His mother was right; #1037 went into a depressive state after today's parole hearing. Guards attempt to force #416 to eat his sausages, but to no avail. "Sarge" is commanded to call another prisoner "bastard", which he blatantly refuses to do so and made to do push-ups with two prisoners on his back - which he manages to do! Prisoner #416 thrown into the Hole for the night.
  • Liberation!

    Later that morning, the participants are all gathered to hear ZImbardo say," I have something important to tell you, so please listen carefully: THE EXPERIMENT IS OVER. YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE TODAY." Prisoners stop him mid-sentence with cheers of freedom and expressions of joy.
  • Official Closing.

    5PM. Stanford County Jail is officially closed forever.