• Prime Minister Tsvangirai says unity government sholud be rewarded

    He urges easeing of targeted sanctions. Zimbabwe's High Court rejects a regional court ruling against President Mugabe's land-reform program.
  • Period: to


  • New Rule

    Forces foreign owned businesses to sell majority stakes to locals.
  • Commercial farmers

    They say they are under a renewed wave of attacks.
  • Resume Diamond sale

    Zimbabwe resumes official diamond sales, amid controversy over reported rights abuses at the Marange diamond fields.
  • Instigating of violence

    Tsvangirai alleges ruling party instigating violence at public consultations on mew constitutions.
  • ZANU party nominates President Mugabe

    Ruling party ZANU nominates Mugabe as candidate for next presidential race. Mugabe's wife Grace takes legal action over claims released by WikiLeaks that she profited from illegal diamond trading.
  • European Union eases sanctions on Zimbabwe

    EU removes the names of 35 of President Mugabe;s supporters from a list of people whose assets had been frozen. Rights groups report rise in violence against opposition supporters.
  • Prime Minister Tsvangirai says unity government rendered impotent by ZANU-PF violence and disregard for powersharing deal.