Ziana B 10 years of life

By ZianaB
  • I entered this world

    Ziana Karis Bennett
  • I start to walk!

  • My dad comes back from Afghanistan

  • My family moves from Sebring, FL to Washington, DC

  • I start going to Preschool at Washington Academy

  • I go to Pre-K Montessori at Drew Model in Arlington, VA

  • Kindergarten time!

  • We got our dog Raider!

  • My little sister is born!

    Oreinda Lovelise
  • Montessori 1st Grade

  • I moved to a different school and out of Montessori for 2nd grade at Ashlawn

  • My family moves from Arlington, VA to Philadelphia, PA

  • Went to visit my family in Florida for 3 weeks!

  • I start going to PALCS for 3rd grade!

  • Start 4th grade

  • Start 5th grade

  • I flew on an airplane to San Juan, PR