Z for Zachariah

By liammce
  • may 20th

    someone is on there way to the town
  • Period: to

    z for zachariah

  • may 21st

    this visitor has moved much closer to the town
  • may 22nd

    the man has not moved any closer and is still in the same place
  • may 23rd

    prepared for the visitor by messing up the place and moving to the cave
  • may 24th

    the visitor is a man and he has decided to stay in the city for a while
  • may 25th

    the man took a bath in a poisoned stream and looked around the town. the dog has also returned
  • may 26th

    the man has become very sick
  • may 27th

    the man is very sick and has not come out of his tent yet. the girl plans to visit him the next day
  • may 28th

    his name is mr loomis and he has got better but he says it will get worse
  • may 29th

    the sickness had got better and the man had started to talk to her
  • june 3rd

    he had become worse and not improving, ann is scared for him but even though he is sick he still helped ann get the tractor running
  • june 4th

    the man has become very sick and delirious, ann finds out he has murdered someone
  • june 5th

    mr loomis had become worse and showed no sign of improvement
  • june 6th

    the man is getting better slowly but still has not woken up
  • june 7th

    the man has gotten better he has become responsive and is not as sick
  • june 15th

    the man has become much better he is know talking and much better physically
  • june 22nd

    the man had tried to walk again and has become angry when the suit was mentioned
  • june 24th

    Mr loomis has made a move on ann and she has reacted in an awkward way
  • june 30th

    ann has moved back up to the cave because mr loomis is acting like a perv and tried to rape her
  • july 1st

    Ann makes a deal with mr loomis to share the valley he accepts but lies
  • August 4th

    Ann was shot and now mr loomis is hunting her
  • August 6th

    Ann is planning to steal the safe suit and wagon then leave the valley