Yusra's Timeline - November 2013

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  • When I was born where I was born and where I am from

    I am from Pakistan but I was born in Calafornia,Walnetcreak
  • what happend when I was born

    When I was born Sadeam Hussein was captured by the Us army
    in Iraq
  • When I started talking

    I started talking in Febuary 19 2004 my first words were mama And papa that meand mom and dad
  • Earthquake in Maracco

    In 2004 a earthquake came in Maracco.
    The earthquake killed more then 600 people in Maracco
  • When I took my first steps

    I took my first steaps when I was 10 months old on November 26 2004
  • Harry dining

    Harry dining a baseball player dies
  • Moving to Pakistan

    In 2005 we moved to Pakista from Amarica when I was almost turning 3
  • Youtube

    In 2005 Youtube was lanched in the United States.
  • My dads job

    In 2006 when I was 3 my dads job moved to Riadh
    in a company called Cissco.
    the same company that he workt in Amarika
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, elected president of Liberia, is the first woman to lead an African country.
  • Moving agin

    In 2007 I moved to Riadh ,becous of my dads job
  • Steve Jobs

    In 2007 Steve Jobs announces the iPhone
  • Going to AIS-R

    In 2008 I went to a wonder full school called AIS-R
  • Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro retires as the President of Cuba after nearly fifty years.
  • My brother

    In March 12 2009 my brother Musa was born
  • Roger Federer

    Tennis player champion Roger Federer (27) weds former WTA tennis player Miroslava Vavrinec (31) in Basel, Switzerland
  • I got a rabit

    In 2010 I got Rabits for a present
  • Oprah Winfrey

    Winfrey began her media career in radio before becoming a news anchor and launching her show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in 1986. It ran till 2011 and is credited with popularizing the talk show format and introducing a new confessional style.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Austrian-born, became a naturalised US Citizen in 1983. He won Mr Olympia 7 times. A successful business man he became a film star in action films, including the Conan and Terminator series. As a Republican he became Governor of California in 2003 and served 2 terms until 2011
  • When I got my cats

    In 2011 I got My dad he siprised me from geting me 2 cats A boy and a girl I named them Jill she is a girl and I named the boy jack