Yousefs Timeline Project-Newtons Timeline

Timeline created by ihes57
  • Birth

  • Cambridge University

    Cambridge University
    Newtons enters the Cambridge University.
  • Coming up With Laws

    Newton came up with his laws
  • Newtons head meets the apple

    One day, Newton was sitting under a tree and suddenly, an apple fell on his head giving him the ideas of his laws
  • Invention of Calculus

    Newtons invents what we know today as Calculus, though back in Newtons day, he called it, Fluxions and Fluents.
  • New Collage!

    Newtons is elected for Trinity Collage
  • Professor of Math

    Newton becomes the Lucasian Professor of Mathamatics
  • Presented Laws

    Newton presents his Laws
  • Newtons Published his Laws

    Newton publishes his Laws
  • Gravity

    Newton discovers gravity
  • Univerity Lecturer

    He remained in the university lecturing position for most years until 1696, when he leaves the university.
  • Death