• Birth

  • Moved to England

    Yiruma moved to England on May 14 1988. He was ten when he moved,
  • Graduated from Purcell Specialist Music School

    Yiruma graduated from Purcell Specialist Music School. He was 21 years old.
  • Graduated from King's College London

    Yiruma graduated from King's College in London. He was 24 years old.
  • First Album "Love Scene" released

    His first album, "Love Scene was released. Sales were ok, but wasn't that much of a success.
  • Planes Crashed into Twin Towers

    Two Planes crashed into the Twin towers. The event is still a mystery since the towers were not supposed to come down in such a fashion with only two planes.
  • Second Album "First Love" released

    Yiruma releases his album "First Love," and the album was a huge success! The songs that were so popular that some are still popular today are "River Flows in You," "When the Love Falls," and "May Be."
  • Performed at the 36th MIDEM in Cannes, France

    Yiruma performed at the 36th MIDEM in Cannes, France. Yiruma played songs from both Love Scene and First Love. The concert was sold out fast!
  • Performed at the Young San Art Hall

    Yiruma performed at the Young San Art Hall. Concert also sold out fast.
  • Album "Oasis & Yiruma" released

    Yiruma released his album, "Oasis & Yiruma." Sales also went sky high.
  • Promotion tour in Japan and Taiwan

    Yiruma went on tour to promote himself in Japan and Taiwan on August 5, 2002.His concerts in the main cities were sold out.
  • "Gang Ah Ji Ddong" OST album released

    His OST album, "Gang Ah Ji Ddong" was released. Sales were also a success.
  • SBS Drama features "First Love" in the show

    SBS Drama features "First Love" in the show
    SBS Drama "Love You a Thousand Times" uses Yiruma's Album "First Love" as music used throughout the show. The most played song in the show is "River Flows in You."
  • Yiruma married Son Hye-Im

    Yiruma married Son Hye-Im
    On May 27, 2007, Yiruma married Son Hye-Im. His piece 27. May is about his marriage to her.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    A huge earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. Magnitude was 7.0
  • Japan Eathquake

    8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Magnitude was later upgraded to 9.0.
  • Still Alive Today

    Yiruma is still alive today. His works will continue to inspire his fans from all over the globe.