Year 9 Sose Timeline

  • Feb 18, 1492

    European Discovery

    Christopher Columbus began the european discovery including americas and some would say a 'New World' was born. Of course there wasn't actually anything new about the world that had been lived in prior to the arrival of the Europeans.
  • The Englihtenment

    The cause of the Enlightenment was because everyday people stopped believing in the church and instead started believing in new beliefs. The effect of the Enlightenment was that the king and queen got overthrown as a result they had less power.
  • The First Fleet

    The first fleet of ships carried convicts from England to Botany bay. When they arrived in Botany bay it proved unsuitable for the settlement and the fleet made its way a short distance up the coast.
  • Convicts

    A penal colony was established in Australia when the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson, there was eleven ship were 1332 people and 736 of the people were Convicts, Over the eight months of being on the ship twenty-three convicts died and over sixteen percent had been sentenced for stealing a small amount of food. Along the way the youngest convict on board was 9 year old John Hudson who had been transported for theft, for further information head onto Pearson Place.
  • Indigenous Australians

    Immediate consquence for British settlement was a series of European diseases such as Smallpox. Smallpox was the principal cause of Aborignial deaths. In 1834 occurred the first recorded use of Aboriginal trackers, who proved very adept at navigating their way through the Australian landscape and finding people.
  • Movement of People - Free Settlers

    First free settlers to Australia arrived on the Bellona ship arrvied in Sydeny on the 16th of January 1793. The first single men and two familes were wealthy enough to afforded the long voyage from England. The harsh Australian enviroment made life on the land a struggle for the early free settlers. and interest on the Free settlers log onto Pearson Place.
  • Making a nation

    On january 1st 1901, the six former British colonies of New south wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South australia and Western australia became the states of a new Australian federation. This marked the beginning of independent nationhood for the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Voluntary Migration

    It is estimated that by 1901 over 15 milion people had left England in search of a better life in the New world. Such as this Voluntary migration occurs when people could choose to freely migrate.These people are often called 'free settlers".
  • The assassnaton of Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, Duchess visting to inspect the manoeuvres of the army. As the motorcade passed through the streets, Gavrilo Princip a member of the Serbian group shot and kills the duke and his wife.
  • Gallipoli campaign

    The Gallipoli campaign happened because the british and the french advised more fighting on the eastern front to relieve some pressure off the western point. The effect of the campaign left 10,000 soliders dead and 33,500 injured.
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  • Amercia enters WW1.

    America had always tried to keep out of WW1 although it then traded with nations involved in war. America ended up joining on the side of the allies.
  • Working Man

    After the gold rushed of the 1940's and 50's, major Australian cities developed rapidly. By 1888 Melbourne had become the largest city in the whole of Australia. It also became the second largest city in the British Empire after london and living conditions in the inner city of Melbourne working class districts were generally poor.
  • How states got there name.

    New South Wales- Captain Cook referred to this land upon which would be founded a British colony.
    Queensland- The state was named in honour of Queen

    Victoria, she preffered this over the name Cooksland.
    Victoria- Like queensland was named after Queen Victoria she was the remaing monarch in the 1850's.
    Western Australia- Traditionally part of the Indigenous people who migrated to the regin over 40,000 years ago.