• assasination

    The Archeduke Franz was assasinated, this started the war.He was at a parade. It was at the end of the parade and three men came up shot his wife and than shot him.
  • Sinking of U boat.

    Germany sinks Americas' U boat. This caused tention between America and Germany. Germany sank this ship without warning. This is why America got angry.
  • Letter from secratary of state

    Germany authorities in violation of American rights on the highest seas which cumlinated in the sinking of the British steam ship. Over 100 American citizens lost their lives. We needed to get into war to help out.
  • Germany sinks 2nd ship

    Germany sank a secong british ship Arabic killing two Americans. Wilson sent another ship. This was the turning point which made Amerca start to want to go to war.
  • U.S enters war

    The loss of life caused by Germany was enough for us to get into the war. We also wanted to help free the other countries.The senate voted 82 to 6 to go to way.
  • Committe for public information

    This is a poster describing the monkey is America and france. The brute is Germany. It is talking about how America needs to defeat the brute.
  • Russian peacemaker

    The treaty that was made (Brest-Litovsk was harsh. It made countries give up large amounts of territory. It increased Germanies troops.