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  • Archduke

    Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to the Austria-Hungary throne and his wife are assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist in Sarejevo.
  • Austria

    Austria declared war on Serbia.
  • Germany

    Germany agrees to have a war with Russia.
  • secret tready

    France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London.
  • Traders

    Italy changed sides and declared war on Germany and Austria.
  • Battle of Verdun

    The Battle of Verdun begins as the Germans launch a massive attack against Verdun in what will become the longest battle of the war.
  • Laconia sinking

    The Sinking of the Laconia. The Zimmermann Telegram is passed to the US by Britain, detailing alleged German proposal of an alliance with Mexico against the US.
  • war on germany

    USA declare war on Germany.
  • Crossing the line

    Germany crossed Somme's line and attacked it.
  • The war ended

    Germany signed armistice with allies officially ending the war.