• Begining the war

    The Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assasinated
  • German Declairs war on Russia

    The Germans mobilise troops and declares war on Russia
  • Germany declairs war on France

  • The Battle of the Frontiers

    "The Battle of the Frontiers" -- 27,000 French soldiers die on this single day in an offensive thrust to the east of Paris, towards the German borders.
  • U-Boat sinks Luistinia

    German U-boat sinks the American Lusitania killing 128 American cizilians
  • The battle of Verdun

    The longest battle of the war begins on Feb. 21st and doesnt end untill Dec. 18th
  • Wilson

    President Wilson asks congress for a declaration of war with imperialism German
  • Americans Recruit

    The United States passes the Selective Service Act empowering the Federal Government to draft men for the armed forces.
  • Russia

    Russian Army lead by Alexander Kerensky begins last -- and disastrous -- offensive in Galicia.
  • American troops enter war

    The first wave of the American Expeditionary Force lands in France.
  • Infulenza

    Two waves of influenza kill more people than did the war. From 1918-1919
  • German Advance

    Germans launch the first of five major offensives to win the war before American troops appear in the trenches. German advance is finally stopped in late June
  • Nicholas II

    Former Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, children, and members of his entourage are murdered by the Bolsheviks.
  • Volunteer Troops

    President Wilson agrees to co-operate with Allies in sending "volunteer" troops into Russia.
  • The War Ends

    At eleven o'clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the war ends as Germany and Allies sign an Armistice.