WW2 timeline

  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    Germany passed the numbering laws, stripping Jews of citizenship. When the holocaust begun Jews were moved into ghettos and were forced to wear yellow labels shaped in the star of David.
  • The Holocaust pt.2

    The Holocaust pt.2
    The healthy and young were forced to work in the camps but the ones that were old and weak were killed immediately in gas chambers. Six million Jews were killed and five million other people were also killed because they didn't fit Hitler's idea of a perfect society.
  • President Truman

    President Truman
    In the election of 1944, Roosevelt was the only person to be elected for president 4 times in a row. However, his health was really bad. On April 12 of 1945, FDR died, and Harry S. Truman took his place..
  • Victory in Europe

    Victory in Europe
    The allied forces launched a major attack on Dresden in February of 1945. On April 30 of 1945, Hitler committed suicide so he wouldn't have to witness Germany's defeat. On May 7 the German surrendered to the Allied forces. May 8 was declared V-E day in honor of the victory in Europe.