The Holocaust

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    The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was the death and murder of around 6 million Jews from 1933 to 1945. The deaths of these Jews were caused by Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • The Appointment of Hitler

    The Appointment of Hitler
    Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany. Germany had a Jewish population of 566,000 people.
  • The First Concentration Camp

    The Nazis open Dachau, a concentration camp near Munich. They also open three others, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbruck.
  • Boycotting

    The Nazis start to boycott Jewish shops and other sorts of businesses.
  • Book Burnings

    Book Burnings
    The Nazis start the infamous book burnings across all of Germany.
  • Denial of Priviledges

    Jews are denied many priviledges, including the right to own land, and the right to remain a German citizen.
  • No Health Insurance

    Jews are defied their right for national health insurance.
  • Denial of Legal Qualifications

    The Nazis defy the Jews' right to get Legal Qualifications.
  • Fuhrer

    Germany's President von Hindenburg dies. Hitler is then appointed as the new Fuhrer.
  • Ban from Military

    The Nazis ban Jews from service in the military
  • The Law

    The Law
    The German Gestapo is now placed over the law.
  • Denial of Occupations

    The Jews are denied their rights to many of their occupations. These include teachers and dentists.
  • Austria

    Nazi troops enter Austria. Austria has a Jewish population of 200,000 people.
  • Taking Away Jewish Rights

    Taking Away Jewish Rights
    From April 22, to July 25, the Nazis take away even more Jewish rights, such as the right to practise medicine as a doctor. Jews also have to register their wealth, property and businesses, and Jews over 15 have to have an identity card present on them at all times.
  • No Legal Practises

    Jews are now banned from any legal practises.
  • Arrest of Polish Jews in Germany

    17,000 Polish Jews living in Germany are arersted, and sent back to Poland. Poland, however, refuses their entry into the country, and the Jews are subsequently left stranded near the border for several months.
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnacht- The Night of the Broken Glass happens. Nazis coordinate attacks on Jewish homes and businesses, leaving 91 dead, and 30,000 captured and sent to concentration camps.
  • Valuables Taken

    Nazis order for the Jews to hand over all valuables such as silver and gold.
  • The Start of WWII

    The Start of WWII
    WWII starts. The Nazis invade Poland. Poland had the largest number of Jews in Europe, with 3.35 million.
  • The Yellow Star of David

    The Yellow Star of David
    All Jews over the age of 10 are forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes.
  • A New Camp

    A New Camp
    The Nazis decide to build a new concentration camp in Poland, and is named Auschwitz.
  • Commander of Auschwitz

    Rudolf Höss is chosen to be the commander of Auschwitz.
  • Invasion

    The nazis invade France, Belguim, Holland and Luxembourg. Each country has a significant amount of Jews living in each.
  • Sealing the Ghettos

    The Krakow and Warsaw ghettos are sealed off, containing 70,000 and 400,000 Jews, respectively.
  • Expansion at Auschwich

    Himmler, a Nazi leader, visits Auschwich, where he orders the expansion of Auschwich to hold an additional 100,000 people.
  • Russia Invaded

    The Nazis invade Russia. Russia has a population of 3 million Jews.
  • Mass Murders

    Mass Murders
    As the German Army keeps advancing, Nazis commit mass murders of Jews in Nazi-controlled territory.
  • Pearl Harbour

    Japanese soldiers attack the US on Pearl Harbour. The USA and Great Britian then declare war on Japan.
  • War on Germany

    War on Germany
    Hitler and the Nazis declare war on the US. The Americans then declare war against Germany, and concentrates 90% of their military to defeat Hitler.
  • The Start of Gassing Jews

    The Start of Gassing Jews
    The Nazis start using gas as a means of killing Jews in Auschwich. This method of killing spreads to other concentration camps shortly after.
  • 1,000,000 Deaths

    The New York Times reports that a stunning 1,000,000 Jews have been killed so far.
  • Burning Bodies

    Burning Bodies
    The Nazis decide to dig up and start burning all of the bodies instead of burying them, as the bodies contaminated the water underground.
  • Germany's First Defeat

    The Russian Army defeats Germany in Stalingrad, marking the first large defeat of the Nazis.
  • Opening of New Gas chambers

    A fourth, fifth and sixth gas chambers are opened at Auschwich.
  • Disappearance of the Jews

    Disappearance of the Jews
    Published in a Nazi newspaper is a quote saying that Jews have almost all disappeared from Europe.
  • War Refugee Board

    American President Roosevelt create the War Refugee Board to help Jews undr Nazi control.
  • D-Day

    The infamous battle known as D-Day takes place as Allied Forces land on Normandy beach, France.
  • First Concentration Camp Liberated

    First Concentration Camp Liberated
    Russian troops liberate the first concentration camp, Majdanek.
  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank
    Anne Frank and her family are arrested and sent to Auschwich. Anee is later sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she dies of typhus.
  • Jewish Revolt

    At Auschwich, a revolt takes place, where Crematory IV is completely destroyed.
  • Death Marches

    Nazis force over 25,000 Jews to march through rain and snow for over 100 miles, as Allied Forces draw closer.
  • Oskar Schindler

    Oskar Schindler
    In late 1944, a man named Oskar Shindler saves around 1200 Jewish lives by moving them from Plaszow concentration camp to his hometown.
  • Auschwich is Liberated

    Russian troops make their way to Auschwich and liberate it. Auschwich is responsible for killing 2,000,000 people, 1,500,000 of which were Jews.
  • Liberation of Dachau

    The US 7th Army liberates the concentration camp known aa Dachau.
  • The Death of Hitler

    The Death of Hitler
    Hitler commits suicide as russian troops surround his bunker in Berlin.
  • End of the Holocaust

    End of the Holocaust
    Germany surrenders unconditionally, ending the Holocaust. The Holocaust was responsible for causing 6,000,000 deaths, and is known as one of the worst genocides in history. We can use the Holocaust as a lesson to never let a tragedy such as this happen ever again.