The road to World War Two and the Holocaust

  • Period: to

    The build up to the war

    Events effect each country in its own tragic way, and we try to find different solutions to handle these events. This is the time where each country had a choice to make based on the events going on in their own country. They all agreed that a world war would make their country restored again.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    When the stock market crashed on October 24,1929, people called the day Black Tuesday due to the loss of 16 million dollars in shares. In the 1920's that was quit the sum of money, leaving the Americans in a complete panic.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The great depression was a world wide economic depression. This took place right after the roaring twenties, where everything was fine and there were parties at every mansion. Life after October 28, 1929 was the exact opposite. Families lived without homes or small shanties. They hardley ever had food and there were never any jobs, and if there were, they were in awful conditions. People became desperate for better lives, this set up World War II.
  • Japan invades, and counquers Machuria

    Japan invades, and counquers Machuria
    Much like the rest of the world, Japan was facing economical struggles, just north of Korea they decided to invade the overcrowded island; the League of Nations took no action to the agression of Japan.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes President

    Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes President
    On March 4th Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president in hopes to restore the United States after the Great Depression, this was his main goal as President.
  • No more rights to the Jews!

    No more rights to the Jews!
    Party of building popularty with the country, Hitler put all blame on the Jewish people. He convinced them that all their economical struggles was because of the Jews. With this support the Nazi party was able to pass a law depriving almost all the Jewish rights.
  • Period: to

    Hitler Takes Control

    Hitler becomes the dictator of Germany with a plan to better the life of the arean race only, and completely wipe out the Jewish race. "Germany today, tomorrow the World" -Adolf Hitler
  • Hitler is named German Chancellor

    Hitler is named German Chancellor
    On January 30, 1933 Paul Von Hidenburg named Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany. This change in leader was mainly driven by the german peoples anger at their economical status. They believed that having a new leader their lives would become better.
  • Hitler expands its military

    Hitler expands its military
    The moment Adolf Hitler took the roll as Germany chancellor, he began expanding the German army. His famous matto was "Germany today tomorrow the world"!
  • Boycott the Jews

    Boycott the Jews
    After Hitler convincing Germany of all the curroption caused by the jews, citizens started to boycott any and all jewish-owned stores and businesses by trashing and labeling their stores. Also, public places started to refuse service to those who appeared to be jewish.
  • First wave of legislation

    First wave of legislation
    The start of limiting the Jews roll in Germans public life. Kids were limited in schools and adults were taken out of the medical and legal professions; they were no longer worthy to treat the aryan race.
  • Prevention of progeny

    Prevention of progeny
    A sterilization law that was set by the Nazi party to prevent transmission of genetic diseases through forced sterilization. Any one who was not of the aryan race was under the goverments choice on whether or not they were allowed to concieve.
  • Nazi's remove all rights

    Nazi's remove all rights
    Jewish citizens were reich and prohibited to marry or have sexuall contact with any one of the aryan race (german blood). Jewish children were taken out of public schools, and German children were taught to stay away from the "bad" jews.
  • Seperation from the public

    Seperation from the public
    Jewish people were required to wear the star of Divid on their clothings to show who they are as a race.
  • The munich agreement

    The munich agreement
    Hitler agreed that he would no long ask for more land as apart of his goal to expand Germany.
  • Jewish stamps for everyday life

    Jewish men and women who do not have a jewish name origin had to add "isreal" and "sara" to their name. They were obligated to carried ID cards to be able to identify themselves.
  • Period: to

    World War II begins

    World War two begins due to many worldly events.
  • Poland invasion

    Germany invades and conquers Poland starting the second World War
  • USSR in Poland

    USSR in Poland
    The USSR takes control of Poland in the East.
  • Ghettos are occupied

    Ghettos are occupied
    Germans establish a Ghetto in Poland- a very diseased filled and poor area in which held jewish people before consetration camps.
  • Period: to

    The aftermath

    The rebuilds of the world after the war
  • The killing of Jews

    Einsatzgruppen kills 34,000 jews in a ghetto in Babi Yar.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Japan launches a surpise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • First killing operation

    First killing operation
    First killing operation takes place in Chelmno occupied Poland.
  • Germany declares war on US

    Germany declares war on US
    Nazi Germany declares war on the U.S just days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Deporting the jews

    Deporting the jews
    65,ooo jews are deported from the ghettos to camps outside of poland, the main camp will become the worst consetration camp taking millions of jewish lives.
  • Jewish Combat Organization

    Knowing that deportation to killing centers were a near future for the jews, they they started an underground organization that created some self defense.
  • Stalingrad

    Soviet Union traps Germanys 6th army in the city.
  • D-Day

    Troups stormed the Normandy beaches at France.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Allies try to penetrate the western boarder of Germany
  • Camps liberated

    The Soviet Union liberated Auschwitz camp complex.
  • Hitler is dead

    Hitler commits suicide when realizing his ruling was coming to an end.
  • Germany surrenders

    with a loss of their leader, Germany surrenders to the Western allies.
  • The final surrender

    Only a few days after surrending to America, Germany surrenders to the Soviet Union, ending the war.