Holocaust Timeline

  • Schools

    1933-1935: German schools taught that "Non-Aryans" are racially hated. Jewish kids are not allowed to be involved in "Aryan" school events. Jewish kids are also banned from parts of town like swimming pool, playground, etc.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Holocaust starts here
  • Dachau camp opens

    1st prisoners are "political opponents"
  • Nazi guards harass Jewish businesses and Jews themselves

    The German word for Jew (Jude) is smeared on windows of the building with the Star of David in black and yellow paint. Jews shopping were attacked and threatened by Nazi.
  • Law of restrictions of Jewish kids attending German schools is made

    Kids of war veterans and those with one non-Jewish parent are "exempt" first
  • Nazi ban/burn any books written by Jewish authors

    Burned thousands of books, included popular children's books
  • Law for Prevention of "Offspring with Hereditary disease" is made

    German doctors "sterilize" many disabled adults and kids, included Gypsy, and Afro-German kids
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed citizen jobs

  • Jewish restrictions signs are posted everywhere in Germany and villages

  • Jew can't serve in the German services

    This took time between May 21-31
  • Law at Nuremberg stripped German Jews of citizenship

    They still had limited rights
  • "Non-Aryans" are banned from teaching in public schools

  • Jewish teachers are banned from private instruction

  • More restrictions are made of Jewish kids attending German schools

  • Buchenwald camp opens

  • German occupies and incorporates Austria are called Ostmark

    May 11-13: (as a German province)
  • Requirement of registration of all Gyspsies living in Ostmark

    Jue 1938: Gypsy kids (14+) are required to be fingerprinted; "criminally asocial"
  • Questionnaires for registration of Jews and Mischlinge are used in National sensus

    Mischlinge are people of part Jewish orgin
  • Arrests of German and Austrian Gypsies teenagers are being made

    June 12-18: Sent to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and Mauthausen. Females (14+) are sent to a camp in Lichtenburg.. Ravensbruck
  • Jews can't vacation anywhere at German sites

    Spas, beaches, etc.
  • Decree: Jews (15+) must carry identification with them

  • Jews must make middle names officailly "Israel" and "Sarah"

  • "world powers" allow Germany to "annex" Czechoslovakia

  • Jewish passports have to be stamped with a red "J"

    Request of Swiss gov.
  • Kristallnacht "Night of Broken Glass"

    Nov. 9-11: burning of synagogues, robbing and destruction of Jewish homes, schools, etc. Jews are beaten and 90 Jews were killed. 30,000 Jews were arrested and sen to camps. Women were sent to local jails. jews are forced to sell their business at a low price,
  • Jews aren't allowed in German schools

    Therefor they have to go to a seperate Jewish school
  • Jews are banned fromteh streets on certain days

    Dec. 2-3: Jews aren't allowed to get their licenses and car registrations
  • Jews must sell their businesses, estate, and give their jewerly to the gov.

  • Jews can't attend university as a teacher/student

  • German Jews lose all legal protection as renters

    forced to move to smaller residence in bad neighborhoods
  • 3,000 Gypsy guys and women are arrested and sent to camps

    Guys were sent to Dachau and Buchenwald camps. Women (15+) were arrested and sent to the Ravensbruck camp.
  • Germany attacks Poland, WW2 begins, more restrictions

    Restrictions: night curfew and shorter shopping hours during the day. Applied to the German and Austrian Jews
  • Turn in all tech. devices, limited coupons, and limited clothing cards

    They do not recieve coupons for meat, milk, etc.
  • Jews in Poland are forced to wear the Star of David

    Had to wear either a yellow necklace that was the Star of David or a blue arm band of the Star of David
  • Germans rules Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France

    April-June 1940
  • About 154,000 Polish Jews are imprisoned in the Ghetto

    May1-7: Established and sealed off from the outside world
  • Camp is set up in Auschwitz, Poland

  • German Jews are not allowed telephones

  • Gypsy and Afro-German children can't attend German schools

    Ministry of Research and Education made this. Believed it was dangerous for Aryan children
  • Germany, Italy, Bulgaria attack Yugslavia and Greece

  • German attacks Soviet Union, millions of Jews die

  • German Jews (6+) are forced to wear the Star of David

    Was sewed on the left side of tehir chest, in yellow and with "Jude" printed in black.
  • Killing center is added on at Auschwitz camp (Birkenau)

  • German Jews are being deported to Poland

    First transportation to the Lodz ghetto
  • 5,000 Gypsies are sent to the Lodz ghetto in Poland

  • 1st killing center (Chelmno), US declares war on Germany

  • Jews at the Lodz ghetto are sent to the killing center (Chelmno)

  • German gov. dicusses the plan to kill the rest of the Jews in Europe

  • "Evacuation" of the major Jewish ghettos in Poland

    Feb.-March 1942: launching of the "systematic deportation" and killing of the Jews in Poland
  • 10,000 Jews who were in the ghetto, were sent to Chelmno

    May 4-12
  • About 15,000 Jews in the ghetto, are sent to Chelmno

    Sept. 5-12: mostly children under the age of 10 and adults 65. This was also Jews who were too weak or ill to work.
  • About 55,000 Jews have been sent to Chelmno

  • Interment camp in Lodz opens for non-Jewish Polish youths

  • All Gypsies are arrested and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau

  • Gypsies in "Nazi-occupied" countries are sent to Auschwitz

  • Heinrich Himler orders destrustion of all the ghettos in Poland

  • Hunger strike caused by younger workers occurs

    Workers refuse to accept watyer soup ratios, continues for days.
  • 7,196 Jews are sent to Chelmno from the Lodz, and killed

    June-July 14
  • Soviet troops free the killing center at Majdanek

  • Gypsy-family camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau is "liquidated"

    Aug.2-3: "Inhabitants" are killed
  • Rest of the Jews in the ghetto is sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau

    Aug.7-30: Troops are making their way through Poland.
  • Nazis send prisoners from Auschwitz to German camps or factories

  • Prisoners of Sonderkommando rebell at Auschwitz

    They successfully blow up a gas chamber and crematoria
  • Camp inmates evacuate from Auschwitz, "death march" in Germany

    Soviet army only 10 days away
  • Soviet troops free the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp

  • Soviet troops free the Buchenwald camp

    April 11-12: some prisoners were inmates of Auschwitz
  • Hitler kills himself

    Was scared and shot himself
  • The war end

    As does the Nazi regime