WW1 timeline -juvairiyya

  • Francis Archduke Assination

    The archduke and his wife -Sopie were assinated by a pro serbian in the a bosnian city.
    1.)Cause and Effect
    This event had several causes but had a huge effect and alot of people were affected
    2.)Historical signficance
    This event was the trigger for the war and was very significat in the war .
  • Period: to


  • Austria declares war on serbia

    Serbia refuses Austria motion and Austria offically declares war on Serbia.
    1.)Historical prespective
    The values are similar to todays.For example how the US declared war on Afghanistian to fight aginst rebels.
    2.)Continuinty and Change
    Ther are a few things that have changed but there are a handfull of things that are still very similar
  • German declares war on Russia

    Germany which is in an alliance with Aus-Hun does anything to protect it even dclaring war on several other countries.
    1.)Historical significance
    This signifies the diffrent alliances the call of war.
    2.)Cause and effect
    This caused the countries to form allianses in which they had an all out world war
  • The Schlieffen plan

    Germanys plan was to go throught Belgium to get to Paris which failed completely.
    1.)Continuinty and Change
    Now we have so many advanced technolgies that it becomes very hard to fail as misreably as they did and military armys have grown since then
    2.)Historical significance
    This reveals how much thought process was actually put in to things like this (very little).Also this did create long lasting change fot rhe German army.Knowing this information we can still devopl out military tactics.
  • Britian (and colnies) declare war on Germany

    Even thought thye British army didnt really have to get involved they did join the cause to help and so did Canada.
    1.)Cause and Effect
    After this dicsion was made there were so many changes and effects it had on Britian and Canada
    2.)Historical prepective
    When the US joined the war to fight against ISIS Canada joined as well because we are neibhors and i felt llike this why the British decided to join -to help there neibghoring contries.
  • First battle of Ypres

    This was the first battle for mant British and Canidian soliders.This battle helpd the allied forces push the German forces back whithin the trenches.
    1.)Ethical Dimension
    Was the gain of little territorial area worth losing that many lives?
    2.)Continuinty snd change
    The military now have anvanced far more then back then.
  • The Gallipoli campaign

    This was the Ottoman empires first introduction to the war.It was a very unsuccesful campighn by the allied forces
    1.)Ethical dimension
    This battle can help us understand today how we should plan better to help save more lives
    2.)Historical prespective
  • Allies evacuation of Gallipolli

    Gallipolli was a complete fail and this was very embarsing for the allies
    1.)Continuinty and change
    Since this event happend ,this changed the way the forces plan to fight also taugh them to be more strategical in what they do.
    2.)historical prespective
    Since this there has been alot effects for the military
  • Introduction of Conscription in Britain

    The act of forcing men to go to war or act of the shaming them into going towar was firstly introduded at this potin to help recruit more men for the war.
    1.)Ethical dimension
    This act was completely not ethical nor morally right in any way;to get people to join the war by force.
    2.)Historical significane
    This act is very important because it shows the despiration of the government and how he is willing to do anything to win thar he voulunterly choose to join.
  • Battle of Somme

    This was one of the bloodiest battles that has ever happend in the ww1 history
    1.)Historical prespective
    The general that was cordianting this was terriable and just wasnted to whithou having any tactics.Today there a few people who work together to come up with tactics
    2.)Cause and effect
    There wasnt exactly a cause for this but the effect of this was huge and not worth at all.
  • The USA declares war on Germany

    US joins the war to help the allied forces.
    1.)Contiuinty and change
    Alot of things have changed but helping neigboring counties is still used to this day
    2.)Ethical dimension
    Alot of lives were lost ,which were not worth it and th us did not havr to join the war.
  • Germany and Russia sign armistice

    After yeard of fighting this signing finally shows inclintion towards peace
    1.)Historical significance
    2.)Ethical diminsion
    This was on of the more ethical things they ahve down which was to sign for peace an having no more lives taken away.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litosk signed by Russia and Germany

    1.)Continuinty and change
    This shows both sides wanting to have a change for the better and to continue liveing in two viable states
    2.)Historical significance
    This is very important in history because thsi shows the rest of the countiries and there people that there will be change and we should all try to make peace ,which neverless ended the war
  • Germans sign the armistice with the allies

    1.)Ethical dimesnsion
    This was a very good inclineof ethical and moral behavoir beetwen the countries
    2.)contionitny and chage
    this made the change a postive and offically end the war.
  • Germany started an offensivein Flanders

    The 4th battle of Ypres.Germany launched a huge offnesive to try and capture Ypres.
    1.)Cause and effect
    This was to take over Ypres and the effect was leaving 100s of men dead
    2.)Continiuinty and change
    This chage indicated a decline for peace and the German army.
  • The collape of the German army

    1.)Continuinty and change
    This lead to the continuation of the alie forces sucess also the change of the course of war which was not good for the German forces.
    2.)Historical sigificance
    This had so many impact one of them was the failure of the german attacks.
  • Allie advancment successful

    1.)continuinty and change
    The allie forced had been successful which helped the change and need for peace
    2.)Cause and effect
    There were so many great effects of this happeing like example the need for peace was esablished
  • Germans ask allies for armistice

    1.)historical prespective
    2.)Contiuinty and change
    this armistice had made the change a postive one and they continued this until there was defintinte peace
  • Austria and the Turks make peace

    1.)Ethical dimension
    This improved the living for thousands of poeple and made it easier for others to live
    2.)Historical significance
    This marked the peace between these two countries