WW1 TImeline

  • Event 1

    Arch duke Franz ferdinand was assinated on june 28 1914.
  • Event 2

    Austria rejected seberia's offer and declared war. The same day sebera's ally russia move troops towards austria border.
  • Event 3

    Germany put its miltary plan in affect a large part of germany's army would race west to defeat france and then return to fight russia in the east.
  • Event 4

    Allies attacked the germans northeast of terriost in the valley of the marne river.
  • Event 5

    Russian forces launched an attack on germany and austria.
  • Event 6

    Early 1915, opposing armies on the western front had dug miles of parrell trenches to protect themselves which is know as trench warfare.
  • February 1915 battle

    thoughout the battle on the eastern front the russian army suffered enormous battlefeild losses.
  • Event 7

    in february 1916 the germans launched a massive attack against the french near verdun. Each side lost more than 300,000 men.
  • first battle on western front

    the first battle of the Marne was on the western front.
  • battle on the western front

    germens lunched massive attack on the french
  • Period: to

    Event 8

    July of 1916, the british army tried to relive the pressure on the french river. in the first day of the battle 20,000 british soliers were killed.
  • Event 8

    The war shifted to the high seas. that year, the germans intensified submarine warfare.
  • stratagy

    the new stratagy was sub-marine warfare
  • Event 9

    On april 2, the united states enters the war.
  • alliance

    united states enters war
  • November 1917 (development on Eastern Front)

    submarines were now used for war
  • Event 10

    in 1917, nearly 5.5 million Russian soldiers were either wounded, killed or taken prisoner.
  • Event 11

    Russia withdraws from the war.
  • russia

    russia withdraws from the war
  • Event 12

    Allies defeat germany at second battle of the Marne.
  • July 1918 (battle on Western Front)

    the allies and germans clashed at the second battle of the marne
  • Event 13

    Warring nations sign armistice ending the war.
  • November 11, 1918 (event)

    nations sign armistice ending the war
  • June 28, 1919 (event)

    the treaty of versailles
  • Event 14

    The treaty of Versailles between germany and the allied powers was signed on june 28, 1919.