• Archduke Assassination

    Archduke Assassination
    Who: 7 Serbi teenagers that were assigned to kill Archduke Ferdinand by the Black Hand.
    When: the Archduke was killed in 1914.
    Where: on a trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    Why: people hated Archduke Ferdinand and his wife to the point of assassination.
  • Start of WW1

    Start of WW1
    the initial reason for the start of WW1 is that Germany wanted more land since imperialism was cool to Germany I guess.
  • Lusitaina Sinks

    Lusitaina Sinks
    When: the sinking happened on May 7 1915
    Where: the ship was sunk in the North Atlantic ocean
    Why: Germany knew the merchant and civilian ships were carrying weapons so they planned to stop them by breaking naval prize laws and surrounding the ships and sinking them.
  • Zimmermann Note Intercepted!

    Zimmermann Note Intercepted!
    when: 1917
    where: in the ocean on its way to mexico
    why: Britin was curios of what Germany was doing
  • Russia Withdraws From War!

    Russia Withdraws From War!
    where: Russia
    why: the revolutions ruined Russia's economic stability and were not able to help sustain soldiers in the trenches.
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    when: 1917
    why: Russian civilians weren't happy about how unfair everything was especially during the war.
    where: Russia
  • America Joins The War!

    America Joins The War!
    when: 1917
    why: the sinking of civilian boats
    where: the first troops were sent to the trenches of Germany
  • End Of WW1

    End Of WW1
    the end of WW1 was mostly because of the U.S.A. joining the war after the sinking of the armed civilian ships.
  • Armistice of WW1

    Armistice of WW1
    What: a cease fire of which ended hostility between Germany and the Allies but did not end all of WW1.
    When: the Armistice happened in 1918
    Where: Armistice was located in the western front where Britain was blocking off Germany's food supply
    Why: Germany was being pushed back and exhausted while revolts happened inside of Germany so they gave up and signed the terms of the Allies
  • Treaty of Versailles Signed!

    Treaty of Versailles Signed!
    when: 1919
    where: Versailles
    why: all of the nations didn't want another WW to happen.(To bad that happened either way)
  • The First Meet of the League of Nations

    The First Meet of the League of Nations
    When: the league of nations existed from 1920-1946.
    Where: the first league of nations meeting was held in Geneva
    Why: to get (almost) worldwide agreement on national laws and war regulations
    What: a “congress” of sorts that includes almost all countries of who will make national decisions that all countries within the league will follow