• Assassination

    Archduke Franz fer heir to the austro-Hungarian empire was assassinated while in serbia. The assassination was planned by a terrorist group called the black hand, but the shooter was identified as Gavrilo Princip.
  • War

    The Austro-hungarian emperior declared war on Serbia
  • Allies

    Because Russia was allied with serbia both countries mobilized armed forces.
  • Germany

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • Telegram

    Count Johonan Von Bernstroff presented Robert Lansing (us secretary of state) with a note declaring that Germany would restart unrestricted subermine warfare the next day.
  • The old anti-piracy policy

    Wilison decides to arm american navel ships with US navel personel and equipment.
  • US

    US president Woodrow Wilison goes to congress to request war against Germany.
  • Austria

    America declared war on Autria Hungary
  • War is over

    ww1 ended at 11am on this day.
  • The treaty of St Germain

    Ausria signed the treaty of St Germain. Austria's armies were reduced to 30,000 men and they were not allowed to have union with Germany. Austria also lost Czechoslovakia and Serbia to Italy and Austria soon went bankrupt.
  • Treaty of Neuilly

    Bulgaria signed the treaty. Bulgaria lost land to Greece. and they had to pay 90 million in reparations.
  • The treaty of Trianon

    Hungary signed the treaty. Hungary lost Romania and Serbia to Czechoslovakia. Their amries were reduced to 35,000 men.
  • Treaty of Serves

    Turkey signed the treaty of serves. Turkey also lost land to greece and the league of nations took control of Turkey's remaining colonies.