• Interception of the Telegram

    Interception of the Telegram
    The Zimmerman Telegram was the telegram from Germany to Mexico telling them and urging her entry to the WW1 against United States. This telegram was intercepted by the British in misfortune for the Germans.
  • United States breaks down her agreenment with Germany

    United States breaks down her agreenment with Germany
    In this day, United States, because of the reason of the telegram intercepted, broke down the Diplomatic Agreenment she had with Germany.
  • U.S Cunner Passenger Linner shot down

    U.S Cunner Passenger Linner shot down
    On February 24th, as we can see in the picture, the U.S Cunner Passenger Linner sailing from New York to Liverpool was shot down by a German Submarine. This means that Germany was very powerful underwater.
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution started in March 15th because of the internal conflicts in Russia and this lead the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. In the second revolution, in October, after the disagreement between two political parties Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin was declared the new leader.
  • United States declares war on Germany.

    United States declares war on Germany.
    On April the 6th, war is declarates by United States on Germany because of all the events which happened between them in the previous three months.
  • Nivelle Offensive Began

    Nivelle Offensive Began
    On april 9th the Nivelle Offensive began. It was the Franco-British plan to break the Germans defence in Aisne. Their plan was to attack Germany commanded by Neville but many French soldiers died because of the great defense from Germany. For this reason, the French soldiers wanted to stop attacking them because of their losses and deaths. Finally, Nivelle was replaced by Pétain, who adopted a defensive position and this declared Germany's victory.
  • Massacre in Belgium

    Massacre in Belgium
    10,000 Germans soldiers were killed with explosive mines by the British in Belgium. And they finally won the battle of Messines Ridge.
  • The Battle of Jerusalem

    The Battle of Jerusalem
    On this day Allenby, the British General, entered to Jerusalem by foot to comply the order he had, that was to try to conquer Jerusalem but respecting to the people and without doing harm to them. Two days after the entrance of the British, they took Jerusalem from the Turks.
  • United states declares war on Austria-Hungary

    United states declares war on Austria-Hungary
    On December 9th, United States declares war on Austria-Hungary, because, as we know the entrance of United States to the war was in favor of the Triple-Entente, this means that United States took the side of the Triple-Entente.