World War Z timeline

  • Origins of the Virus

    Origins of the Virus
    A young Chinese boy becomes ill with a mysterious illness later identified as the Zombie virus. The virus begins to spread out of China to countries such as Taiwan and India.
  • The Virus Spreads...

    The Virus Spreads...
    The virus silently spreads across the world by planes and ships out of China. There are some cases of "Human Rabies" in India. The virus, now dubbed "African Rabies," has Phalanx, a supposed medicine to combat the virus hits the market in the U.S despite never being proven to prevent the virus.
  • The Great Panic

    The Great Panic
    The virus starts rapidly spreading in the U.S and there is beginning to be too many small outbreaks than can be covered up. Soon there are uncontrollable outbreaks in major U.S cities. A reporter breaks the story of how the US government has been covering up outbreaks across the country. This causes 'The Great Panic.' Millions flee from large cities all across the world. The chaos and frantic moving causes large outbreaks. The 'undead' start to increase into the millions.
  • Nuclear War

    Nuclear War
    There are hostile interactions between infected refugees from Pakistan and the Iranian Military, as well as bad diplomatic relations. This causes warfare between the two countries. It will continue to escalate and they will both engage in a nuclear war.
  • The Battle of Yonkers N.Y

    The Battle of Yonkers N.Y
    To fight the massive amounts of zombies, the U.S government decides to stage a massive battle at Yonkers, New York. It was a massive failure due to lack of ammunition, supplies, and poor planning.
  • Safety in the North

    Safety in the North
    The media starts saying that there is safety up north. This causes a large amount of Americans to flee north into the Canadian wilderness. The zombies would freeze in the winters up north but people had nothing to eat with limited survival skills.
  • The Redeker Plan

    The Redeker Plan
    Former Apartheid leader Paul Redeker develops a plan for protecting people from zombies. The plan was to construct safe zones throughout the country, but only a few select citizens were allowed in. The rest of the people would be put into isolated zones and used as bait to keep the zombies away from the safe zones. The plan was highly controversial because it offered great room for discrimination and favored the rich. It influenced many countries who made their own version of the plan.
  • Total War

    Total War
    World leaders from multiple different nations meet on the USS Saratoga to discuss the situation. The president of the U.S puts forward a plan to wage war on the zombies and everyone agrees.
  • Communism Ending in Cuba

    Communism Ending in Cuba
    Cuba was relatively safe from zombies and had an increased number of refugees from Florida. These new citizens helped make Cuba one of the largest economies in the world. Soon after, Cuba declared itself a republic and communism had ended in the country.
  • Hope, New Mexico

    Hope, New Mexico
    Using new battle tactics for zombie warfare, the first massive battle against zombies was staged in Hope, New Mexico. The battle was very successful and inspired similar campaigns all over the world.
  • Hero City (New York City)

    Hero City (New York City)
    Upon official statements from the government that the United States were now finally free of zombies, New York City is renamed Hero City.