World history time line

  • Gunpowder plot

    Gunpowder plot
    The gunpowder plot was an attempt to blow up King James and the parliament but failed. The plot was organized by Robert Catsbyin order to end the persecution of Roman Catholics by the English government. Guy Fawkes was caught around midnight and him and the rest of the people who attempted to blow them up were tried and executed.
  • Galileo and planets

    Galileo and planets
    Galileo discovered the phases of Venus and sunspots. Confirming that the Sun rotates, and that the planets orbit around the Sun, not around the Earth. Galileo also discovered all of Venus's moons as.well as what stars are.
  • Storming the bastille

    Storming the bastille
    The Bastille was a French prison but was used to store ammunition. The prison only held seven prisoners but the mom didn’t come for them they came for the ammunition. It was a very violent bottle and the mob sees the control of the Bastille and the governor was killed in his head is put on his spike
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor

    Napoleon crowns himself emperor
    December 2, 1804 Napoleon supposedly crowned himself emperor. The title Emperor Napoleon was the first to use it in 1000 years. The pope handed Napoleon the crown and the conqueror placed it on his own head.
  • Abolition of slavery in in Britain

    Abolition of slavery in in Britain
    On 28th August 1833 a very important act received its Royal Assent. The Slavery Abolition Law would finally be enacted, after years of campaigning, suffering and injustice. This act was a crucial step in a much wider and ongoing process designed to bring an end to the slave trade.
  • the first opium war

    the first opium war
    the first opium was was because great china was trying to get opium out of their country but china kept sending it back in. Also Britain was trying to make the trade fair because they were buying tons of tea from China but China wasn't willing to trade with Britain and that sprouted the opium wars
  • The crystal place exhibition

    The crystal place exhibition
    The crystal palaces was made by Sir Joseph Paxton. It was made to showcase all the new inventions of the industrial revolution but was sadly burned down in November 30 1936
  • the sepoy mutiny

    the sepoy mutiny
    The Sepoy Mutiny was a uprising against British rule in India. the problem was that the soldiers had to bite the cartages of the ammo and they were supposedly cased in pig and cow fat which was either a holy or unclean to the respected religion the result was that the British east India company was then replaced by Britain
  • the construction of the suez canal

    the construction of the suez canal
    The Suez Canal is a man-made waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea. The Suez Canal is the work of French explorer and engineer Linant de Bellefonds. using native people to work on the canal until forced labor became illegal
  • The first man made park

    The first man made park
    Birkenhead was the venue for the first man made park. This park included lakes, hills, and meadows. The designer Joseph Paxton who also designed the Chrystal palace for the great exhibition. Many more parks seemed to pop up after that
  • the berlin conference

    the berlin conference
    The Berlin Conference was a series of negotiations to divide up Africa. The African leaders weren't invited. The other thing that happened at this conference was that the Congo river neutral.
  • The Sino-Japanese war

    The Sino-Japanese war
    the first Sino-Japanese war was a conflict between Japan and China. this war marked the emergence of Japan as a major world power. this was a battle over korea
  • J’accuse was written

    J’accuse was written
    This letter was addressed to the army for wrongly accusing Alfred Dreyfus for being a traitor. And it was written by Emile Zola. This of course was not ok with the government so the put him to trial on February 7 1898.
  • the start of Russo Japanese war

    the start of  Russo Japanese war
    Japan launched a surprise attack at Russia before they even knew Japan declared war on them. Russia was taken down badly with a ton of losses (boats) on their side whereas Japan only loss 3 ships. this was the first battle to start the war that ended in 1905
  • First Ford model T built

    First Ford model T built
    October 1, 1908 the first Model T Ford was completed at the company’s plant in Detroit. They were very cheap around 850 at the cheapest. They were also for ordinary people to own so they had to be inexpensive. They also on went around 40 miles per hour so fast but not nearly as fast as cars today
  • The murder of arch duke Franz Ferdinand

    The murder of arch duke Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand was killed by a young Bosnian names Serb Gavrilo Princip. In the city of Sarajevo where he was killed he was there to inspect the armed forces. And the fact he knew that there would be an assassination attempt and still went also shots were fired at his car and he kept driving.
  • The Christmas truce

    The Christmas truce
    The Christmas truce is an unofficial cease fire on and around Christmas. Both sides the Germans and the British rise from the trenches. They swap story’s and play soccer and sing Christmas carols. This isn’t the case for the whole front of the war but is a little treasure while it lasted.
  • German u boats sink the Lusitania

    German u boats sink the Lusitania
    The Germans shot torpedoes at the Lusitania and sunk it. It was a British passenger ship and it killed 1,195 people in including 128 Americans. They claimed it had war materials in the bottom which was later to be found out was true
  • The United States declares war in Germany

    The United States declares war in Germany
    The United States joined the war against the central powers in 1917 because of two main reasons. One being the sinking of the Lusitania, and the other being the Zimmerman telegram. The Zimmerman telegram states that Mexico should ally with Germany and get land back from America but it was intercepted.
  • Russia leaving the war

    Russia leaving the war
    In March of 1918 Russia signed and armistice with Germany. The were severely low on men ammunition and other necessities for fighting war. They have decided they were out and signed the treats of Brest-litovsk. Also the country was taken over by the communists and they decided it was best for the county if the pull out.
  • Signing of the armistice

    Signing of the armistice
    The signing of the armistice was the official end of world war 1. The armistice was signed at 11 AM in a rail road car in Compiégne, France. But the Germans out of man power and supplies actually surrender at 5:00 that day but doesn’t go into effect until 11 that morning
  • The treaty of Versailles is signed

    The treaty of Versailles is signed
    The treats of Versailles was signed of June 28 1919. All the leaders from the armies were to be at the palace of Versailles to sign the treaty in what was formally known as the hall of mirrors. It was also the 5 year anniversary for the assassination of archduke franc Ferdinand.