Wørld Histøry

  • GunPowder Plot

    GunPowder Plot
    Was a failed attempt to blow up King James I and Parliament.
  • Petition of Rights

    Petition of Rights
    Parliament made the petition of rights to make the king less all powerful.
  • Charles I Beheaded

    Charles I Beheaded
    Charles l is beheaded.
  • Hobbes writes his book The Leviathan

    Hobbes writes his book The Leviathan
    Hobbes new book the Leviathan is released.
  • The Restoration

    The Restoration
    When Oliver Cromwell died Charles II came back from exile and restored the monarchy, also entertainment. Such as sports, parties, etc.
  • Napoleon Rises to Power

    Napoleon Rises to Power
    He was born on the island of Corsica, He rose to prominence during the French Revolution, becoming more and more influential.
  • The Estates Get to Vote

    The Estates Get to Vote
    Louis XVI lets the Estates vote on population
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    King Louis “accepts” the constitution, it includes making a limited monarchy, feudalism was abolished, and there was a independent judiciary.
  • Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin
    Separated the cotton from its seeds making much easier to collect cotton.
  • Vendee Revolt

    Vendee Revolt
    It was a small population that believed in God and supported the king. The revolt was put down and 20,000 to 50,000 Vendean citizens died.
  • Act of Union

    Act of Union
    The Act of Union brings 100 Irish MPs into commons
  • Abolition of Slavery

    Abolition of Slavery
    The abolition of the slave trade bill finally passed
  • Lowell’s town

    Lowell’s town
    It was a mill town of just factories surrounded by boarding houses
  • The North

    The North
    The majority of the population in America was in the north by 1814
  • Napoleons Fall

    Napoleons Fall
    Mistake 1: continental system
    Mistake 2: Peninsula Campaign
    He was later poisoned by arsenic.
  • Telegraph and Morse code

    Telegraph and Morse code
    Samuel F. B. Morse created a new way to communicate that changed the way we think about communication.
  • Opium Wars

    Opium Wars
    The British and their tea addiction got them into a war, but how? Well they wanted China’s tea so they offered everything but they were not interested. Since Britain just got India they had opium there which got China interested, after a while their Government saw what it was doing to their people and stopped officially trading it. That didn’t stop them from smuggling it. This blew up into a war and then Britain got some land from the war and grew their own tea. Kind of resolving the solution.
  • Cholera outbreak

    Cholera outbreak
    The Cholera Outbreak killing 15,000 Londoners.
  • The Necropolis

    The Necropolis
    In 1852 Parliament created the London necropolis and national mausoleum company.
  • Mughal Empire

    Mughal Empire
    Lasted from 1526 to 1858. There was a religious conflict between the Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs making India weak. That’s when a British trading company came in and took advantage of them. There was a rebellion because of the gunpowder packets, the British gov. stepped in and helped to make peace once again.
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    Was a canal that was built in Egypt by the French in the 1860s. It was later finished by the United States.
  • Periodic Table *JAZz HaNDS

    Periodic Table *JAZz HaNDS
    Dimitiri Mendeleev organized a chart of elements in order of weight.
  • Hello?

    1876, the first working telephone is invented by Alexander Graham bell.
  • First phone call

    First phone call
    March 10, 1876 Bell makes first call from across the room.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
    There was a meeting regarding European colonization, no African leaders were invited.
  • Vrooooom...

    Karl Benz makes the first PRACTICAL automobile.
  • The Boer War

    The Boer War
    These were Dutch settlers, but lived in the region of Africa since the 1600s. Good was discovered there drawing in European countries, but the Boers refused to grant political rights to foreigners. This angered the British and they attacked, War broke out in 1889. Boers were defeated defending the last of their land.
  • One of a kind

    One of a kind
    Ethiopia was the only country to retain its independence, in 1889 emperor Menelik II modernized its nation. The Italians invaded in 1895 they lost because they had guns as well to easily defend their country driving Italy out.
  • The Archduke Franz Ferdinand Killed!

    The Archduke Franz Ferdinand Killed!
    Franc Ferdinand was driving around the block when his car broke down, multiple assassins happen to be right there and killed him.
  • Gallipoli Campaign

    Gallipoli Campaign
    Allied ships pass through the Dardanelles, capture Constantinople, and knock out the Ottomans out of the war. But the Ottoman Empire was not easily overcome.
  • Edith Cavell

    Edith Cavell
    Edith Cavell was a medical nurse that did not discriminate which side you were on. If you were injured she would help. She was shot on Oct. 12, 1915
  • The Battle of Somme

    The Battle of Somme
    The battle of Somme was one of the most deadly battles of the war with thousands of casualties.
  • The women’s party is formed

    The women’s party is formed
    Emmeline Pankhurst formed the movement for equal work, marriage and divorce laws. Equality of rights as well.
  • The Great War Ends!

    The Great War Ends!
    On November 11/11/1918 the war officially ended when the armistice was signed, of course even after the official end there were some more battles fought.