Workers Rights in the Industrial Revolution

  • Samuel Slater builds America's first water-powered cotton spinning mill

  • Slater Opens Americas First Factory

  • Lawsuit Brought Against Showmakers in Philidelphia

    Unions declared harmful to the american people, made illegal.
  • Slave Importation Prohibited

    Signed in 1794, this act prohibited the Importation of Slaves, which caused a great change in the need for labor in the country.
  • Growing Number of Mills leads to overproduction and wage cuts

  • Mill Girls Strike in Lowell Mass.

    Unfair working conditions and wage cute due to decline in demand cause the Mill girls to strike.
  • Philidelphia Workers Strike for a 10 Hour Day

    On this day, 20,000 workers walked off the job to protest unfair working hours and wages. Eventually this practice was adopted country wide.
  • Commonwealth v. Hunt

    Reversed the Decision of Courts past and made unions legal.
  • National Labour Union Formed

    Massive national Union formed to pressure congress to form new legeslation to improve the working conditions.
  • First Loabor Day Parade in New York

    This parade celebrated the new freedom held by laborers in this country. This marked the first day of a new age of employment in the US.