Women's Suffrage Timeline

  • 1848

    Equal suffrage proposed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton first women's right convention in Seneca Fall, New York
  • Period: to

    The Women's Suffrage Timeline

  • 1850-1861

    Annual Women's Right Conventions during Civil War suffragist put activities aside. Susan B. Anthony did not agree she thought it was wrong.
  • 1867

    Susan B. Anthony forms an equal rights assosiation working for the Universal Suffrage.
  • 1871

    The Anti-Suffrage society is formed
  • 1872

    Susan B. Anthony and supporters were arrested for voting. Susan and 11 other women were held for a $500 bail. Susan on the other hand was held on a $1000 bail.
  • 1893

    Matilda Joslyn Gage publishes Women, Church, and State campaign led by Carrie Chapman Catt. Colorado men voted for the Women Suffrage
  • 1895

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton publishes The Woman's Bible. Utah women regain Suffrage.
  • 1900

    Carrie Chapman Catt takes over the reins of NAWSA
  • 1902

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton passes away
  • 1916

    Alice Paul and some others break away from the NAWSA and form a National Women's Party.
  • 1920

    The Nineteenth Amendment called the Susan B. Anthony Amendment is ratified by Tennessee on August 18th. It becomes a law on August 26th, 1920