Women's, Migrants and indigenous Australians Rights

  • Captian Cook arrives in Botany Bay.

    Captian cook claims Australia british land.
  • Period: to


  • First Fleet arrives in Australia.

    Builds a settlement at Port Jackson in Sydney NSW
  • First registered woman doctor


  • Commenwealth of Australia is formed.

  • first female parliamentry canadite

  • Maturnity allowence Act

  • -1915 women in WW1

  • First female Police officer

  • minimum wage for women set at 54% male

  • Edith Cowan first women elected to Australian Parliament

  • Founding of the Country Womens asscotiantion

  • widow pension introduced

  • all aboriginal women (and men) were allowed to vote

  • More than 90% of all Australiana vote yes for giving power to the Australian Goverment power to make laws for Aboriginals and Torres Stait Islanders.

  • The Australian Parlaiment passes the 'Racial Discrimination' Act to help ensure that all Australians of all backarounds are treated equally.

  • Uluru is handed back to it's traditional owners.

  • first aboriginal women to win gold at Commen wealth (Cathy Freeman)

  • The council for Aboriginal Reconciliation holds it's first meeting in Canberra.

  • Prime minister Kevin Rudd formally apolgises to the stolen generations on behalf of the Australian Parliament