Womans Rights In America

By 991814
  • rights

    The United States Constitution says that the words persons, people, and electors are interpreted to include just men and not women the right to vote (voting rights).
  • woman rights

    in missisippi woman can own land. This can only happen if the husband allows it. if the husband saws no then the woman is stuck with no land. when a woman does not have land they cannot vote.
  • Womans Rights Movement Begins

    On July 19 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York the first Womens rights convention took place. After the debate 68 women signed the Declaration of Sentiments, this was 12 resolutions that were called for equal treatment of women for the law of voting rights for women.
  • Harriet Tubman

    this woman leads slaves to freedome. she helps many woman out that will make a difference in blacks being able to vote. she was able to to save so many slaves it is hard to count that high.
  • splitting of woman

    the woman rebellion split into two groups, because of the 15th amendment. the amendment said that black woman cannot vote. these two groups rejoin later because the white ones realize that black people are just as much of a person as a white woman.
  • First State

    Wyoming is when the fist state that allows woman to vote and be elected to an official office. The first pannel of all female Grand Jurors in the U.S.
  • women denied to vote

    A Virginia Minor applied to register to vote in Missouri. The registrar, Reese Happersett, turned down the application, because the Missouri state constitution read: "Every male citizen of the United States shall be entitled to vote." This did not say anything about women.
  • Betty Friedan publishes book

    This book is called The Feminine Mystique. it has influenced many woman and men in america. the book is about how much power women have and what influence they can have on america.