Wilmington Race riots in 1898

  • Rally in Fayetteville

    Rally in Fayetteville
    The largest white supremacy rallly held in Fayetteville and was headlined by Tillman. White men showed up in red shirts and and gave honor to Tillman's accomplishments.
  • Preparation

    Local businesses bought guns that fired up to 420 rounds per minute.
  • "White Man's Rally"

    "White Man's Rally"
    Torchlight parades of armed men who roamed the streets of Wilmington attemping to persuade blacks not to vote.
  • Waddell's Speech

    Waddell's Speech
    On this day, Waddell gave a speech persuading white males to attack blacks who attempted to vote.
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    On this day, many blacks avioded the polls hoping to aviod getting injured. Some blacks did attemt to vote but the white men holding guns on every block intimidated them.
  • "White Decleration of Independence"

    "White Decleration of Independence"
    The "white Decleration of In depence" was introduced by Alfered Waddell. In the decleration Waddell speaks of Wilmington politics and how they were contreolled by whites before and after the war.
  • Coup d'tat in Our Own City Hall

    Coup d'tat in Our Own City Hall
    While people were being murdered on the streets of Wilminton, a committee of twenty five people forced the board of alderman, the major, and the police of cheif to resign at gun point.
  • Wilmington Race Riot

    Wilmington Race Riot
    On this day, white males marched through downtown Wilmington and harassed, discriminated, and hurt various black people who lived/worked in the area. Because of this event 1,400 blacks fled Wilmington, over 100 men died, and 21 black political leaders were banished.
  • Military Parade

    Military Parade
    A parade of five military companies marched all around Wilmington. this was a celebration of white supremacy and assurance that the new regime was firmly in charge.
  • Celebrations

    White christians filled into churchs and trumphed about the slaughtering. People paraded around wilmington cheering because of the many black deaths.