William Lyon Mackenzie King

  • Birth of a President

    Mackenzie King was born in Berlin (now Kitchener).
  • Period: to

    The life of Mackenxie King

  • Mackenzie King earns a law degree

    Mackenzie King earns a degree in law from the University of Toronto but decides to never pursue law.
  • Canada's first Minister of labour

    Canada's first Minister of labour
    Mackenzie King was appointed Minister of labour which was a new role in parliament.
  • Mackenzie King becomes M.P.

    He becomes an M.P. for the riding of Waterloo which was his hometown.
  • Graduation from Harvard

    After studying at Harvard, Mackenzie King earns a Ph.D. when he submitted a thesis about his work as Minister of Labour.
  • Elected into power

    As the Liberal party leader he was elected into power. In 1926 he was voted out of power.
  • King–Byng Affair

    Governor General Byng refused a request made by Mackenzie King which resulted in a scandal which was meant to dissolve parliament.
  • Re-elected into power

    After losing power for a couple of months he was brought back into power until 1930.
  • Yet again in power

    Yet again in power
    Elected for the third time into power until 1948. He was the Prime Minister who was in power for the most amount of time.
  • Mackenzie King declares war

    After sitting by while World War 2 raged on, Germany made a move against Poland so Mackenzie King secided to finally join the war against Germany.
  • The death of a man

    Mackenzie King died after leaving parliament in Kingsmere. His grave is at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario.