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Where I Came From

  • Parents Marriage

    Parents Marriage
  • Birthday

    I was born on August 14th 1985. I have the same birthday as Steve Martin, Majic Johnson, and Mila Kuniz. Also, this day in 1969 was the first day of the original Woodstock.
  • Sister Haley Birthday

    Sister Haley Birthday
  • Family Vacation, Colorado

    Family Vacation, Colorado
  • Started playing guitar

    Started playing guitar
    This helped developed my love for music.
  • Family River Camp purchased

    Family River Camp purchased
  • Family Vacation, Yellowstone

    Family Vacation, Yellowstone
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I went to Moss Point High School
  • Graduated from Faulkner University

  • Family Vacation, Washington DC

    Family Vacation, Washington DC
  • Started Education Degree at University of South Alabama