What Would've Happened If 9/11 Had Not Happened

Timeline created by lshnir
  • Hijackers Die Early

    Hijackers Die Early
    Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi (the original hijackers of the planes) settle down in San Diego as the beginning of their plan, but die in a car crash on their way to the supermarket to get food. The government is brought in to inspect their house when terrorist plans were discovered, and they manage to find and arrest the other terrorists. It is kept quiet and hidden from the public in order not to cause panic.
  • Safe Flights And Blue Skies

    Safe Flights And Blue Skies
    People begin to settle into their flights, knowing they are safe on board with no terrorists and a captain at around 8:30 am. The President is currently contuining to read a story to a group of children, and everyone is starting their day. As people start to file into their work places in the World Trade Center and Twin Towers, the two Boston flights, a Washington and finally a Newark flight began their safe journey to their destinations.
  • Normal Days

    Normal Days
    There is no shock and fear striked in the hearts of thousands of Americans and the world, which keeps living normal days. Gerard Way has no inspiration for a song for a band, a director keeps living life with no inspiration or place to put his talents, the few bits of art a tragedy gave us weren't worth chains of events leading to thousands lost.
  • Airport Security Happened

    Airport Security Happened
    Airport security isn't interfered with by federal government, and people can bring water bottles and EVEN shampoo bottles on planes. There are no heavy pat downs and rare disrespectful occurences. You don't need to take your shoes off because no one things you're hiding a gun in them. There are no full body scanners. You are allowed to bring shampoo onto a plane.
  • Peace

    The next year, there are no children crying over lost parents and parents crying over lost children. There is no memorial over 2500 deaths, and there is no anger raging in the U.S over lives of lost Americans. There is no war on terror. There's regular bullying rather than a hate directed at anyone with dark skin in general, no reason to blame a nationality with innocent people for one group's actions. Peace is found inside.
  • War? What War?

    War? What War?
    There is barely any interference with Middle-Eastern Countries, wars are avoided and the US does it's best to ignore any issues the country itself has, because it has no reason to care enough to wage war. The military budget is lowered and the country faces more important domestic problems such as obesity and exploration of space and medicine. No torturing innocent people in Afghanistan and embarrassing the US, no destroying random people's lives. No family is lost in the midst of battle.
  • John Kerry is Elected

    John Kerry is Elected
    With nothing to really support him for another term, Americans fail to see a good reason to reelect President Bush and go with Democratic President John Kerry.
  • Stability

    Had 9/11 not happened, maybe the job crisis of 2008 America would've had a stable economy rather under the name of John Kerry. However, it most likely would've still crashed, but at a later time, and under a democratic wing.
  • NASA

    More money would be going towards NASA and funding them rather than putting more and more into our military.
  • Seal Team Six

    Seal Team Six
    The world wouldn't have cared as much, and this probably wouldn't have happened until much later on. Seal Team Six would most likely not have been organized, nor would they be looking as hard for the leader of Al-Quadea, Osama Bin Laden, so he'd still be alive. While there would still be an intense search and destroy, the War on Terror wouldn't have been as persistent.
  • Medicine

    No celebration about the rebuilding of the Freedom Towers, because the Twin Towers would still be standing. Most Americans would still be in the dark no matter how many other terrorist attacks happened, because they'd be too scared to face the truth. Money not spent of the military budget would've gone to medicine, and we might've had a few cures for terminal diseases now, or maybe even legalize equality.
  • Islam is Accepted More

    While there would still be some racism, there wou;dn't be as much. Random females in hijabs walking the streets wouldn't get beat up for wearing something of their culture, children wouldn't be made fun of, the US would be a nicer place in general, hopefully.
  • Summary

    More positive than negative actions would've happened if 9/11 had never happened. More advances in medicine and racism and even civil rights. We most likely would've have legalized gay marriage by now, and there would be no WBC protesting military weddings. America would not be in a public uproar over terror.