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what we like to call our heroes

  • industrial age

    industrial age
    The Industrial Revolution started in England around 1733 with the first cotton mill.A more modern world had begun.As new inventions were being created,factories followed soon thereafter.England wanted to keep its industrialization a secret,so they prohibited anyone who had worked in a factory to leave the country.Meanwhile,Americans offered a significant reward to anyone who could build a cotton-spinning machine in the United States.the Industrial Revolution brought severe consequences to societ
  • common sense by THOMAS PAINE

    paine was a kid born in london and lived in london until he met franklin and encouraged him to go in the u.s.a. once in the u.s he started his writting and helped to move the colonists toward declaration independence from britain.and the COMMON SENSE was the pamphlet he use to describe how did the british treated us and how it is time to take over and bring security back to our families.justice is us the colonies who has to do it not britain,that is why we need to stand and declare our independe
  • thomas jefferson(1743-1826)

    thomas jefferson(1743-1826)
    he represented virginia in the congress,and he was married and had six kids.he went to a law college and after practice it in the local government.
    in 1776 he was chosen to write the decleration of independence the document declared that all men are equal and have the samer rights.
    after he went to serve legislature in 1779-1781 and left him in a lifelong pricklishness in the face of critism,
  • george washington(1732-1799)

    george washington(1732-1799)
    He was the first american president in 1789-1797.but before that he was a gerneral commande r in chie f of the colonial arm ies in the american revolution.
    he was called FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY he gave american the taste ofd independence he was voluntarly stepped to serve for 4 years and on of the most important president in history of america.and had a idea to open cabinet for electoral
  • cotton gin by eli whitney(1765-1825)

    cotton gin by eli whitney(1765-1825)
    he graduated in a yale college 1792.BY1793 he made the cotton gin,a machine that automated the seperation of cottonseed from the short-staple cotton fiber.and this invention revolutionized the cotton industry in u.s.a.and made the slavery go higher because man needed to bring bag full of cotton cut from the farm fast.and in one year it made200,000bales and it doubled in a year and it spread on the westward direction and he did not benefit alot from it he had to wait on 1807but othertook is idea
  • thomas next level of sucess 1801 1809

    thomas next level of sucess 1801 1809
    in 1790 -1793 jefferson served under george washington as secretary of state.after went on election for president he lost to john adams and worked for him as vice president after john adams ruling 4 for not so good years jefferson toook his place and ruled for 8 years that changed america.he gave mercy to people who were arrested for alien and sediction acts.he remove many of adams midnight judge of of the thing that got him out the lead was the EMBARGO ACTS of 1807.
  • steam boat by robert fulton

    steam boat by robert fulton
    he started with boat things because of the european conflicts and made him move to france for his creation the first one was named the nautilus, france did not like that much so he aND robert livingston try to construct the steamboat down the hudson river but during the next four years he constructed prototypes in europe.on AUGUST 17,1807 robert has suceed his first steamboat named the CLERMONT he returned with it in new york,left it 4 the first american commercial steamboat servicesm in albany
  • railroads by (thomas leiper)1810 or 1825

    railroads by (thomas leiper)1810 or 1825
    railroads were tracks that were made in the east for the steam engine train could past more faster than the horses pulling wagon on tracks and going through the wilderness aand lucky pionners who were rich enough got to ride the train into the west.drawn locomotive or propelled by self-contained steam.and it was built so tracks weren't strongly to support trains.and in the 19 century the railroads had an important influence on every countr's economic and social development.
  • francis scott key(1779-1843)

    francis scott key(1779-1843)
    his father was a lawyer and a officer in the continental army,his grandfather immigrated from to maryland in 1726 from england.when the war scott was accompanied by the general john stuart skinner an american prisoner exchanger.they were both there to try to release the prisoner and one of them were Dr. william beanes.but they could not SEPTEMBER14,1814 in the morning wen he woke up the american flag were still waving in the air and on his way back to baltimore he got inspired him to wr
  • war hawk (HENRY CLAY 1777-1852)

    war hawk (HENRY CLAY 1777-1852)
    the war hawk was a war that happen around the 11812 when president james madison ruled and he was the one to tell the congress to declare the war on the british the leader of this was henry clay he was the one who started it.and the people such as dewitt clinton who did not agree went against madison on election and dewitt represented them but at the end they loosed.war hawks were people wanted the war to happen they pushed for the war.and he was the secretary of state and political leader

    he wrote an a poem to what he saw and lived in the war he first called it"the defence of fort mchenry" and it was publish 2 days after he seen the american flag floating in the air. and later on in became "THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER" AND IT BECAME THE NATIONAL ANTHEM by the president woodrow wilson in 1916 and in 1956 the american adopted IN GOD WE TRUST.
  • era of good feelings 1817-1825

    era of good feelings 1817-1825
    the era of good feeling was caused by having only one political party and the nation was united.after the victories at the treaty of ghent pride was instilled in new nation.mnroe run again for president in election of 1820 he was re elected president with all the vote but one electoral vote against him.rumor said that vote was against him so that george washington would remain the only unenimously elected president.the era gave a pause to bitter debates over the protective tariff

    And america had 11 states free and 11 states slaved.
  • missouri compromise is approved

    missouri compromise is approved
    u.s had a problem with free and slavery they were divided for decades.and after the revolution the state greww to 22 states.there were 11 free states and 11 slavery states.when missouri applies to be part of u.s it was a slave state james tallmadge proposed an amendment to ban slavery in missouri.and missouri did not want to abolish slavery so there was a problem until maine wanted to be part of u.s so they came to a compromise that missouri could be a statehood but couldnt enlarge slave state
  • traveling to the west

    traveling to the west
    in the year 1790 and 1820,the u.s population increased about four million to ten soon u.s was admitted to state of indiana,mississipi,illinous,alabama.and all the people who could not stay in the crowded place moved to the westward in wagon along ohio river to go in new u.s.states.settlers of the western states were not like the earlier american colonists.but it was dangerous traveling to the western frontier they were still constructing frontiers.each person had look for one another.
  • general andrew jackson invades florida to stop seminole attacks

    general andrew jackson invades florida to stop seminole attacks
    jackson before becoming president he had a responsibilities of making a government in florida.ha separated in two parts and after left amayor for each and a governor to lead florida.florida became a u.s territory on 1822.the governer had problem trying to move the seminole out of florida to the west of mississipi river.they called it a reservation.after andrew became president he enforced it on the congress to put as a law and in 1830 it became a law.but the seminole still did not want to leave.

    the seminoles finally accept to choose a chief and to check the place where they wanted to put them.the chief went and he signed the paper there and came back to tell them the news they say that the american tricked them,a warrior named osceola led the seminole in surprise attacks against the americans.the united state send trooop and a lot people died until they capture osceola and killed him the seminoles started to retruit and many were capture so the second seminole war was over in 1842.
  • the monroe doctrine by JAmes MONROE(1758-1831)

    the monroe doctrine by JAmes MONROE(1758-1831)
    president james had problems with the way the european power was colonize every country they pass to make them not try to colonize the western hemisphere he made this document or contract saying that if the european try to intefers with any western hemisphere will be a treat to america and the disteurbance of their peace and safety.but it did not serve that much at that time but later on helped for many years. and thats how most people remenber james monroe as president one of the things.
  • john quincy adams is elected 6 president in a close election

    john quincy adams is elected 6 president in a close election
    there were4 candidates running for the prwesidential and it wasa tough election that it ended on the house of representives because john and jackson were tie on the voters number.and jackson was sure he was going to win because the house will comfirm his strong showing.but clay was on adams side so he influence to sway the vote to adams.clay knew that jackson was an avowed opponent of the bank of the adams prevailed on first ballot in the h.r and became 6 president of united state.
  • the erie canal opens

    the erie canal opens
    this erie canal was open so thatthey could offer a cheap and safe way to carry produce to a market to the appalachain mountains.dewitt was the one to push hard and start to broke ground for the included 18 apueducts to carry the canal over ravines and rivers,and 83 locks,with a rise of 568feet from hudson to lake erie.the erie canal was enlarged between 1836 and 1862.and in each years it grows more of wide and how deep and was known as BARGE CANAL the need became more to more.
  • NAT TURNER(1800-1831)

    NAT TURNER(1800-1831)
    he was born as a slave in southampton county,virginia and growing he was a preacher and a deeply religion man who believed he had vision and direction of god.and his master taught him how to read and write so he knew how to.and in 1831 he led the revolt and killed 55 slaveowner with 50 slaves and killed men,women,and children while they sleep and at the end trying to escape hewas captured and was hanged and got comfess before dying and the comfession was put on the newspaper and was published.
  • ordinance of nullification

    ordinance of nullification
    many southerners was not satisfiedwhen the congress lowered tariff and when they passed it in1828 and they passed a law that was nullifying the tariff and forbidding the collection of the tariffs in south carolina.and they threatened u.s if they did not respected their stance on the tariff they were going to not be part to withdraw u.s.the government of u.s. and the people of the co-states that the law be maintain,the south will not be force on any government to reduce obedience 2 state
  • texas becomes an independent nation

    texas becomes an independent nation
    u.s wanted to pay mexico for texas,but they did not want others american moved to texas for its good land and when they declared their independence against mexico santa anna defeated william travis their leader at the alamo.the texans gotn mad and they fought back and defeated santa annasam houston is elected president of the new country in 1836 for been so brave after travis was killed he took his office and brought the texans into victory.
  • dade massacre(1835-1842)

    dade massacre(1835-1842)
    two U.S.companies of 110 troops under Major Francis L.Dade departed from Fort Brooke (present-day Tampa),heading up the King Highway (military road) on a resupply and reinforce mission to Fort King (present-day Ocala).Dade knew his men might be attacked by Seminole Indians who were shadowing his men,but believed that if an attack were to occur,it would occur during one of the river crossings or in the thicker woods to the south.but because they were waiting for Osceola to join them.
  • DADe massacre (1835-1842)

    DADe massacre (1835-1842)
    but because they were waiting for Osceola to join them. They finally gave up waiting and attacked without him.THE troop marched for five quiet days until December 28, when they were just south of the present-day city of bushnell florida.the Seminoles had terrain and the element of surprise in their favor. Major Dade, who was on horseback, was killed in the Seminoles' very first shot fired personally by Chief Micanopy, which by pre-arranged plan began the attack.only 3 soldiers survive
  • the trail of tears

    the trail of tears
    the americans wanted to occupie land just for their people and since the cherokee indians lived there.thestate army forced them to leave and put them somewhere they don't need.and they puted them in internment camps under bad condition during the summerand after they started another move with the cherokee's journey and it took them a thousand miles to get to their destination.but in the time kept changing with heavy rain,winter,and most indians had inadequate clothing and the disease got worse.

    long time we travel on way to new land.people feel bad when they leave old nation.women cry and make sad wails.children cry and many men cry,and all look sad like when friends die,but they say nothing and just put heads down and keep on go towards west .many days pass and people die very much.we bury close by trail.more estimates say that more than 4,000 cherokee died during the forced march.and the survivors who reached oklahoma in january were weak and malnourished around 1839
  • manifest destiny

    expansion was a big issue foru.s in the election of 1844also.the candidate henry clay wanted to expand slowly and was also called whig candidates.on the other hand james k.polk of tennessee,believed in expansionto the pacific was the manifest destiny of america.he though the nation should stretch from one coast to the other.and he and his follower wanted to expand it they can move to the next subject
  • the u.s declares war on mexico

    the u.s declares war on  mexico
    it was an armed conflict between u.s and mexico from 1846 to 1848.Territorial expansion of the United States on the Pacific coast was foremost in the minds of President Polk and his associates in their whole conduct of the war.The major consequence of the war was the Mexican Cession of the territories of Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo México to the United States under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.In addition,Mexico accepted the Rio Grande as the national border, and the loss of Texas.
  • seneca falls declaration by ELIZABETH CADY STANTON and LUCRETIA MOTT

    the declaration is considered to be one of the first documents calling for equal rights for women.the history of mankind o repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman,having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.resolves therefore,that being invested by the creator with the same capabilities and the same consciousness of responsibility for their exercise,because women do feel themselves aggrieved,we insist that they have immediate admission
  • gold is discovered in california by JAMES W. MARSHALL

    gold is discovered in california by JAMES W. MARSHALL
    january 24,1848 a guy who worked for a wealthy man john sutter making sawmill in coloma known as james w. marshall found gold in the middle of his construction.sutter hired him so when that sawmill was build the american river float to his front property in the valley and so he can expand his domain.when sutter knew about james piece of gold he tryto keep it a secret to the culluma indians.and the secret spread out and that gold ruin sutter.
  • continuaTION OF GOLD RUSH

    continuaTION OF GOLD RUSH
  • harriet tubman (1820-1913)

    harriet was an african american and a bold abolitionist.she was born as a slave in maryland.when she was one she started to work in the field as a field hand.she never learn to read or 1849 she escaped to philadelphia.from there,she made many dangerous rescue missions into the south.she led more than 300 other slaves to freedom through the underground railroads.when the civil war begin she served for the union army in south carolina as a nurse,a scout,and a spy.BRADFORD wrote about her
  • the fugitive slave law is passed

    the fugitive slave law is passed
    it was apart of the compromise of 1850 the antislavery advocated gained the admission of california as a free it was hired by the congree to stop the south from letting the slaves run out and so the slaveholder will capture them and send them back to their owner.and there was no limitation no matter what they had to capture them and bring them back to their master.and the commissioners receive 10 dollars for each slave that was brought back.slaveholder couldn't refuse to capture RUNAWAY

    in the 1850 kid had no garantee of going to school or to be safe home not worrrying of what they going to eat for lunch or dinner.only kids who had parents very rich or own companies could go to school,but the poor families with disabilities and kid hunger they had to work so they could survive on that difficult time.kid on age of seven or eight had to start working in making textile after they go removing empty bobbing of thread and replaced them with filled bobbin in a dangerous running machin
  • what was the result of CHILD LABOR

    THIS running machines if it were working whilethe kid was in it could buern them to they had to replaces the bobbins fast enough and crawl back as fast as they soon the kid dies tomorrow he is replaced by another kid to take a risk on his life.and they work for fifteen hours a day except sunday and they get paid few cents a day.other companies made kid work barefoot on dangerous machine if they slip they die because the machine was not cover so it was pointy enough to kill a kid.
  • uncle tom's cabin by HARRIET BEECHER STOWE (1811-1896)

    uncle tom's cabin by HARRIET BEECHER STOWE (1811-1896)
    this book talk's about areverend JOSHIA HENSON he was recognized for his gratitude for his hard work on the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD,miss harriet wrote this book for her anti- slavery novel and the inspiration of the book was henson's life experiences it was around th 1852 and that was the creation of the character uncle's tom in her 1852 outcry against slavery.and the guy became famous after the book was published.
  • president franklin pierce makes the gadsden purchase

    president franklin pierce makes the gadsden purchase
    the MESSILA VALLEY along the rio grande about 75 miles north of EL PASO,was the most practical southern route for a railroad to the pacific ocean.and pierce wanted to make america railroads expansion in the united state paid 10 million for 30,000square miles which goes on the south of gila river.prior to the purchase the border between mexico and the united state followed the main fork of the gila river to its junction with colorado river.and was boundary adjustment
  • the kansas-nebraska act by stephen A. douglas

    the kansas-nebraska act by stephen A. douglas
    it was also called bleeding kansas.the northerners and the southerners flooded on kansas to 1854-1855.and this bill devided the two region into two territories.and the north was called the NEBRASKA TERRITORY and the south was called KANSAS TERRITORY. and this matter brough back the missouri compromise that slavery state was not allowed of 36''30.and bacame a battleground for both side and this was one of the major causes of the civil war.eventually on 1861,kansas admitted the union as free state
  • dred scott v. sandord

    dred scott v. sandord
    dred and sandford case was a case that were saying that slaves wereproperty no matter where they are and that will still not chyange.dred and his master came to virginia a free state and after that his master dies living him as a slave with his family.dred was not happy been a slave so he sued sandford for keeping him as a slave in a free state and the court decide that they had all the right to keep him as a slave cause it is not his choice to become free.and he had to pay sandford for sued him
  • lincoln becomes president(1809-1865)

    lincoln becomes president(1809-1865)
    buchanan left some problem witrh the south.when LINCOLN became president he had to face some serious first challenge was to bring the south back into the union peacefully.he was stressed that he could not intend to stop slavery in states that was already in use because his inaugural address was about peace.thank to the supplies and food send to fort sumter we won the first war of the civil war.and the news spread quikly and thousand joined the union army when lincoln ask volunt
  • confederacy or confederate states CONTINUATION

    confederacy or confederate states CONTINUATION
    the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as President on March 4, 1861four more did so after the Civil War began at the Battle of Fort Sumter (April 1861).The government of the United States of America (The Union) regarded secession as illegal and refused to recognize the Confederacy. Although British and French commercial interests sold warships and materials to the Confederacy,no European or other foreign nation officially recognized the CSA as an independent country.CONFEDERATE SATES GAV\E IN JN
  • the confederate states of america are formed 1861 to 1865

    the confederate states of america are formed 1861 to 1865
    The Confederate States of America (also called the Confederacy) was an unrecognized state set up by eleven southern slave states of the United States of America that had declared their secession from the U.S.The CSA's de facto control over its claimed territory varied during the course of the American Civil War,depending on the success of its military in battle.Asserting that states had a right to secede, seven states declared their independence from the United States
  • lincoln issues the emancipation proclamation

    lincoln issues the emancipation proclamation
    after the antietam won the war lincoln knew it was important.he warm the confederation states saying if they did not free enslaved people in those states if the states did not return to the union by january 1,1863the southern states did not think lincoln will dare do their surprise january1,1863 lincoln declred that all enslaved people in the seceded states were was called EMANCIPATION was applied for suceded states.but didn't abolish slavery completely.a big step
  • the union defeated the confederates at the battle of gettysburg

    the union defeated the confederates at the battle of gettysburg
    lee attacks in july,the battle continue for three days,lee was so desperate he did not know what to do until he decided to strike on the third day.he send general george pickett with 13,000 soldiers to charge the union line.the line was attack and moved back but did not break.slowly meade's army forced the confederates back.the south lost the battle,and lee retreated to the potomac river.gettysburg was the turning point of the war.even south kept fightingthey had little possibility of winning.
  • reconstruction

    after the war was over lincoln ran his second term and he was hoping to rebuild the nation he had his plan but before practicing his plan he was assassinated by john wilkes,booth had supported the president johnson even not liked by the congress he still try to follow lincoln plan he ask for forgiveness to the south who took the oath.he puted government in many states to help them get back on their feet and welected new representives to congress.
  • CONTINUATION OF reconstruction

    After the thirteenth amendment was reorganized and ratified johnson announced that all of the south states were readmitted to the union except texas but congress did not december 1865 congress met and they called radical republicans the one opposed to the reconstruction.johnson gave right to white men to vote but did not do any effort for the freedmen.the congress did not like johnson work so they started their own reconstruction plan.the first act freedmen bureau to help freed slaves
  • lee surrenders to grant at appomattox court house

    lee surrenders to grant at appomattox court house
    lee and general grant were fighting on the mississipi river.lee was sure to win this war because he won the vicksburg so he believed he controlled by the union army.but his army kept going down,he knew he will not win so he eccept grant proposol to discuss the terms of surrender on april9,1865.lee had to agree or his army were going to be attacked.grant terms of giving up was generous,the soldiers only had to give there guns and supplies and they could keep the rest horses and mules.lee agree
  • hayes removes troops

    hayes removes troops
    after general sherman won his battle he decides to march with his 60,000 union troops to atlanta.and he order his soldiers to destroy anything that was not their but the enemies.through their way they open a fifty-mile wide path through california.until he meets up with general grants at richmond and philip sheridan another union general was closing in quickly from the west,so general lee was in a bad situation, he had to decides.he decides to surrender and ask for the terms of surrender.
  • gilded age1865-1901 OR 1872-1897

    gilded age1865-1901 OR 1872-1897
    The term"Gilded Age"was coined by Mark twain and charles dudley warner in their 1873 book,The Gilded Age:A Tale of Today.ridicule ostentatious display.The Gilded Age is most famous for the creation of a modern industrial economy.A national transportation and communication network was created,the corporation became the dominant form of business organization,and a managerial revolution transformed business eras of the late 19th century (1865-1901).
  • boss tweed(william marcy tweed)1823-1878

    boss tweed(william marcy tweed)1823-1878
    WILLIAM MARCY TWEED he controlled democratic political organization known as tammany hall.he snd his friend stole 179,729 for thirty to forthy chairs and four tables.his behavior made reformers angry,newspaper critized the corruption.nast on his newspaper drew tweed as a crook and tweed was frightened by it changed the opinion of the public.he try to pay nast 500,000 to leave the country for europe but he refused.tweed was arrested for political corruption and convicted in 1873,he died in jail
  • andrew johnson is impeached

    andrew johnson is impeached
    johnson did not like the bills passed by radical so he try to veto all of them but the congress stops him.and then the congress limited his vetoes by passing the tenure of office act.johnson gets mad and fires one of the stanton.stanton sided the radicals,some powerfull senates were very frustrated by johnson act and he was misconduct and he had to be renmoved from office.but after they had to decide if the charges were proper.the house of representives impeach him and he were not to rule again.
  • john d. rockefeller(1839-1937)

    john d. rockefeller(1839-1937)
    JOHN d. Rockefeller wanted to control assoon he knew how much it was worth.he decided to get rid of competition by buying other oil refining companies.standard oil company became more powerful each time rockefeller bought a new refinery.they called those company TRUST company became a tool for people to increase their wealth.john company was a horizental combination.he used his company to control the u.s and made them pay high price for his item and they had to buy it from him
  • horizental combination and vertical combination and TRUST COMPANY 1870s

    horizental combination and vertical combination and TRUST COMPANY 1870s
    VERTICAL combination was a company or aorganization that controlled every step of making something in the companies.for example standard oil company was a horizental combination.HORIZENTAL combination when the big compani buys others refinning companies. for example carnegie oil company.TRUST COMPANY is when a large companies and powerfull one buys small companies which is MONOPOLY and control them all to have no competition.
  • 15 th amendment and (grandfather clause)

    15 th amendment and (grandfather clause)
    the fifteen amendment gave was based on africans it gaves african americans their rights to matter what color or race,or if they were slave or not before.but only men could vote.all the right and suffrage was given to men only women and indian still did not get their rights.the south was afraid it would outcome an they prevent african american from voting,they could only vote if their grandfather was register in january 1,1867they told african that the constitution was writen
  • andrew carnegie(1835-1919)

    the country used to build their bridge with wood,and he wanted to change it but he saw a guy build a bridge with iron but he found out that iron was not the one cause it will rust,and soon it will bent and brake.then he figured out steel was the perfect purified iron,strong ebough and flexible.but the steel was very high prices in those days and he could not afford american and england discover away to make iron to steel by burning off the impuritie and blowing cold air trough heated iron
  • president arthur(1829-1886)

    president arthur(1829-1886)
    he served the u.s as the 21president.he was a menber of the republic party and a lawyer before becoming the 20vice president.he took charge after garfield was wooded and after his death in september 9,1881.and after that he sworn to be president.To the chagrin of the Stalwarts, the onetime Collector of the Port of New York became,as President,a champion of civil service reform.He avoided old political cronies and eventually alienated his old mentor Conkling. Public pressure.
  • brooklyn bridge is completed

    brooklyn bridge is completed
    until the 1880 new yorkers used a ferry to cross the east river from manhattan to brooklyn.JOHN A. ROEBLING a pioneer in supension bridge design,created the brooklyn bridge plan.but he died before the bridge was built,his son washington supervised was built on 1883 when it open they called it"eighth wonder of the world".it was thye longest bridge with a main spain1,595.the bridge cost 15 million and foundation seventy-eight feet below water level support the towers.
  • mugwumps 1884

    mugwumps 1884
    The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who supported Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the United States presidential election of 1884.They switched parties because they rejected the financial corruption associated with Republican candidate James G.Blaine.In a close election,the Mugwumps supposedly made the difference in New York state and swung the election to Cleveland.The jocular word mugwump,noted as early as 1832,is from Algonquian (Natick) mugquomp,"important person.
  • the sherman anti-trust act is signed into law

    the sherman anti-trust act is signed into law
    Congress passed this act in 1890,and this is the source of all American anti monopoly laws.The law forbids every contract,scheme,deal,conspiracy to restrain trade.It also forbids conspirations to secure monopoly of a given industry.The ideas were new and had to wait before they could achieve some efficiency.The Standard reorganized once more,in a holding in the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) which now coordinated the whole machine,that is 70 companies and 23 refineries controlling 84%.
  • WOODED KNEE,south dakota

    some americans indian created this dance"THE GHOST GHOST DANCE" made in 1890,they believed practicing this dance it were going to protect them from soldiers,bullet,remove settlers from their lands,and etc.Settlers were afraid by the dance so americans sent the seventh cavalry to arrest the ghost dancer from different tribe wounded knee.the soldier were disarming the dancers someone fire and the soldiers killed 290men,women,children,25 soldiers were killed.this massacre end the fight us and ind
  • the spanish-american war begins

    the spanish-american war begins
    spanish-american war was caused when dewey attacked and destroyed the spanish navy in the philippinies.the same time the filipino attack on land.the spanish surrender because they did not have anywhere to turn to.the biggest battle took place in cuba.theodore roosevelt were tired to look not act he left his his government and made a group of soldiers called ROUGH RIDERS to help in the war.including all african american 10 th cavalry regiment,during the attack u.s navy sank all spanish ships .
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  • elisha otis graves

    elisha otis graves
    elisha graves the first of many who built the
  • madame madison


  • rosa parks

  • civil right movement





  • FAIR DEAL president truman

  • theodore roosevelt NEW DEAL

  • PEARL HARBOR attacked by japan

  • holocaust

  • hitler dictating germany

  • eleanor roosevelt


  • madame c.j. walker

    madame c.j. walker
  • plessy v. ferguson

    plessy v. ferguson
  • jacob riis writes HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES

    jacob riis writes HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES
  • plains indians

  • shay's rebellion

  • federal government and the tree branches

  • great compromise










  • hopewell

  • constitutionalconvention

  • annapolis convention held

  • alexander hamilton's financial plan



  • louisiana purchase

  • lewis and clark expedition

  • embargo act

  • king kamehameha I