What was the Holocaust?

  • Before 1933

    World war war caused chaos for Europe & formed new countries,.
  • 1933-1938: Hitler as chancellor.

    Propoganda was published to promote the Nazi ideology to edicate Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses. The rise of the Nazi State brought an end to the Weimar republic which was created after the end of world war 1.
  • 1939+

    The Holocaust started, the invasion of Poland occured. Nazi Germany and the allies of itself took over most of Europe over the next year.
  • 1942+

    The battle in the eastern fronts and western fronts got more intense. The 'Final Solution' was proposed by Gerring to provide a more efficient way of mass-killing Jewish people. A lot of Jewish people were deported to 'ghettos' and then concentration camps.
  • After 1945

    By 1945 May, the Nazi State had exterminated over 6 million Jews. Many survivors were found, though in bad conditions as they were made to starve.