What Hapened In World War 1

  • The Dual Alliance

    The Dual Alliance was a defensive alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary, which was created by treaty on October 7, 1879 r. In it, Germany and Austria-Hungary pledged to help eachother in case of an attack by Russia.
  • Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II and resignation of Bismarck, lapse of treaty with Russia

    Wilhelm forced the resignation of Bismark in 1890, after being the ruler of Germany for two years. Although he pretended to be upset about Bismark's resignation, he was overjoyed, because his proud nature made him want full power over Germany. Also, because he thought his military was the best in the world, he lapsed the treaty with Russia. This lead to both France and Russia surrounding Germany, waiting to pounce at any point.
  • Militarism

    This was when the military became one of the most important things. This started near the end of the 19th centuary.
  • Alliance of Russia and France

    When the treaty Bismark made between Germany and Russia was lapsed, Russia responded by forming an alliance with France. This made Bismarks worst fear become a reality. Russia and France were on opposite sides of the German border, so they now had the ability to attack Germany from both sides, leaving Germany with a higher chance of defeat. But since Kaiser Wilhelm II thought his forces were the best in the world, the alliance between Russia and France w
  • Conflicts Over Moracco

    In 1905 and again in 1911, Germany and France nearly fought over who would control Morocco, in Northern Africa. Most of Europe supported France, so Germany backed down. This event is significant because it shows how imperialism, expanding an empire by taking over weaker countries, led to intense competition and conflict between European countries.
  • Austria annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Austrians thought the freedom of the Slavic people would lead to a rebellion of it's Slavic population. So in order to put a stop to the rebellion, the Austrians annexed, or took over Bosnia and Herzegoniva, which were two areas with a very large Slavic population. Because of this, the Serbians that were going to be leaders of these areas were outraged. They vowed they would take the two territories back from the Austrians, Austria said tha
  • Nationalism

    The time where people became more partriotic.Also this was around when the people thought it was there right to join the military.There was alot of nationalism in Germany,Russia,Great Britian and America.
  • Triple Entente

    an early-20th-century alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia. Originally a series of loose agreements, the Triple Entente began to assume the nature of a more formal alliance as the prospect of war with the Central Powers became more likely, and formed the basis of the Allied powers in World War I.
  • An Assassination

    An Assassination
    Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand were visiting Sarajevo when they were killed point blank. The person who killed him was Gavrilo Princip, a 19-year-old Serbian and member of the Black Hand. And the Black Hand was a group of Serbian assassins who were told to kill them.
  • World War 1 starts

    "The war that ended all wars" This the exact day that World War 1 started.
  • Nations Taking Sides

    Some of the nations like Germany, Russia, Serbia, and Austria etc.) Were taking sides against other nations to fight for what they thought was right. But also, because some of the countries fought because they had an alliance with one of the country’s that were fighting.
  • Trench Warfare

    By early 1915, armies on the Western side had dug miles of trenches to protect themselves from the enemys. This set the stage for what became known as Trench warfare In this type of warfare, soldiers fought each other from trenches. More people died in this warfare but I guess that was the small cost for the armies.
  • The 4 Trending Things

    Later in the war as it went on there were 4 things that were used to make warfare stronger. Those things were 1.Poison Gas 2.The Machine Gun 3.The Tank And lastly 4. The Submarine. Those things made Warfare much more “High tech”. Those inventions were introduced around the same time. Around 1914 in the beginning of World War 1.
  • Struggles In Russia

    Russia Struggles By 1916, Russia has not industrialized.As a result, the Russian army was continually short on food, guns, ammunition, clothes, boots, and blankets. Which made alot of people die and made the Russian army weak.
  • The Colonies have trouble

    In various parts of Asia and Africa.Germany’s colonial possessions came under assault. The Japanese quickly overran German outposts in China. They also captured Germany’s Pacific island colonies. English and French troops attacked Germany’s four African possessions.
  • America Joins The fighting

    America Joins the Fight In 1917, When this happens somewhat of the war starts to change.What that means is America was one of the main factors in having the war end.
  • The End Of World War 1

    All of the Western Nations signed two different peace treaties in 1919 and 1920. When this happened some nations died like The Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. These treaties also led to losses in some of Europe's countries powers and the making of some new countries like Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia which were all turned into independent nations.