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Wendy Vanessa chaverra Acosta

By 11.1
  • 2004 a 2013

    2004 a 2013
    My name is Wendy Vanessa Chaverra Acosta, I was born on July 25, 2004 in the city of Barranca bermeja, in the San José Hospital... I said my first word that it was a mother when I was 1 year old, I learned to walk at the age of 1 a year and a half (2006) my mother is Elbecia Acosta and my father Ariel Chaverra, when I was 5 years old we moved to a town called Cantagallo Sur de Bolívar. I entered school in 2011 to attend preschool, in 2013 I attended third grade and I made my first communion
  • 2015 a 2017

    2015  a 2017
    When I was 11 years old in (2015) they changed my school, I attended grade 5 at headquarters C of Ciudadela del Magdalena Medio in the El Campestre neighborhood, Professor Fredy gave me classes, who at that time for me He was the best teacher in that school alone I studied for a year, and in 2016 I entered high school at the Ciudadela school, I attended grade 6, then they changed schools we went to live in San Lorenzo in (2017) there I attended seventh (7) and eighth grade ( 8)
  • 2020 a 2021

    2020 a 2021
    As in that town there was only grade up to ninth grade, they sent me to study in Barranca in (2020) they enrolled me in the Camilo Torres school, respect, I attended the ninth grade, I had to study in the afternoon, in 2021 I attended the tenth grade, they gave me the opportunity to enter at sena doing the technique of business administration and the technique lasts two years
  • 2022

    in 2022 I will go to eleventh grade so far I have had many opportunities I am studying a technique apart from seine, in a private institute and so far it is going well for me... and I dream of going to a university and studying engineering civil