Wating For Normal: Lucy Delker

By lucyann
  • Background

    Addie's father has died, her mom re-married. Addie's mom divorced with her new husband. Addie, her mother, and step-father have moved into a small trailer in the city.
  • Setting

    Addie, her mom, and her step-dad are living in a trailer in the city near a run-down gas station. It is around 2008.
  • Characters

  • Conflict

    Dwight took a new job renovating a house and won't be able to visit for a while. Addie will be stuck with Mommers for a while, which is not excatly a good thing.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Addie is also being seperated from her sterp-sisters because of Dwight's new job.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Addie jsut found out that her grown-up friend/ neighbor working at the gas station has cancer, Addie doesn't know what to think. The picture shows the universal symbol for cancer.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    Addie's mom gets an interview for a job, and it went well! After many hours of practicing her flute and an intence audition, Addie made the stage orchestra.
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    Mommer's job is going well. After several paychecks, she gets her first car! Dwight might be able to come home to see Addie for Thanksgiving.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Dwgiht is getting married to his coworker, Hannah. They have moved in with eachother and have a complete family now.
  • Rising Action 6

    Rising Action 6
    Addie is staying wtih Diwght and family for Thanksgiving. While she is there she overhears Dwight and Hanna talking about how Dwight tried to take custody over Addie.
  • Rising Action 7

    Rising Action 7
    All of Addie's emotions come out the night of her concert when her mom didn't come. Addie let everyone down by not preforming.
  • Climax

    Addie returned her flute and said goodbye to music forever.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    Mommers gave Addie permission to go wtih Dwight over Christmas break ,finally.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    Addie found out on Christmas day that Mommers is pregnant with Pete's baby. Pete is mommer's coworker/ boyfriend.
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    After mommers has been gone for 6 nights in a row, Addie has been avoiding Dwights phone calls.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    Mommers is in a tight money situation so they had to ask Soula, their neighbor, for help.
  • Falling Action 5

    Falling Action 5
    After Addie finds out about her mom's money situatuion she kinda-of gets mad a Dwight for no reason at all.
  • Resolution 1

    Resolution 1
    Addie accendentaly burnt down her trailer while her mom wasn't there. Addie is now staying with her Grandfather.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Soula dies from cancer, and leaves Addie money for a new flute even though she never got to hear her play.
  • Resolution 3

    Resolution 3
    Dwight gets custody over Addie and she moves in with Dwight, Hanna, and her sisters.