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Mariay's Journey

  • Welcome to Earth Mariay

    Welcome to Earth Mariay
    At 11:48am, a special baby girl was born name Mariay Hamilton by the parents of Noni and Mark Hamilton who was happily married! Mariay was 10lbs and 6 ounces and came out the womb asleep. Smack! the doctor hit the baby's bottom and then came the crying!
  • Meet Your Older Brothers

    Mariay was the first baby girl who had two older brothers; Marcele and Mark Anthony Hamilton.
  • Mommy's and Daddy's Girl

    Mommy's and Daddy's Girl
    Mariay was a daddy's and mommy's girl. Both parents provided a nice home, toys, and everything a child could need. Her parents were fun and very interactive with all three children. No one ever felt left out or no favortism was shown.
  • First Day of Preschool

    Like most 4yr olds, Mariay was excited to go to preschool. Metropolitan Academy, and she met her lovely teacher Mrs.Gatewood who was so sweet and nice. Mariay got along with many of the kids and was a great learner.
  • First Time Experiencing Bullying

    In preschool, during nap time Mariay would have to sleep next to a girl name Tierra. Tierra would snatch Mariay's barettes out of her hair and warn her not to tell the teacher or her mom. This was the first time Mariay ever experienced someone be so mean to her.
  • What Did Mariay Do About Bullying?

    Mariay felt sad that someone could be so mean. But luckily, she felt comfortable enough to tell her parents what was going on first because her mother always told her "Never be afraid to tell me anything". Also her mother noticed her barettes were always missing. Therefore, she told her mom and was rewarded for speaking up. That is when Mariay began displaying leadership skills.
  • Baby Sister

    Baby Sister
    Mariay's baby sister was born Noni Marnae Doris Hamilton. She got two middle names and Mariay got no middle name :) Mariay loved her little sister and looked after her like a little baby doll!
  • Discovering Her Passion

    Mariay tried Ballet and she loved it, but for some reason she saw cheerleading and was in love ever since. She got along with the girls and had very good skills. Team work and self-disclipline was something that stuck with Mariay throughout school, home and other kid groups she joined.
  • Personality

    Mariay displayed great character in school, cheerleading and, home. Her leadership skills were recognized by teachers and coaches, they had many conferences because many girls would follow behind her lead. She helped many classmates and teamates and was very active. Her grades were above average and she was a happy child.
  • Meet Bianca!

    A new girl moved in the neighborhood name Bianca. Once they met they clicked from the start, They made a promise to be bestfriends forvever and as the years went by, they held on to that promise.
  • Parents Are Getting a Divorce!

    Things began to take their turn when Mariay's happily parents began to argue more and fight. What was going on in home, had taken an effect on what was going on in school, practice and her attitude.
  • New Brothers

    New Brothers
    After the divorce, over time her father had two more sons and mother had one more son. Jordan,Lincoln,and Jaden. Mariay loves all of her little brothers but there is a special tight bond with her youngest baby brother Lincoln. He is the sweetest person a child could be.
  • The Divorce

    Being a child of divorce can really hurt a childs emotional stage in life. After so many years, there was so much destruction to Mariay emotionally and mentally. It was a time of arguing, yelling, fighting and being put in a bad place. Through it all, Mariay remained a cheerleader which was her happy place and outlet of all the drama.
  • Paper and Pen don't talk back

    Paper and Pen don't talk back
    During so many years of heartache and broken bonds, Mariay's grandmother Linda introduced her to a therapeutic way of expressing herself. Her grandmother purchased her a pen and journal and every since then Mariay has been writing since. Writing has helped Mariay stay balanced and reading books was another way of escaping the cold world.
  • All Wounds Heal in Time

    All Wounds Heal in Time
    Mariay has been in a happy and stabled setting now. Her grades went back to honor roll, cheer captain, on the student council, yearbook committee and various extracurricular activities. Mariay was developing in a young lady who was loving, fun, passionate and caring. Her teachers and coaches always described her as a leader. Mariay is just one of those kids who you will never forget. It was something special about her and she felt it.
  • Loving Highschool

    During Mariay's highschool years she remained her reputation as someone who is involved with other. Still taking on her cheerleading as captain and very known. She was bright and helpful.
    During high school Mariay loved everything and everyone until things took its turn.
  • Betrayal 2

    One day all of the girls were together in a room and everyone left their belongins out. No one feared losing something. One day Mariay left her belongings when she went to the restroom with a teammate. As she returned, her cell phone was missing. There were no rooms and not enough pillows that could describe the tears and pain. It wasnt the cell phone but the feeling of betrayal. Mariay dedicated everything to those girls and for her teammate to steal from her was awful.
  • The First Feeling of Betrayal

    Cheerleading was Mariay's passion and everyone knew it. They had won the championship last year and planned to take the win again this upcoming year.
    Because cheerleading was at the high school, she spent more time with her cheer team than her own family. Before school, during school, after school, weekends and more. The cheer team was close and no one ever questioned the loyalty they had for each other. In all of the years of cheerleading, Mariay seen nothing like it.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    Because Mariay had moved into a new area, she had to change schools. Harrison Highschool was so different than her old one. It was more diverse and opened. Mariay graduated with Honors and had a beautiful learning experience. Although Mariays grades were excellent, she did not want to go away to college.
  • Senior Year Summer Decisions

    Senior Year Summer Decisions
    Mariay did not want to go away to college, but chose to attend a community college for many reasons, She decided to attend Schoolcraft College and go for nursing because she love medical and helping clients. Also, nursing has a variety of different fields.
    Senior year summer was the best learning experience for Mariay. She came across peer pressure, friendships, guys and family problems. But everything was a learning experience.
  • Cheer Coach!

    Cheer Coach!
    Mariay has happily joined a youth team little league and became a cheer coach of the West Seven Rams. She enjoys bonding with the little girls and showing them the way. It's more than cheerleading and becoming a cheer coach is the very thing Mariay wants more than anything else in this world.
  • Young Adult

    Young Adult
    No more teens, Mariay is finally 20yrs old and she is still going strong with school and interested in the nursing field. There has been many trials and deaths on the way which caused a lot of stress but Mariay still stands strong through the Faith of God.
  • Boyfriend

    Mariay met a wonderful guy name Devon B. They attended highschool together but didn't talk much. Who would have thought in 2015 they would become two people who can't stop talking to each other. Devon is a gentleman, repectful and very loyal.
  • Marriage

    I plan to be married with an established career by the age 25. Who will I get marry to? I will never know as long as I am happy and treated with respect.
  • Business Is Going Great

    Business Is Going Great
    By the age of 27, I plan to be happy with my career. I know I will come over a few obstacles but I know business will be great. After doing nursing for quite some time, I plan to go into health adminastration and a boss lady. I also will like to teach high school students a lot about the healthcare field for those who interested in it. I plan to teach it at a wonderful high school.
  • Kids?

    I will be 28. Now I know many people say this is an older age to have a child. I honestly will like to have my child once I have traveled places I've always wanted to go without kids, have an established career, financially stable, married, and have my priorities together. It sounds picture perfect but I know things won't go as perfect but if I marry someone who wants the same thing, maybe it can happy!
  • Its a Girl!!

    Its a Girl!!
    What woman doesn't want to have a baby girl! I plan to have a baby girl first! I think after the girl I will be done!! 8lbs, 6ounces, a light bright baby who has a smile that lights up the whole room!
  • Thinking of having another baby!

    Thinking of having another baby!
    Thinking of having another baby girl!
  • Owning my own cheer team organization!

    Owning my own cheer team organization!
    I have now been on mother duty which isn't so bad because I have so much practice as a cheer coach and younger siblings. I am still working in the health care field and is doing just fine. My marriage has been wonderful despite the bumps in the road. I now have my own cheer team and thats my ultimate goal!
  • Rest In Peace Mariay Hamilton

    Rest In Peace Mariay Hamilton
    At 105 years old Mariay Hamilton has lived a marvelous journey. She passed away of natural causes,