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Anna Delvey

  • Born in Russia as Anna Sorokin

    Her Wikkepedia says she was born in the Soviet Union in January.
  • Family Moves to Germany

    Anna's family, her father (a truck driver) & mother & younger brother, move to Eschweiler - an area near Cologne - when she was 16. She enrolls in high school there. I couldn't find info on if she had any siblings.
  • Anna Graduates High School

    Anna finishes high school in Germany.
  • University Stint in London

    Anna moves to London to attend the prestigious Central St. Martin's School, but she drops out shortly after. According to her parents, they pay for her tuition, rent, anything she needs.
  • PR internship in Berlin

    Anna moves to Berlin, and secures an internship at a PR firm. This leads to her eventual internship at Purple magazine.
  • Paris, the Purple Internship, and the Birth of Anna Delvey

    Paris, the Purple Internship, and the Birth of Anna Delvey
    Once Anna got a slot as an intern at the fashion magazine Purple in Paris, her legend began to grow. She made friends with important people like the founder of the magazine (Oliver Zahm aka Oz Purple) and started attending fancy parties. Including Paris Fashion week in 2013*
    She changes her name to Anna Delvey.
    First appears with Oz Purple on her insta June 2013. *see photo below. Allegedly an Alia dress
  • Anna allegedly lives Magnises

    Anna allegedly lives Magnises
    Anna apparently asked Billy Macfarland (the fraud of frye festival) to stay at this Magnises house for a few days at its inception, but she ended up staying for 4 months. They had to move locations because she would not leave. Her insta shows a trip to Miami and apparently a trip back to Paris but there are a lot of NYC shots through Jan. 2014 https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2018/07/anna-delvey-billy-mcfarland-crossed-paths-magnises-office **picture below is from halloween party in NYC
  • Miami Beach Soho House

    Miami Beach Soho House
    Anna appears at Soho House Miami Beach for Art Basel.
  • Appears in NYC

    Appears in NYC
    I am a little confused about when she ACTUALLY moved to NYC, but she was photographed at the AMEX/UBER launch party in 2014.
  • Back in NYC

    Back in NYC
    Anna's insta puts her back in NYC (according to geotags) eventually attending an NYC fashion week party. She spends time at various hotels (Ludlow & the Mercer) until April 17, 2015. It is likely during this stay in NYC that she meets Michael Xufu Huang at the PACE gallery.
  • Conning her way to Venice

    Conning her way to Venice
    After meeting billion Michael Xufu Huang, owner of an art gallery in China, she tells him that they should go to Venice. He should put everything on his credit card and she'd pay him back. According to him, she never did, and they on the trip she exclusively had cash. Kind of seems like they went to Berlin first at the end of April - because her insta posts put her there...
  • The Break-up info via The Cut article

    Anna splits from her longtime (2 years) boyfriend - an unnamed futurist who preformed a tedtalk and was profiled by the New Yorker. "They’d been kind of like a team, showing up in places frequented by the itinerant wealthy, living out of fancy hotels and hosting sceney dinners where the Futurist talked up his app and Delvey spoke of the private club she wanted to open once she turned 25 and came into her trust fund." His app never happens, he moves to the Emirate.
    Maybe Paul Epping?
  • Anna Takes NYC

    By all published accounts it appears this is when Anna moves to NYC, and really starts to push her passion project - the Anna Delvey Foundation - an art collective a la soho house. Paid for by her trust-fund. She tells a variety of stories of how her family became wealthy (antiques, solar panels, Russian diplomats), but she claims to be Germany royalty - from COLOGNE - but she does NOT speak German well.
  • The Fun & Games of Fraud

    This is when Anna does the most (parties, socializing, etc) and it also when she still has the most cash from the citi fraud she perpetrated. She tips EVERYONE with $100 bills over the next few months, until April when things start to fall apart.
  • Details Behind ADF (Anna Delvey Foundation)

    She works with creative director Marc Kremers - in London - voicing her concerns that the name for her foundation ADF was too naracistic. Employs architect Ron Castellano to design the space - they land on 5,000 sq. ft occupying six floors of the historic Church Missions House, a landmarked building on the corner of Park Avenue and 22nd. She claims she’s secured the lease. Rosen owns the building as well as the 11 Howard hotel.
  • ADF Continues to dupe

    Anna claims to have the lease for the massive space from Rosen. She enlists Michael Jaffe, a former employee of Rosen’s RFR realty firm (Rosen owned the building) to help her meet with people.
    • André Balazs, who, according to Anna, suggested they add two floors of hotel rooms.
    • Richie Notar, Nobu, who did a walk-through with Anna as she described her vision, including 3 restaurants, a juice bar, & a German bakery.
  • Connections to large scale fraud

    Apparently she needed an additional $25 mil to get ADF going ($50 mil total), she reaches out to Silicon Valley investors - but she snubs the idea of private investors because she didn’t want anyone telling her what to do. So, she seeks private financing a friend put her in touch with Joel Cohen, prosecutor of Jordan Belfort. Cohen worked at Gibson Dunn, a firm known for its real-estate practice. Cohen connects her with Andy Lance, a partner with the exact kind of expertise that Anna needed
  • The ADF Fraud that (later) get her in trouble

    Attorney Lance reaches out to Citi-Bank and Fortress bank asking to help them secure the loan for Anna - remarking that Anna’s funds were held outside the US but that the funds would be backed up entirely by a Swiss bank account & some UBS accounts as well. City National asks to see USB statements - Peter Hennecke replies. They are like do you work for UBS? Anna said no, he’s head of her family office. Peter Hennecke was MADE up.
  • ADF Fraud - how she did it

    November 2016, she submits documents claiming €60 mi. in Swiss accounts to City National Bank for the $22 mil. loan. City National to extend her a $100k line of credit, which she then wired to Fortress. In order to cover their $100k due diligence fees, but when they want to send reps to the Swiss bank IRL she withdrawals the application and transfers the remaining $55k to a Citibank account that she used for “personal expenses … shopping at Forward by Elyse Walker, Apple, and Net-a-Porter"
  • The Beginning of the End

    The Beginning of the End
    Anna is flush with Citi banks cash after pulling out of the fortress loan app...
    She hires a PR firm to throw her bday party at Sadelle’s in SoHo. Michael Xufu Huang was at Anna’s bday party, and didn’t think much about the money she owed him until the restaurant reached out to him (after seeing pics of them together on insta) because she had NOT paid the bill for the party. *Pic from her insta AT the event
  • Checking in at 11 Howard

    Checking in at 11 Howard
    Anna rents a room - extended stay - at the posh 11 Howard Hotel. Also owned by Rosen, who has been holding the space for ADF for Anna to lease - tho her funds have yet to come through. The hotel is so new, and Anna is a Rosen client, so they agree to take wire transfer as payment - no credit card needed. She befriend Neff - the concierge. She takes Neff everywhere, eventually inviting her on the fateful Morocco trip but Neff could not get that much time off of work & her mom said don't go
  • Smaller Circle

    Smaller Circle
    Anna doesn't have as many friends or go out as much anymore...her social circle include Neff, Rachel (Vanity Fair photo editor who Anna later stole $60,000+ from) and Anna’s trainer.
    Anna claimed to be too busy building her business to go to parties.
  • The Bad Checks Keep Coming

    The Bad Checks Keep Coming
    Having serious cash flow issues, one night Anna invites Neff out to dinner at Sant Ambroeus in Soho - Anna’s card is declined. Neff has to foot the bill $286. Anna tries several dozen numbers but none of them work. A few days later, Anna pays Neff back 3x what the bill was...in cash. Secretly, Anna deposited $160,000 worth of bad checks into the same account, managing to withdraw $70,000 before they were returned.
  • (Nearly) Kicked out the Howard

    11 Howard realizes that Anna owes $30k in hotel bills - and they don't have a cc on file. Neff relays the message she needs to pay her bill or they would lock her out. Anna claims there is a wire in-transit. A few hours later, Anna told Neff to expect a package. It was a case of 1975 Dom Pérignon, with instructions to distribute it among the staff. Neff consulted management. “They were like, ‘How do we look approving this if she hasn’t paid us?’
  • Warren Buffet Shareholders Meeting

    Miraculously, Citibanks sends the $30k that Anna owes the Howard. With the rest of the free cash from her phony checks and she books a PJ to the Warren Buffet investors conference in Omaha. Anna still hasn't given 11 Howard a working credit card, and while Anna is in Omaha, hotel management locks her out of her room and puts her stuff in storage. Bitter, Anna also purchases the domain names for the hotel manager - a trick she learned from Shkreli. She would be moving out after Morocco.
  • The Trip to Morocco! Inspired by Khloe Kardashian - to document the creation of ADF

    The Trip to Morocco! Inspired by Khloe Kardashian - to document the creation of ADF
    Anna goes to Morocco with trainer, Rachel, & videographer - Neff doesn't go. Rachel books flights and holds villa reso ($7k per night) on her card - Anna will pay at the end & reimburse for flights. Trainer gets sick, leaves early. Upon check out, Anna's card is declined. Trainer is called - she gives cc info - it's declined. Trainer calls the bank. CC still didn’t work. Trainer calls a FRIEND - friend’s cc didn’t work either. Hotel thought something might be wrong on their end. Rachel pays.
  • Back to NYC

    Anna gets back from Morocco and leaves the 11 Howard for a new hotel - the Beeckman. Marc Kremers (the London brand manager) hadn’t been paid the nearly 17k pounds he was owed and promised a year earlier. Anna said that her fictitious money manager Peter had died - the same contact she gave Citibank - and to not talk about him anymore.
  • The Beekman Bust

    Twenty days into her stay, the Beekman Hotel, having realized it did not have a working credit card on file and having not received the promised wire transfer for her balance of $11,518.59, locked Anna out of her room and confiscated her belongings. A subsequent two-day stay at the W Hotel downtown ended in a similar fashion.
  • Stalking her Trainer

    By 7/5, Anna is effectively homeless, wearing threadbare A.Wang sportswear.
    Anna shows up at the trainer’s house - who was on a date. Trainer lets her stay, but kicks her out the next day. Anna left her laptop. Trainer left it with her doorman. Doorman called Trainer to tell her that Anna was back. Trainer said lie, tell her that I am out. Anna says she can access the apt. Doorman says - trainer is freaked out. Trainer feels guilty calls hotels to see if Anna is safe hotels are NOT happy.
  • The W & Beekman Press Charges

    WANNABE SOCIALITE BUSTED FOR SKIPPING OUT ON PRICEY HOTEL BILLS, blared the headline in the Post, which referenced an incident in which Anna attempted to leave the restaurant at Le Parker without paying. “Why are you making a big deal about this?” she’d protested to police. “Give me five minutes and I can get a friend to pay.”
  • Anna Leaves for LA

    Anna Leaves for LA
    Not sure about the exact date that this happened, but with her misdemeanor charges pending, Anna deposited 2 bad checks into an account at Signature Bank, netting her $8,200, which is how she managed to take what she said was a “planned trip” to California. She was arrested outside of Passages in Malibu and brought back to New York to face six counts of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny, in addition to theft of services, according to the indictment.