Hockey au

Buchanan Hockey AU

  • Athena Born

    Athena Born
    The birthdate of Athena Grant-Nash nee Carter, the daughter of Samuel and Beatrice Carter
  • Bobby Born

    Bobby Born
    The birthdate of Robert Wade Nash, Sr, father of Daniel and Everett Buchanan.
  • Daniel Born

    Daniel Born
    The birthdate of Daniel Matthew Buchanan, the son of Margaret Buchanan and Robert Wade Nash
  • Maddie Born

    Maddie Born
    The birthdate of Magdalena Anne Buchanan, the daughter of Philip and Margaret Buchanan.
  • Quinn Born

    Quinn Born
    The birthdate of Quinn Adam Faerian, the son of Ethan and Vivianna Faerian.
  • Daniel's Diagnosis

    Daniel's Diagnosis
    Daniel diagnosed with Juvenile Leukemia.
  • Eddie Born

    Eddie Born
    The birthdate of Edmundo Gilberto Diaz, the son of Ramon and Helena Diaz.
  • Jay Born

    Jay Born
    The birthdate of Patrick Jay Halstead, Jr, son of Patrick Sr and Michelle Halstead
  • Savior Baby Planned

    Savior Baby Planned
    Margaret utilizes the same donor to create a savior baby, to save Daniel, following multiple other failed treatments.
  • Ev Born

    Ev Born
    The birthdate of Everett Oliver Buchanan, son of Margaret Buchanan and Robert Wade Nash
  • Bone Marrow Transplant

    Bone Marrow Transplant
    Daniel and Everett undergo surgery for a blood marrow transplant.
  • Estella Born

    Estella Born
    The birthdate of Estella María Theresa Reyes, the daughter of José Antonio and María Pilar Reyes.
  • Daniel's Presumed Death

    Daniel's Presumed Death
    Daniel is believed to have succumbed to his leukemia, but is actually whisked away to his biological father, Robert Nash, by his Grandmother in an effort to remove the Buchanan children from their parents due to neglect and abandonment; Bobby expects Maddie and Everett to be his as well though they never arrive
  • Will Born

    Will Born
    The birthdate of William Ronan Halstead, son of Patrick Sr and Michelle Halstead
  • Gladys Buchanan's Death

    Gladys Buchanan's Death
    Ev and Maddie's grandmother, Gladys Buchanan, passes away before CPS can complete their investigation and remove the two remaining children into Robert Nash's care
  • Buckleys Appear in Hershey

    Buckleys Appear in Hershey
    Philip Buchanan picks up his family and moves them out of Annapolis, Maryland, in the middle of the night. By the time they settle in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the family now answers to Buckley.
  • Missing Person's Report

    Missing Person's Report
    Robert Nash puts out a missing persons' report on his son, Everett Buchanan, and his step-daughter, Magdalena Buchanan, following their disappearance; Daniel begins going by the name "Daniel Nash"
  • TK Born

    TK Born
    The birthdate of Tyler Kennedy Strand, son of Owen Strand and Gwyneth Morgan
  • Carlos Born

    Carlos Born
    The birthdate of Carlos Rafael Guadalupe Reyes, son of Gabriel and Andrea Reyes
  • Estella's Accident

    Estella's Accident
    Estella's parents are taking Estella to the coast to see the ocean and are in an accident; Estella's parents die in the crash and Estella suffers a TBI which significantly damages her hearing.
  • Gabriel Hits Estella

    Gabriel Hits Estella
    Estella has trouble regulating her volume in the first few months, and interrupts Gabriel's meeting, who smacks her around to shut her up; Carlos whisks her up to his room and comforts her.
  • Estella Enrolled at TSD

    Estella Enrolled at TSD
    Estella enrolled at boarding school, Texas School for the Deaf, to learn to regulate her volume, sign and function normally; stays in campus dorms during the week and goes home on the weekends.
  • Piano Again

    Piano Again
    Carlos coaxes Estella into playing the piano again for the first time since her accident;
  • Cardigan Mountain School

    Cardigan Mountain School
    Maddie encourages her parents to let Ev attend boarding middle school, Cardigan Mountain School, in Canaan, New Hampshire; Buckley parents agree instantly, as Maddie has announced her intention to go to Boston with her boyfriend and attend nursing school; Ev is reluctant to go, initially, but learns that they have an ice hockey program and a football program, and Ev can play if he tries out for them; Maddie takes Ev the month before, to get him enrolled and settled in before heading to Boston
  • RJ Born

    RJ Born
    The birthdate of Robert Wade Nash, Jr, the son of Robert Sr and Marcy Nash.
  • Brooke Born

    Brooke Born
    The birthdate of Brooke Elizabeth Nash, the daughter of Robert Sr and Marcy Nash.
  • Gabriel KIA

    Gabriel KIA
    Gabriel Reyes is killed in the line of duty, while on assignment for the Texas Rangers; Lucia Theresa Pilar Reyes comes home from law school to take over custody of her niece, as Gabriel's lawsuit to stall their brother's will and keep Estella under his control dies with him.
  • Brian Nash Arrives

    Brian Nash Arrives
    Lucia's boyfriend, Brian Nash, follows Lucia to Austin, insisting that she wasn't going to get to leave without letting him get his say; he wants to be with her, and he wants to help raise her niece with her; Brian will wait, if she needs him to, but he intends to marry her and adopt Estella, if that's okay with Lucia; Lucia accepts his proposal
  • Estella Adoption

    Estella Adoption
    Lucia and Brian run through a quick courthouse wedding, with plans to do a big one later, then apply to adopt Estella as their daughter
  • Andrea Signs Over Carlos

    Andrea Signs Over Carlos
    Lucia and Brian go to Andrea, to have care of Carlos signed over to them by Andrea; Andrea consents to do so but refused to relinquish parental rights, the three setting up a child support agreement; Lucia and Brian hope she will eventually forget and they will be able to file abandonment against her and adopt the ten year old as well.
  • Cedar Park Texas

    Cedar Park Texas
    Lucia and Brian move onto the Reyes Ranch with Lucia's parents, Estella and Carlos, in Cedar Park Texas; Estella continues to attend TSD but Carlos is enrolled in middle school in Cedar Park
  • Championship Game

    Championship Game
    Maddie attends Ev's championship game for his last year at Cardigan, which he wins; they discuss his plans and Ev tells her that he's been approached by an NA3HL team in Cedar Park, Texas, to play Junior Hockey, and the team has found him a billet family if he's willing to play; Maddie agrees to pay the billet fees if their parents won't; Ev and Maddie make plans to go to Europe together that summer before he has to be in Austin for training camp.
  • Eddie Graduates

    Eddie Graduates
    Eddie Diaz graduates from his El Paso High School and decides to enlist in the Army following graduation
  • Cedar Park High School

    Cedar Park High School
    Ev (15) and Estella (14) start their first year at Cedar Park High School, in Cedar Park, Texas; Ev is a sophomore and Estella is a freshman; Ev comes to Estella's rescue when she's being bullied by some of the other athletes at the school; Ev punches a bully for her and is suspended; Ev finds out from the Ryders, his billet family, that Estella is mute and deaf, though she can read his lips if he speaks clearly; resolves to become her friend and learn ASL if he can
  • First lunch

    First lunch
    Ev picks up an ASL book at the library during study hall to learn how to finger spell; asks Estella in halting finger spelling if he can join her for lunch; she's stunned, but nods; the two are able to talk, but she ends up spending half their lunch correcting his grammar or his fingers or his signs; Ev promises to practice for Monday and she just blushes
  • First Practice

    First Practice
    Ev attends his first practice with the Austin Ice Bats, and meets Eric Maxwell, who is hard of hearing and his center lineman; Ev asks Eric if he'll tutor him in ASL and gets rebuffed; protects Eric from some of their teammates at the end of practice, in the locker rooms; Eric agrees to help Ev.
  • Estella and Ev Lunch

    Estella and Ev Lunch
    Ev comes to sit with Estella at lunch again, signing the words Eric taught him a little more confidently as he tells her hello; the two talk, and Estella smiles at him as she occasionally has to correct the positioning of his fingers; the two make plans to sit together for the rest of the week
  • Ev Asks Out Estella

    Ev Asks Out Estella
    CPHS hosts a Back to School carnival that ends in a dance; Ev asks Estella if she'd like to go to the dance with him; Estella is nervous, since dances are dark, but she agrees; goes home and proceeds to freak the fuck out with her aunt; Lucy calms Estella down and takes her out to buy a dress, with an incredibly reluctant 12 year old Carlos in tow.
  • Back to School Dance

    Back to School Dance
    Ev and Estella attend the dance together; Estella is having a hard time with how dark it is and people keep stealing Ev away; Ev sees she's uncomfortable, and takes her out into the hallway outside the gym, so they can talk and dance with the lights on; Estella falls a little bit in love with him that night, and kisses his cheek when he takes her outside to meet up with her Tio Brian, so he can take her home
  • Ev asks Estella to Homecoming

    Ev asks Estella to Homecoming
    Ev cooks up an elaborate plan to invite Estella to homecoming, with the help of Grace; first rose is taped to her locker, second rose is in her first class; two roses next 2 classes; 1 during lunch, taped to her normal table; the other rose in her next class, 2 roses in her second to last class, but then nothing in her last at all; Upset, she goes to her locker, to find Ev standing there waiting for her with a sign that reads, "Estella will you go to Homecoming with me?" and the final two roses
  • Estella asks Ev to dinner

    Estella asks Ev to dinner
    Lucy tells Estella to invite her "young man" to dinner, before the dance, so she and Brian can meet him; Estella is nervous, but ask Ev to have Judd bring him to the ranch for dinner that Saturday night; Ev agrees to attend and promises her it's going to be okay
  • Ev Comes to Dinner

    Ev Comes to Dinner
    Judd takes Ev to the Reyes Ranch for dinner; Estella apologizes for this, before Lucia and Brian proceed to grill him up and down and sideways about his prospects, and his future plans; Estella and Ev sit out on the porch swing waiting for Judd, after dinner, and Estella apologizes for letting them put him through that; Ev takes her hand and then leans over to kiss her, promising he'd sit through a 1000 dinners just like it, if it meant he got to be there with her.
  • Eddie Heads to Basic Training

    Eddie Heads to Basic Training
    Eddie Diaz reports to Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Homecoming Game

    Homecoming Game
    Ev takes Estella to the Homecoming Game, and sits with her to explain football, as their high school sweeps to a win; Estella and Ev exchange a kiss before the end of the night
  • Homecoming Dance

    Homecoming Dance
    Ev hires a limo to pick up Estella and take her to the Homecoming Dance; Estella and Ev dance together in a section of the gym, that's well lit, so that Estella can read his lips and they can see each other while they dance and sign; Eric Maxwell comes over to introduce himself to Estella, and tease Ev
  • Sadie Hawkins Invitation

    Sadie Hawkins Invitation
    Estella asks her Tia to help her come up with some way to invite Ev to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with her;
  • Christmas Vacation

    Christmas Vacation
    Maddie has to cancel as Doug's hurt her and she won't be able to hide it from Ev; Lucia invites Ev and the Ryders to Christmas at their house: Ev for Estella - star necklace with her birthstone; Estella for Ev - a new watch; Ev for Carlos - tickets to see the Houston Astros play for Carlos, Brian and Ev; Ev for Lucy - a hand decorate frame with Ev and Estella's homecoming picture inside, decorated with flowers and cricut letters; (Winter Break Dates from 12/24/2007 to 01/07/2008)
  • Estella's 15th Birthday

    Estella's 15th Birthday
    Ev invites Estella over to the Ryders for dinner, that Grace helped him make; buys her a charm bracelet with two charms on it, a hockey stick and puck and an ASL "ILU" one-handed sign
  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day
    Ev is on the road for Valentine's Day for a road trip; has a dozen purple roses delivered to Estella at the ranch, and a red rose ordered from the Spirit Committee's Valentine's Day fundraiser; Estella gives Ev a hoodie for his favorite hockey team with a series of books about the history of hockey; Estella starts attending home games shortly after this
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break
    Lucia and Brian rent a house in Corpus Christi and invite Ev to come along; Ev shares a room with Carlos to prevent shenanigans; (Spring Break dates from 03/10/2008 to 03/14/2008)
  • Ev's 16th Birthday

    Ev's 16th Birthday
    Estella invites Ev over for dinner at the ranch with all of his favorite foods; Maddie sends Ev money to buy himself a vehicle of his choice and Judd takes him to purchase the motorcycle that he'd wanted, then takes him to the DMV to get his motorcycle license; rides it over to the ranch and asks permission from Lucia to take Estella for a ride after dinner
  • End of School Year

    End of School Year
    Lucia and Brian hire Ev to work on the ranch during the summer, with included room and board taken out of his wages, after Ev has a disagreement with his parents about coming home to PA for the summer; Carlos teaches Ev to ride horses; Ev and Carlos go horseback riding all the time, sometimes with Estella, and Carlos comes to realize that Ev isn't intending to take Estella away from him; Ev lives in the attic room over the barn with a curfew (he and Estella both have a curfew to be apart)
  • Going Steady

    Going Steady
    Ev asks Estella to be his girlfriend. ("Estella, I'd love it if you'd be my girlfriend?" blinks "What have we been, if I haven't been your girlfriend?"
  • Maddie Comes to Texas

    Maddie Comes to Texas
    Maddie arrives in Austin to spend the last two weeks of summer vacation with her brother; Estella and Ev take her on a road trip of the state, visiting San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Houston, NASA, Corpus Christi, Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth before Maddie has to return to Pennsylvania; Estella and Maddie learn to talk to each other, and Maddie tells Ev she likes Estella.
  • Christmas Break

    Christmas Break
    Maddie brings Ev and Estella to Boston for Christmas, as Doug is out of town for a conference and consultation for a few weeks, and he agreed to let her have people over during the holidays; Maddie shows the two around Boston, with side trips to Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and New York City; the trio spend New Year's Eve in Williamsburg, VA
  • Ev Drafted By Stars

    Ev Drafted By Stars
    Ev is drafted in the first round by the Dallas Stars; signs two-way ELC and is assigned to the Texas Stars, who share a rink with his Junior Hockey Team, the Austin IceBats; Estella is relieved that her boyfriend isn't leaving and dyes her hair Dallas Stars green in honor of his team
  • Estella Graduates High School

    Estella Graduates High School
    Estella graduates from Cedar Park High School, and Ev asks her to marry him; Estella says yes
  • Ev and Estella Get Married

    Ev and Estella Get Married
    Lucy and Maddie put on a rushed wedding for Ev and Estella, at their request, as Estella doesn't want to interrupt Ev's season or offseason training plans
  • Deb Conceived

    Deb Conceived
    Maddie Kendall conceives her daughter, Deb, with her abusive husband, Doug Kendall
  • TK Runs Away

    TK Runs Away
    TK runs away from home; neither Gwyn or Owen notice; is missing for 3 weeks but spends the majority of that time, so TK is unaware of how long he's actually been gone by the time he's found in the alleyway by Maddie.
  • Maddie Leaves Hershey

    Maddie Leaves Hershey
    Maddie discovers she's pregnant and and makes the decision to run away from her husband and seek refuge with her brother in Austin; Maddie empties her bank accounts and debit cards, then flees for NYC with the intention to take a flight to Austin from Newark Regional Airport
  • Maddie Finds TK

    Maddie Finds TK
    Maddie finds TK in an alley in New York City and takes him to a hotel to recover; TK starts withdrawing from illicit opioid medications; Maddie looks through the things she took and finds the birth certificates for Everett Buchanan, Magdalena Buchanan and Daniel Buchanan in an unmarked file folder; starts researching the Buckley parents to find out who the Buchanans are; cannot find an obituary for a Daniel Buckley anywhere
  • Christopher Conceived

    Christopher Conceived
    Eddie and Shannon Diaz conceive their son, Christopher, when Eddie returns for leave around his birthday
  • TK's Withdrawal

    TK's Withdrawal
    TK endures withdrawal from oxy, while staying with Maddie at her hotel
  • Talk with TK

    Talk with TK
    TK wakes up; Maddies offer to call his parents so they can come and get him; TK informs her that his parents don't care but provides her his father's phone number; Maddie calls Owen and is informed that sometimes TK just runs away when things get to be too much, and he'll come home when he's finished rebelling; Maddie decides to take responsibility for TK and offers to bring him with her when she leaves New York City
  • Arrive in Annapolis

    Arrive in Annapolis
    Maddie and TK arrive in Annapolis, MD, in search of answers to the questions Maddie found from the paperwork she took from her parents; TK runs into Daniel Nash outside the photographer's office when he goes to get copies of pictures of Maddie and her brothers from the newspaper and formal photography sessions
  • Concrete Memorials

    Concrete Memorials
    Maddie takes TK to see Daniel and Gladys' graves, then Maddie and TK catch a Amtrak train heading for Austin, Texas by way of Chicago, Illinois
  • Maddie and TK Arrive

    Maddie and TK Arrive
    Maddie and TK arrive in Austin TX by train, after two and a half days of traveling; Ev and Estella pick them up from the train station
  • TK Starts Senior Year

    TK Starts Senior Year
    TK starts at Cedar Park High School for his senior year; meets junior, Carlos Reyes, who offers to show him around; TK and Carlos spend a lot of time flirting with each other
  • Dallas Stars Training Camp

    Dallas Stars Training Camp
    Ev is invited to play at Rookie Camp, then Training Camp for the Dallas Stars, then stays through preseason; Ev is brought up to the NHL on a permanent basis and plays on the third line ring wing on opening day of the season
  • Article About Ev and Stella

    Article About Ev and Stella
    After Ev is transferred to Dallas Stars from the AHL, a sports magazine does a feature on him and Ev doesn't like what they have to say about Estella, as they overemphasized her deafness and not her accomplishments
  • Ev Traded to BlackHawks

    Ev Traded to BlackHawks
    Ev traded to the Chicago BlackHawks just before the trade deadline; Estella dyes her hair red with black lowlights in honor of her husband's new team
  • First Pregnancy

    First Pregnancy
    Estella tells Ev they're pregnant with their first child at the same time Ev tells Estella that he's been traded to Chicago
  • Deb Born

    Deb Born
    The birthdate of Danielle Evelyn Buchanan, the daughter of Magdalena Buchanan and Doug Kendall
  • Daniel Nash Vs Ev Buchanan

    Daniel Nash Vs Ev Buchanan
    Daniel Nash's Minnesota Wild team plays Ev's Blackhawks in Round One of the Playoffs; Daniel knows Ev is his brother, but Ev doesn't know Daniel is his; Bobby is unable to get time off work as a firefighter captain, and Daniel is able to keep his brother's presence in the NHL a secret from his father until a better time
  • Christopher Born

    Christopher Born
    The birthdate of Christopher Ryan Diaz, the son of Edmundo and Shannon Diaz
  • Chicago vs Boston

    Chicago vs Boston
    While playing in the Stanley Cup Finals Game Three in Boston, Ev is spotted by Doug Kendall, who is in attendance at a game with coworkers; Doug takes LOA to follow Ev back to Chicago; begins stalking Ev and Estella
  • Chicago Win Stanley Cup

    Chicago Win Stanley Cup
    The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in Boston; Ev goes home on a high, having played in every game of the Stanley Cup
  • Contract Extension

    Contract Extension
    Ev signs a 3 year contract extension with Blackhawks for an increase to 1.1 million AAV
  • Victory Parade

    Victory Parade
    Ev and Estella join the Blackhawks in the Victory Parade through Chicago
  • First Delivery

    First Delivery
    Doug arranges for rotten and bug-infested red roses to be delivered to the arena, addressed to Estella; Ev is given the package when he's clearing out his locker at the end of the season; something shifts strangely inside the box and Ev calls security to open the package, seeing as Estella is pregnant and he doesn't want her getting hurt; Ev is reluctant, but tells Estella in case it's a jealous fan out to hurt her to get to Ev
  • Doug bugs Jeep

    Doug bugs Jeep
    Doug puts a tracker on Ev's vehicle on last day at the arena, and finds out where Ev and Estella are living; No sign of Maddie at the house, so Doug lies in wait for her
  • Second Delivery

    Second Delivery
    Doug arranges for a second delivery to be sent to Ev and Estella's rental; a rotted and maggot filled fruit basket in cellophane; Estella panics a little bit and Ev calls 911; CPD's Intelligence Unit is assigned to the case; Jay Halstead is assigned to Estella as security
  • Preseason Begins

    Preseason Begins
    Deliveries come through the entire offseason to the house; Ev and Estella find themselves attracted to Jay, but Jay is trying to keep his distance and occupational integrity; Ev and Estella respect his desire to stay separate but still flirt; Doug arrives at arena for first preseason game in Chicago, against Detroit; Ev and Doug fight during second intermission of the game
  • The Triad's First Time

    The Triad's First Time
    Ev is furious after the game; Jay and Estella work to calm him down, and Jay kisses him; the three sleep together for the first time, as Jay is no longer content to wait anymore and wants to be with them
  • Doug Found Dead

    Doug Found Dead
    Doug found dead in his hotel room with his head smashed in; coroner places time of death the same night as the fight with Ev; police arrive at their home to retrieve Ev for questioning in Doug's death prior to the game against Pittsburgh that night
  • Jay Keeps Quiet

    Jay Keeps Quiet
    Ev and Estella insist that Jay remain quiet as the investigation into Doug's murder begins, as they don't want Jay to get into any trouble for occupational misconduct; Jay promises to keep quiet, as long as there's no need for him to say anything, but he'll confess if he has to to protect Ev
  • Jay Confesses

    Jay Confesses
    Jay overhears Platt telling Voight of the DA's intention to arrest and indict Ev for the murder of Doug Kendall; Jay goes to the DA assigned to the case and informs them he has information about the whereabouts of Ev Buchanan that will exonerate him; Jay confesses to occupational misconduct and sleeping with Ev the night of the attack; indictment falls through, as Jay signs a written statement and is placed on administrative leave pending investigation
  • Cheating Story Leaked to Tabloids

    Cheating Story Leaked to Tabloids
    Lead detective leaks story of Ev Buchanan cheating on wife, Estella, with CPD Detective Jay Halstead, to local newspaper; Newspaper prints story in its society pages and the whole city explodes; Jay picks up a copy of the paper and finds the story, rushes back to Ev and Estella to be the first to tell them.
  • Murderer Caught

    Murderer Caught
    CPD Detectives locate evidence of Doug's killer and make an arrest; Escort hired by Doug killed him, when he started knocking her around due to his fury over his fight with Ev
  • Estella's Instagram

    Estella's Instagram
    Estella is tired of the paparazzi camped on her doorstep, and decides with Ev and Jay to come out as Polyamorous; the two kiss her cheeks and have a hand each on her belly, as she takes a selfie with a middle finger aimed at the camera; posts picture on Instagram with the Caption "It's Polyamory, Bitches! Get Over It!"
  • Oliver Born

    Oliver Born
    The birthdate of Oliver Juddson Buchanan, the son of Everett and Estella Buchanan; Ev is on a roadtrip with the Blackhawks and is in Dallas when she goes into Labor; Jay is with her for the birth, while Ev tries to get home to Chicago
  • Ev Goes Back to Work

    Ev Goes Back to Work
    Ev takes a week off for Paternity Leave; returns to work on 12/06/2013 during the game in Chicago, against the Anaheim Ducks
  • University of Illinois Chicago

    University of Illinois Chicago
    TK starts Sports Medicine degree at UIC; Carlos applies to CPD as a patrol officer
  • Daniel's Insistence

    Daniel's Insistence
    Daniel pushes Bobby to come to the game in Chicago; Bobby and Daniel argue as it's a school night, but Daniel insists on paying for the plane tickets and buying the hockey tickets for the game; Bobby agrees to come, but doesn't understand why
  • Wild vs Hawks

    Wild vs Hawks
    Daniel introduces himself to Ev as his brother, following Chicago's win against the Wild; Maddie is at the game with Estella, TK and Carlos; Maddie recognizes Daniel; Ev meets Bobby, RJ and Brooke
  • Regular Season Ends

    Regular Season Ends
    Chicago vs Nashville (04/12/2014) and Minnesota vs Nashville (04/13/2014); both teams advance to the playoffs
  • Period: to

    Round Two

    Chicago and Minnesota battle in Round Two for the Conference SemiFinals; Chicago wins series and advances to the Conference Finals; Chicago had Home Ice Advantage
  • Chicago Season Ends

    Chicago Season Ends
    Chicago loses series to Los Angeles Kings in Conference Finals and returns home to start their offseason
  • Daniel Approaches Wild FO

    Daniel Approaches Wild FO
    Daniel goes to the Front Office for the Wild and encourages them to look into the Blackhawks Right Winger; expresses interest in playing with him; Wild FO reaches out to Blackhawks about receptiveness to a trade
  • Ev Traded to Minnesota Wild

    Ev Traded to Minnesota Wild
    Ev informed of trade from Chicago to Minnesota effective immediately; Buchanans start to pack up and Maddie calls Bobby to inform them they're coming to St Paul
  • TK and Carlos Transfer

    TK and Carlos Transfer
    TK transfers from UIC to University of Minnesota-Twin Cities after finding out that Ev has been transferred to the Minnesota Wild; Carlos transfers from CPD to SPPD; Jay retires from police work and becomes private security for Estella
  • Vegas Expansion Draft

    Vegas Expansion Draft
    The Minnesota Wild traded Daniel Nash in exchange for Vegas selecting Everett Buchanan, as well as a conditional third-round pick in the 2017 or 2018 NHL Entry Draft
  • TK's Graduation

    TK's Graduation
    Family goes back to St Paul, MN, to be in attendance for TK's college graduation; TK graduates with a Bachelor's of Science in Pre-Med, Sports Medicine; Applies to University of Texas at El Paso, in El Paso, TX, for his Master's Degree; Family arrives with VGK players on May 7th and Ev and Daniel fly to meet their team in Winnipeg for the start of the Conference Finals on 05/11/2018; Series begins 05/12/2018
  • Period: to

    2018 Stanley Cup Finals

    Washington vs VGK; VGK wins series in five games; Daniel wins first Cup Ring and Ev wins his second;
  • Master's Degree

    Master's Degree
    TK starts Master's Program at UTEP in Spring 2019; Staff Sergeant Eddie Diaz is a patient at the VA clinic where he completes his clinical volunteer hours; Carlos works for EPPD