The sisters black fanfiction version

The Sisters Black

  • Evan Rosier born

    Evan Rosier born
    Son of Steinbeck and Morticia Rosier
  • Rodolphus Lestrange borm

    Rodolphus Lestrange borm
    Son of Austen and Jane Lestrange
  • Rabastan Lestrange born

    Rabastan Lestrange born
    Son of Austen and Jane Lestrange
  • Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier Married

    Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier Married
  • Jonathan Nott born

    Jonathan Nott born
    Son of Orwell and Tessa Nott
  • Bellatrix Ophelia Black born

    Bellatrix Ophelia Black born
    Daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black
  • Barty Crouch Jr. born

    Barty Crouch Jr. born
    Son of Barty Sr. and Alyssa Crouch
  • Edward "Ted" Tonks born

    Edward "Ted" Tonks born
    Son of Jamie and Ella Tonks
  • Andromeda Duella Black born

    Andromeda Duella Black born
    Daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black
  • Lucius Malfoy born

    Lucius Malfoy born
    Son of Arbaxas and Nala Malfoy
  • Nacissa Walburga Malfoy born

    Nacissa Walburga Malfoy born
    Daughter of Cygnus and Duella Black
    Sister of Bellatrix and Andromeda Black
  • Sirius Orion Black

    Sirius Orion Black
    Son of Orion and Walburga Black
  • Regulus Actuorus Black

    Regulus Actuorus Black
    Son of Orion and Walburga Black
  • Bellatrix and Rodolphus get married

    Bellatrix and Rodolphus get married
  • Voldemort Contacts The Pureblood Council

    They hold a meeting to discuss his proposal and whether they will meet with him. It is agreed they will.
  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    It is announced Andromeda and Jonathan Nott are formally engaged. Andy pushes Cissa to talk to Lucius. While dancing with Jace, Andy notices Bella dancing with an older gentleman. Her sister is laughing and flirting. Andy tucks it away for later thought. ----------The council meets with Lord Voldemort to hear his pitch. They agree to assist him. Robert Avery Sr, Austen Lestrange and Steinbeck Rosier become the first Death Eaters.
  • Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    Bela has lunch with Andy and Cissa at Black Manor. They discuss the rumors of a cause against mudbloods. Bella runs into Tom Gaunt (Voldemort) on her way out. He invites her to walk in the gardens with her. Discuss his vision for the future. She shares about her ambitions and resilient husband. She returns home that night, she and Rodolphus are having sex and he catches her casting a contraceptive charm. They fight about it
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    Lucius calls on Narcissa at Black Manor. She tells him she will marry him, as it is her duty, but she will not pretend to have a courtship. She will treat this like it is. A contract. Lucius promises to win her over. Cissa catches Andy sneaking in late at night and Andy lies to her about where she's been. Also on her way back to bed she spots Bella and Tom Gaunt (Voldemort) out in the gardens.
  • Chapter 4

    Chapter 4
    Andy sneaks out to meet up with Ted. They are at his parents' house. They talk about what is going on with her family and what Ted has heard about Voldemort. He tells her he is going to fight against this. Andy tells him that her family is important to her. Throw in Hogwarts flashback
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    Narcissa has lunch with Jessica Lestrange, Bethany Malfoy, Talia Greengrass and Cassandra Parkinson. Talk about love lives. Narcissa explains whats going on wth her and Lucius. Andy helps Cissa get ready for her date with Lucius. Lucius takes Narcissa on a date. Fancy, but fun. They share childhood stories.
  • Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    Bella and Tom Gaunt are having weekly walks in the garden at Black Manor. Tom Gaunt reveals to her that he is really Lord Voldemort and explains what has been happening between him and the council. The PBC and Voldemort meet with werewolf pack led by Fenrir Greyback and Greyback is branded a Death Eater. He is promised victims, he is tasked with infecting the children of muggleborn's or the muggleborn's themselves. Fight with Rodolphus?
  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 7
    Bridesmaid dress shopping. Bella confronts A about standing J up. A comes up with an excuse. Andy and Jace have dinner with his family. Mudblood hatred talk. She hears about Deatheaters for the first time. Sneaks out to talk to Ted about it all. He tells her he already knows and he's part of a group that's fighting to stop it.
  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 8
    Bella and Rodophus host a dinner party with,Jessica Lestrange, Rabastan L, Barty C, Evan, R, Talia. G and Cassandra P. They discuss Voldemort. The boys speak of wanting to become death eaters. Bella says she wants to be one and they laugh her off. Later they are in the sitting room and Barty tells her he supports her. Rodolphus overhears and he and Barty get in a fight. Bella recieves a letter from Tom Gaunt.
  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    Narcissa overhears Lucius discussing becoming death eaters with the Lestrange brothers, Barty, Jace and Evan. N expresses her worries to her sisters. Bella tells her she's being silly and Andy confronts her. ---------------- PBC meeting discussing Albus Dumbledore and infiltrating the ministry. Plus Archer Prewitt's children's disobedience and disownment.
  • Chapter 10

    Chapter 10
    Ceremony for the boy's to become Deatheaters. ADD MORE (Maybe lunch after) Narcissa sitting with Jessica Lestrange and Bethany Malfoy both watching who they're supposed to marry become death eaters
  • Chapter 11

    Chapter 11
    Andy stands up to Jace and they have a huge fight. She runs to Teddy who introduces her to the Order of the Phionex. Andy and Molly Weasley meet and start to become friends.
  • Chapter 12

    Chapter 12
    Bella and Tom Gaunt begin sleeping with eachother. Blowout fight with Rodolphus. They move into separate bedrooms. Bella talks to Barty about it. He doesn't understand but listens, shares his own family drama. Cygnus confronts Bella, Rodolphus at his side about the lack heirs. He forces her to have sex with Rodolphus.
  • Chapter 13

    Chapter 13
    Spending time at the Nott's household. Cissa discovers a girl chained up in basement. Jace Nott discovers her and is about to hurt her when Lucius steps in. He pretends to be cold and furious with Cissa and drags her from the house. Then apologises profusely. Cissa goes to tell Andy, but Bella cuts in and tells Cissa if she does then (Bad thing) will happen.
  • Chapter 14

    Chapter 14
    Jessica Lestrange is murdere during a muggle mugging. Bella tries to comfort him he lashs out
    Rodolphus puts Bella under the imperious curse and forces her to have sex with him. Once he lets her free she runs away back to Black Manor and tells her sisters what happened.
  • Chapter 15

    Chapter 15
    Ted introduces her to Albus Dumbledore. He asks her to become a spy. Ted and Andy get into a huge fight. Andy runs back home and spends time with her sister. Next day she goes over to Jace's and watches Jace, Evan and Rabastan torture a muggleborn witch. They don't know she's there.
  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 16
    Andy agrees to be a spy and explains what she saw. Gideon Prewett is outraged. It's his girlfriend he has. He wants to go in guns blazing. Bu Dumbledore wans more information. They want to know why they have her. He says their other spy wasn't aware of her presence in Nott Manor. Makes up with Ted. Spys on PBC meetings, listens in on Bella and Tom's covos. First info drop it's discovered that her fellow spy is Archer Prewitt. Andy's father walks in on the two of them exchanging info. (JUNE 10)
  • Chapter 17

    Chapter 17
    Cissa hear Andy scream and runs up to the study. Andy's standing in the doorway and her father is lying on the floor. Andy says she found him like this. Main members of PBC ask Cissa questions, she lies and covers for Andy, agreeing with Andy saying that is was another Black relative. Someone who would get the council seat if Cygnus was dead. (Junne 10) ------ (JUNE 14) the funeral with Lucius and everyone
  • Chapter 18

    Chapter 18
    After the funeral the PBC holds a meeting to decide who will take Cygnus' black. Natural choice is Orion Black, but Bella interupts, claiming it is her right to hold the chair. It is supposed to be passed down from eldest child to eldest child. She gets the chair position
  • Chapter 19

    Chapter 19
    Andy has flashbacks to accidentally killing her father. She discusses it with Ted. Ted refers who to Dumbledore and he shares his story. Bella catches Andy sneaking back into Black Manor and tells her that he flirtation with Ted is cute but it must end. Andy tells Bella she's just toying with Ted and she'll end it.
  • Chapter 20

    Chapter 20
    Andy explains to Cissa that whole Order thing, she explains about the girl and Cissa says she already knows. She agrees to help rescue her. The two sneak into the Manor and do so. Afterwards Andy tells Narcissa how she can join the movement, but Cissa stops her and says that Andy has to wipe her mind. Because she can save one girl but she wants not part in the war. She will marry Lucius but she will not speak for one side or another.
  • Chapter 21

    Chapter 21
    Bella continues to be a PBC member. She grows suspicious of Archer Prewett. Voldemort approaches her about becoming a Deatheater. She readily agrees. They have sex that night. She goes home Rodolphus sees the mark on her arm and they get into a fight. He calls her Voldemort's whore and says he will expose her at the next council meeting. Bella convinces him not to.
  • Chapter 23

    Chapter 23
    Andy spends time with Molly and baby William. She meets the Prewett brothers. Sits through an Order meeting. Andy goes back to Black Manor and finds Bella and Cissa sitting on Cissa's bed. Bella looks dumbstruck. Cissa tells Andy that Bella's pregnant and it's not Rodolphus'.
  • Chapter 24

    Chapter 24
    Rodolphus figures out Bella's pregnant (Lucius congratulates him then realises he didn't know) Rodolphus storms into the council meeting and asks if Bella will talk. Bella says she's busy, later. Rodolphus calls her out in front of the council. Narcissa and Andy burst into the room. Bella turns to Voldemort and tells him the baby is his. He tells her he doesn't want a whore's child. Bella looses it and Voldemort has her dragged away by four Death Eaters. Telling them, do with her what you will.
  • Chapter 25

    Chapter 25
    Andy tries to stop Voldemort from torturing Bella in front of the council, but Jace holds her back. He tells her she'll be next if she doesn't stop fighting. Lucius has to hold Cissa back as they drag away Bella. Voldemort says "Get them out of her." Andy goes straight to the order. She begs them to go after Bella. They tell her they won't go after a murder on the other side. Andy and Ted have a blowout fight and they break off their relationship.
  • Chapter 26

    Chapter 26
    Bella being tortured.
  • Chapter 27

    Chapter 27
    Cissa is furious with Lucius. He tries to win back her trust, but she won't have any of it. She loses it at him hitting him sending spells flying at him. She doesn't know where Bella is and she's freaking out and Andy is acting withdrawn and her family is falling apart. Lucius catches her and tells her that he will be her family. He will always be there for her.
  • Chapter 28

    Chapter 28
    Narcissa and Lucius have dinner with his parents for the first time. Narcissa hates Arbaxas. PBC meeting, she overhears things. Drama with Andy
  • Chapter 29

    Chapter 29
    Andy continues to spy for the order. Ted and her are locked in a room by the Prewett twins. They make-up and Ted tells her he has a surprise and Andy should meet him at the lake at midnight. She does and he proposes, but Jace followed her there. Epic showdown and Ted and Andy manage to capture Jace and bring him to the Order to be held for questioning.
  • Chapter 30

    Chapter 30
    Bella kills the four Death Eaters holding her hostage. She apparates back to Black Manor. Her sister's and she have a reunion, but Bella seems different. Cold and distant. They fix her up and she bursts into the PBC meeting.
  • Chapter 31

    Chapter 31
    Bella kills whichever Black is holding her council seat without a second thought. She stands in the centre of the room and glares at all of them. She says she's taking back her seat on the council and she intends to run it as her father did. Fawley, Yaxley and Shacklebolt try and argue but she kills them. Voldemort appears clapping slowly, "Well done my dear welcome back." Bella answers with good to be back.
  • Chapter 32

    Chapter 32
    Cissa notices Jace is missing and asks Andy about it. Andy says Jace told her he was going on a mission. Cissa asks Lucius about it an Lucius says he'll ask around. A few days later he tells her that Jace never went on a mission he just disappeared one night after telling Rabastan he was going out with Andy. Concerned, Cissa tells Bella.
  • Chapter 33

    Chapter 33
    Andy and Ted get married in a small church with just the Order Members. Andy kisses Ted goodbye and tells him she'll pack her bags and sneak out in two days time when Bella is distracted with a PBC meeting. Bella catches Andy sneaking back in. She says she followed Andy and watched the whole thing. She tells her it's disgusting and says there will be a price. She locks Andy in her room.
  • Chapter 34

    Chapter 34
    Bella says she followed Andy and watched the whole thing. She tells her it's disgusting and says there will be a price. She locks Andy in her room. Bella murder's Ted's entire family.
  • Chapter 35

    Chapter 35
    Cissa let's Andy out while Bella is distracted in a meeting. Andy packs her bags, tries to explain to Cissa who doesn't care. "We're family. I won't let Bella kill you. But I won't support you in abandoning your duties to our family." Andy discovers Ted's family is dead and before anyone can stop her goes back to the Manor to confront Bella. The two sisters have a screaming match "Go, this your one chance. I won't kill you now, but next time we meet we are no longer blood."
  • Chapter 36

    Chapter 36
    Cissa and Lucius sit on the steps of Malfoy Manor. Cissa's stuff is being carried into the house by house elves. "I just couldn't live there anymore." Cissa tells Lucius quietly. He understands, have a sweet moment between them where she cries cause nothing will ever be the same. The Order discovers through Archer Prewett that Voldemorts original ten Deatheaters will be sneaking into the kill the department heads and the minister. They plan on ambushing them before they can.
  • Chapter 36

    Chapter 36
    Cissa and Lucius sit on the steps of Malfoy Manor. Cissa's stuff is being carried into the house by house elves. "I just couldn't live there anymore." Cissa tells Lucius quietly. He understands, have a sweet moment between them where she cries cause nothing will ever be the same. The Order discovers through Archer Prewett that Voldemorts original ten Deatheaters will be sneaking into the kill the department heads and the minister. They plan on ambushing them before they can.
  • Chapter 37

    Chapter 37
    Bella discovers that Archer is a spy and orders him to contact the Order. They set up a meeting to exchange Archer for Jace, but the whole goal of which is to kill Dumbledore. It goes well then Dumbledore turns into Fabian Prewett (Polyjuice potion) and a fight ensues. Robert Avery dies. madeye looses part of nose.
  • Chapter 38

    Chapter 38
    Andromeda and Ted recover from the battle. They meet with Dumbledore and talk about the next move but it's all a blur for Andy. She tells Ted she's pregnant.
  • Chapter 39

    Chapter 39
    Narcissa feel abandoned. Bellatrix is broken beyond repair. Andromeda has left her and has been obliterated from the Black Family records. She feels abandoned. Lucius proposes and Narcissa says yes because he is the only family she may ever have again.