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Idina Menzel

  • Parents

    Her parents are Helene Mentzel and Stuart Mentzel. Her mother worked as a therapist and her father was a pajama salesman.
  • Sibling

    Idina and her sister Cara Mentzel, her sister is a published author and former elementary school teacher/national board certified professional teaching standards (NBPTS) reading and language arts teacher for early and middle childhood. She has thirteen years of experience in public eduacation.
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Was born in Syosset, NY, and is American, was raised in a Jewish family
  • Places she grew up

    Places she grew up
    Long island and New Jersey where were Idina Menzel grew up during her childhood.
  • First Performance-Fact

    First Performance-Fact
    She began performing at weddings and bar mitzvahs in high school before moving on to rock bands while attending college in New York.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    Idina Menzel stole her parents car and drove illegally to play at her first paying gig during her teenage years (she was only 15).
  • Education

    Circle in the Square Theatre School, Syosset High School, and New York University Tisch School Of The Arts
  • Degress

    Graduated from NYU w/ a B.A. in fine arts and drama
  • First step into Broadway/Playbill

    First step into Broadway/Playbill
    Idina auditioned for "Rent", the (original) production which became her professional theatre job. Which then started to open many amazing opportunities for her.
  • Rent Broadway Performance

    Rent Broadway Performance
    A songwriters love for a young women grows even as illness begins to consume her. Idina's role is Maureen Johnson.
  • Fun fact

    Fun fact
    Released her debut solo album, (Still I can't be Still)
  • Aida Broadway Performance

    Aida Broadway Performance
    Tells the story of an enslaved Nubian princess Aida, who falls for captain of the guard Radames, who is betrothed to the Egyptian princess who is Aida's mistress. Idina played Amneris.
  • Wicked Broadway Performance

    Wicked Broadway Performance
    Long before Dorothy arrives in Oz, there is another young woman born with emerald-green skin—smart, fiery, misunderstood and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships… until the world decides to call one "good," and the other one "wicked." Idina's main role in this performance was Elphaba (Original) Running time: 2 hours and 45 minuets including 1 intermission
  • First marriage

    First marriage
    Idina was first married to Taye Diggs but then divorced, she said the divorce was caused by "interracial aspect" which played into her marriage and made things more complicated, which then ended her marriage in 2014. They met in the (original) production of Rent.
  • Tony Award

    Tony Award
    She received the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, for playing the award Elphaba in Wicked.
  • The incident on Broadway

    The incident on Broadway
    Idina Menzel was in "The Wizard of Oz" known as Wicked, in Broadway. Just as she was on her final performance, Idina fell through a trap door several feet fracturing a rib causing the final performance to be cancelled.
  • Son (Walker Diggs)

    Son (Walker Diggs)
    Walker Nathaniel Diggs (Idina's son) who is now 14, he is into sneakers and is known to be more fashionable than his mom. Idina also noted that she wants to make a conscious effort to set a good example for her son, she loves her son a lot.
  • If/Then Broadway Performance

    If/Then Broadway Performance
    Tells the story of a 38 year old woman named Elizabeth who moves back to New York city for a fresh start in her life. Idina Menzel played the main role Elizabeth
  • Fun Fact- Is the voice of Elsa in Frozen

    Fun Fact- Is the voice of Elsa in Frozen
    Idina Menzel provided the voice for Elsa in Disney's Frozen, the hit song "Let it Go" was a global sensation and made her win the Academy Award for Best original Song.
  • Oscar Awards/Best Vocal Award

    Oscar Awards/Best Vocal Award
    Won the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Feature Film in Frozen and Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Feature Film
  • Inspiration to be an actress

    Inspiration to be an actress
    She was inspired to start her acting career from artists like Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, and Cher. These people left an incredible mark on the world of entertainment which makes her be who she is today.
  • Politics

    Idina Menzel mocked Vice President Pence for calling stage actors "unsafe" and "scary" after the cast of Hamilton delivered a message to the vice president after the recent performance. Dixon said “We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir." Trump tweeted that Mike was harassed by the theatre company.
  • Second Marriage

    Second Marriage
    Idina then later on married Aaron Lohr, they were both performers in the production "Rent" a film
  • Drama League

    Drama League
    Won the Drama League for Distinguished Achievement in Musical Theatre
  • Impact on the world with acting

    Impact on the world with acting
    Idina made an impact to many people by being a inspirational actor/singer. She was able to demonstrate that anything is possible and can happen.
  • Health Issue

    Health Issue
    Idina was diagnosed with skin cancer at a young age and is a survival. She protects her skin by wearing sunscreen and lotion everyday, this advice is helpful to her fans.
  • Movies that starred Idina Menzel

    Movies that starred Idina Menzel
    Kissing Jessica Stein (2001), Just a kiss (2002), Rent (2005), Ask the dust (2006), Enchanted (2007), Chess in concert (2009), Frozen (2013), Beaches (2017), Uncut gems (2019), Frozen 2 (2019), Cinderella (2021), American Murderer (2022), Disenchanted (2022), and You are so not invited to my Bat Mitzvah (2023)
  • Broadway Performances

    Broadway Performances
    Rent (1996), First you Dream: A tribute to courage (2000), Aida 2000), Funny girl (2002), Wicked (2003), Hair (2004), If/then (2014)
  • Quote

    "You can't get it all right all the time, but you can try your best. If you've done that, all that's left is to accept your shortcomings and have the courage to try to overcome them."
  • Another quote

    Another quote
    "If you follow your path and focus on love, things will work out."