Looking for alaska by john green 60second book review by jenny sawyer  (1)

Looking For Alaska

  • 136 Days Before

    Miles is packing to leave for his new school. His mother has a going away party for him and nobody comes except two people who he barely knows.
  • 128 Days Before

    Miles arrives in Florida and it is brutally hot. Miles meets Chip (The Colonel) his new room-mate. He goes with Chip to buy cigarettes and meets Alaska who he is fascinated by.
  • 127 Days Before

    A small group of Weekday Warriors take Miles (now nicknamed pudge) and throw him in a lake while he is duct taped from head to toe. When he gets out he tries to tell Alaska and all she does is laugh.
  • 110 Days Before

    Pudge is kicked out of his religion class for not paying attention and Alaska stands up for him. They go outside and spend time together, waiting for Takumi and The Colonel.
  • 101 Days Before

    The Colonel, Miles, Alaska, Alaska's friend Lara, all get into Alaska's car to drive to McDonald's and study for an upcoming test. Lara has to sit on Pudge's lap due to the lack of room in the car.
  • 101 Days Before

    Alaska once again brings up the fact that she'll die young but she will die smart.
  • 100 Days Before

    Alaska tells Pudge about how she picked her own name. Pudges leans in to kiss her but she isn't feeling the same way about him. He explains how he doesn't understand her and she agrees that he isn't supposed to.
  • 99 Days Before

    The group gets caught smoking and is excepted at Jury so their punishment can be determined.
  • 98 Days Before

    The Colonel and Alaska take the blame for the incident and Miles does not get in trouble but he is worried about the Eagle because he is eyeing him constantly.
  • 89 Days Before

    Alaska says she has found a girlfriend for Pudge and that she has planned a triple and a half date. Alaska tells them that the girl she has found for Miles is Lara, the girl who sat on his lap.
  • 87 Days Before

    The triple and a half date starts in Alaska's room Miles is jealous of Alaska's boyfriend Jake. The group goes to the gym to watch a basketball game
    Miles gets a basketball to his face then he pukes on Lara's pants. He goes to sleep after going to the hospital. The Colonel wakes Miles at 3:00am to tell him he was dumped for not denying that he liked Alaska. Although they didnt seem to get along he is still sad.
  • 76 Days Before

    After a rainy day Alaska runs over to Miles and the Colonel and explains that her room has flooded someone connected a plastic tube from the gutter to her window. All of her books are ruined.
  • 58 Days Before

    Alaksa convinces Miles to stay for Thanksgiving and he calls his parents and gets permission. After speaking to The Colonel he regrets it and tries to change his plans but his family has already booked a trip away. He becomes homesick and receives a hug from Alaska and her saying that it will be fine.
  • 49 Days Before

    Miles and Alaska find an "inappropriate" movie and watch it otgether. After watching it Alaska goes to sleep and he sleeps beside her. He describes her as "a hurricane" whereas he is only "drizzle"
  • 47 Days Before

    The Colonel shows up and invites them to come to his house for Thanksgiving. They discover he lives in a trailer park and they enjoy the time together.
  • Christmas

    Miles go home and has a nice time with his parents. He is very thankful for his parents and he realizes that during his stay.
  • 8 Days Before

    A pre-prank is planned and The Colonel and Alaska leave Pudge out of the loop.
  • 3 Days Before

    The group pulls off an amazing prank and gets drunk at the barn afterwards.
  • 2 Days Before

    The group discusses their best and worst days. Alaksa reveals the days her mother dies was the worst day and everyone is shocked.
  • The Last Day

    Lara and Miles spend the day making out and want to go a little further than kissing so they ask Alaska for sex advice. After that the group celebrates some more. After getting extremely drunk Alaska dare Miles to kiss her and he does. After telling her he loves her whiles she's sleeping she gets a call and becomes hysteric. They try to get her to stay since she is drunk but she drives away.
  • 1 Day After

    The Eagle goes into into Pudge's room and tells them they need to meet in the gym. The Eagle goes to the front of the gym and asks if everyone is present. Miles presistant that they need to wait for Alaska and then the Eagle announces Alaska was in an accident and was killed. Miles runs outside and tells himself that she's playing a trick, he only comes to realise it is not a trick Miles tells the Eagle that it is prank. He says she was on the highway and she hit a police car.
  • 6 Days After

    Most students take the bus to the funeral but the group drives in Takumi's car. Miles finally breaks down for the first time. At the funeral he insists that he still loves Alaska.
  • 7 Days After

    Alaska's aunt is coming to take her things so The Colonel and Pudge have to clean out her room. They find evidence that she may have killed herself but Miles doesn't want to believe it.
  • 13 Days After

    The Colonel and Miles go to the police station to find out more about Alaska's death. They find out that she just hit the car and didn't even try to stop. This makes Miles think that she may have tried to kill herself and succeed.
  • 29 Days After

    Thinking that Alaska's boyfriend may have more information The Colonel calls him and is informed that he doesn't have anymore information other than the fact that he gave her the flowers found in her back seat.
  • 69 Days After

    Miles still can't figure out the flowers. The group talks about a meeting where the Eagle announced that the school is going to build a playground to commemorate Alaska. Lara stood up and said that they should do something Alaska would have done. The Colonel says they should pull one last, prank in her memory.
  • 46 Days After

    Even though Miles does not want to talk to Lara. Miles goes to Lara's room and apologies for everything. Miles admits that he loved Alaska and that's why was so distant. Lara understands. Takumi, Lara, the Colonel, and Miles Smoke.They all throw a cigarette in the lake. Miles realises that everyone else at the Smoking Hole loved her too.
  • 84 Days After

    Every year there is one Friday when everyone at Culver Creek is expected to go to the gym for Speaker Day. They want persuade the Eagle that the speaker is a doctor So Miles calls his dad and tells him that he wants him to be a part of the prank. The group needs help from the Weekday Warriors. The leader of the Warriors and Miles go to talk to the Eagle, telling him their choice in speaker. The Eagle calls the speaker (who is actually Miles's father) and approves of the choice.
  • 102 Days After

    The man playing the doctor is actually a stripper. Miles sits with. Takumi connects his speakers to the gym loudspeakers. The Doctor starts reading the speech that the Colonel and Miles wrote for him, and while he's speaking Lara stands up and tells him to take off his clothes. He shouts "This one's for Alaska Young!" and starts to strip. The crowd goes crazy. Everyone wants to know if it was Miles, the Colonel, Lara, and Takumi—all four of them say it was Alaska.
  • 114 Days After

    Miles returns to his room to find Takumi, who says that Alaska died on January 10 and that her mom took her to the zoo on January 9. The Colonel talks through the series of events one last time: Jake calls, Alaska's doodling white flowers, she realizes that it's the anniversary of her mom's death, and drives to her mom's grave. There's still no answer about whether her death was an accident or suicide.
  • 136 Days After

    The semester end soon and he hasn't finished his religion paper.
    He comes back after a test and sees a letter to him and the Colonel from Takumi. In the letter, Takumi says that he saw Alaska on the night of her death; she told him that she needed to put flowers on her mother's grave and that she forgot. He says that he thought she was just looking for flowers; he admits that he let her go too. Miles goes to Takumi's room to tell him he forgives him, but Takumi is gone.
  • 136 Days After

    In his religion final, he writes about several realizations: He first thought that the way out of the labyrinth was to ignore it. He still believes in a Great Perhaps. He will forget Alaska, and she will forgive him for it. He thought she was just dead, but now thinks that part of her "cannot be destroyed" He forgives Alaska.