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Lands of Lost Borders By Kate Harris

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    Solute & isotope geochemistry of subsurface ice melt seeps in Antarctica, GSA Bulletin

    “The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica are a polar desert region with watersheds dominated by glacial melt. Recent ground exploration reveals unusual surface-flow-seep features not directly supplied by glacial melt. Flow features that lack obvious glacier melt sources were identified in archived aerial photographs of Taylor Valley. This valley was surveyed for extant and extinct seeps, and the locations of geomorphic features in five active seeps were documented.
  • Graduates From University

    Studying the history of science and exploration at Oxford, and staring down a microscope for a doctorate at MIT she is a Rhodes Scholar and Morehead-Cain scholar.
  • Cutbank Creek

    Cutbank Creek
    There was no further information, but I did find that Cut Bank is located in eastern Glacier County, Montana at 48°38′5″N 112°19′52″W (48.634801, −112.331090). U.S. Route 2 passes through the city as Main Street, leading east 22 miles (35 km) to Interstate 15 at Shelby and west 34 miles (55 km) to Browning. The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is located just west of Cut Bank, on the western side of Cut Bank Creek.
  • Tuktoyaktuk or Bust, The Walrus (2014)

    Tuktoyaktuk or Bust, The Walrus (2014)
    In this short article, Kate writes about her adventure to Canada’s Timbuktu, Tuktoyaktuk, a hamlet in the western Arctic. She examines climate change through the local elders she meets and interviews. Kate looks at the reliance of the community to the south and the impact of tourism and commercialism on the north creating an “artificial community.”
  • The Outpost Guide to Travel in India

    When To Go to India The best time to visit India depends on where you want to travel. Its severe climate and natural hazards make it imperative you research and plan your trip accordingly.
  • The Outpost Guide to Travel in Chile

    Things to See and Do From desert to glacier, beach resort to ski resort, Chile is known for its extremes. The Patagonia region in the south is one of its most popular destinations, yet Torres del Paine Nationa
  • The Georgia Review, September 5, 2014 (“notable” selection in Best American Travel Writing 2015)

    Kate sums up her travels from the book prior to the book’s release. In the article she explains her obsession with borders and her discovery of exploring. She describes her first big bicycle trip after graduating in 2009 which is the bases for her book. Kate talks about her travels with stories along the way of getting lost. She likes the thrill of travelling across borders without papers and writes about breaking rules.
  • Sidetracted Magazine

    Sidetracted Magazine
    Kate writes about her documentary film recently released for the magazine. It is a Documentary film about an all-woman ski expedition to explore the impact of borders on wildlife and local communities in the Pamir Mountains. She and her group ask what a border is, a made up line on a map. What is a Borderski? A dream, an epic journey, a word that doesn't actually exist......also an all-woman ski traverse of the eastern Pamir mountains—the "Roof of the World"
  • CBC Books

    In an interview on the CBC radio broadcast The Current, with Anna Maria Tromonti, Kate talks about her book and the history of the Silk Road and what drew her to the exploration of the Silk Road by bike. On a mission to seek 'the world's wildness,' Kate Harris and her friend Mel biked 10,000 km along the Silk Road. Throughout her travels, she learned how the landscape can teach us a lot about human fragility.
  • Ben McNally Books and Brunch, Toronto, ON

  • Retracing Marco Polo: Cycling the Silk Road in China

    One cyclist traces Marco Polo’s trail through deserts and over mountains along the back roads of China.
  • Bookshelf Cafe reading, Guelph, ON

  • Book presentation, Hillsburgh, ON

  • Salt Spring Forum, Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Bolen Books reading, Victoria, BC

  • The Hive book reading, Vancouver, BC

  • Whistler Writers Fest, Whistler, BC

  • WordFest, Calgary, AB

  • Earth Day Book Talk, Canadian Ecology Centre

  • Rockway Mennonite Collegiate visit, ON

  • Ottawa Writers Festival, ON

  • Gibson’s Landing Library event, BC

  • The Future of Exploration, The Walrus (2018)

    The Future of Exploration, The Walrus (2018)
    This article looks at her desire to become an explorer as a kid. As she is now an adult her idols like Franklin, Hilary, and others have less meaning because she realizes that they were firstly only men, who were discovering lands that were already being lived in and claiming them for progress. She looks at exploration today, and how robots, drones, and other man made equipment has taken over discovering resources. Kate wants exploration to take on a different meaning than updating maps.
  • Banff Film Festival

    Banff Film Festival
    Kate gives a presentation of the 2018 Banff Mountain Book competition awards.
  • Kamloops Society for the Written Arts, Kamloops, BC

  • Where Not to Travel in 2019, or Ever, The Walrus (2019)

    Where Not to Travel in 2019, or Ever, The Walrus (2019)
    mission: converting an Indigenous tribe, against its wishes, to Christianity.” She examines traditional and social media’s coverage of Chau’s death, and how Christian fundamentalists have martyrized his actions of shooting him with bow and arrow for invading their land. She describes Chau as a misguided adventurer travelling into the untouched area of the North Sentinel Island in search of converting the natives to Christianity.
  • Wilderness and Canoe Symposium, Toronto, ON

  • VIMFF, Vancouver, BC

  • RBC Taylor Prize Finalists in Conversation, IFOA, Toronto

  • Ben McNally Books and Brunch, Toronto

  • Debut author Kate Harris wins $25,000 RBC Taylor award, Toronto Star

    From a field of 110 books mostly of memoirs, Kate wins the prize for her first published book. Kate took the opportunity to thank her parents and teachers for instilling the love for exploration in her.
  • University of Toronto—Mississauga free public talk

  • Embracing the “free air life” in Finnmark, Norway, Canadian Geographic,

    Embracing the “free air life” in Finnmark, Norway, Canadian Geographic,
    She travels to Norway, Finnmark and reviews a sailing and skiing adventure. She documents her experience with 10 others aboard a sail boat, where she skis with Olympic athletes and discovers why skiing is Norway’s obsession.
  • Why the World Needs Barry Lopez, Outside (2019)

    Why the World Needs Barry Lopez, Outside  (2019)
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    Sidney LitFest, Sidney, BC

  • Author talk at Alberta Library Conference, Jasper, AB

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    North American Cartographic Information Society,

    This fall Kate will be the key note speaker at the map enthusiast’s annual meeting in Tacoma, Washington.