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Chinese Cinderella

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Birth

    Adeline Yen Mah's Birth
    Her given name is Jun-ling though at home she is called Wu Jie, or 5th sister. Though throughout the years her name has changed.
  • Mother's Death

    Mother's Death
    2 weeks after Jun-ling's birth, her mother died from giving birth to her so her siblings consider her bad luck.
  • Adeline's Father Remarried

    He married their stepmother Niang who was Eurasian and 17 years old. She is described as a selfish, snobby, favoring brat.
  • Adeline makes a Stand

    When Adeline was only 5 years old, she stood up for her younger sister to her step mother because younger sister didn't want to see Niang (her real mom). This is because Niang had been away for so long, 2 years, that her own daughter didn't know who she was. So, because of this Niang slapped younger sister because when she tried to pick her up, she refused and tried to escape to her aunt. Following this, Adeline took a stand and told Niang that she shoukd stop hitting her daughter.
  • We Moved!

    We Moved!
    On the last Sunday of October, all of Adeline's family reunited in Shangai were they escaped from the Japenese.
  • Tram Fares

    Aunt Baba and Ye Ye had been giving all of the kids tram fare to get to school, when finally they ran out of money and brought up the subject at a family dinner. They said that aunt Baba was going back to work because they had ran out of money. When Niang and father asked how they had ran out of money, they said that they had been giving the kids tram fare. Both parents declared that the kids will be walking to school until they apologize.
  • Apologies

    Since the point when the parents made the kids walk to school, one by one they have been giving in to their "oath" to not apoligize. After a while, Adeline was the only one still walking to school because all of her siblings had given in. While bragging took place from sibling to Adeline, she still is hanging on to the promise she had commited hersef to.
  • Chinese New Year's Eve

    On New Year's Eve (Chinese New Year), parents brought the kids to the Holy of Holies to get their new clothes for the Chinese New Year. Though, they were expecting to recieve nice, unique, fashionable, clothes, but instead the 5 step kids got raggid, ugly, and traditional outfits. But Niangs 2 real children got fancy, stylish, and modern chinese wear.
  • The Step Child Revolt

    The Step Child Revolt
    When the step children got there ugly new clothes they decided that they were not being treated fairly. So, they decided to revolt aganist their parents. They startwed plotting out a master plan and when older brother left the room to go to the bath room he opned the door and ran right into niang. Niang had been standing there listening to their plan and they new that they would be in trouble.
  • Deny it All!

    Afrter being caught by Niang they had developed a new plan. On their way down to dinner they were to deny everything. As they were all in this together they went on to face dinner conversations.
  • Surprised!

    After dinner, the children thought that they were filled with good luck, but were they really? They thought they had good luck because nothing unusual had happened at dinner, only ther conversation of the plan the next day (Chinese New Year). This seemed to be good luck, but was it really or was it just Niang playing a game she enjoyed--"the cat-and-mouse."
  • Big sister and Niang

    After the incident where Niang listened in on the step childrens plan things changed with Niang and older sister. Niang invited older sister to come live on her floor, also she let older sister have money and friends over. All of the other step siblings were disgusted by sister and niang.
  • 2nd Grade Author

    Now in 2nd grade and 7 years old, Adeline somehow become an author. This is because after writing a majestic story for school, she started writing whenever she had free time.
  • Finding A Friend!

    Adeline found a friend named Wu Chun-mei who was the most athletic in her class at Sheng Xin. Wu Chun-mei was a fancy class girl who had a chauffeur-driven car. Overtime, whenever Wu Chun-mei saw Adeline walking to or from school, she offered a ride.
  • In the Rain!

    In the Rain!
    On a day in 2nd grade, school was let out early because there was major rains and chances of a typhoon. So, as Adeline was slishing and sloshing in ankle deep water, Wu Chun-mei incounterred her and her father insisted Adeline to climb into the car. As time went on they became very good friends.
  • Period: to

    The US bombs Japan

    The end of WW2 was from the US bombing Japan in early August. As the new conqueror, the US marines became China's new heros.
  • The War Ends

    When Adeline was almost 8 years old, the war was coming to an end. With the US on China's side, the Chinese in Adeline's school start promoting the US and praying a thank you to the troops at every meal.
  • Glorious Spring!

    Father, Niang, Big sister, Fourth brother, and Little sister returned to Tianjin to claim fathers property. While they were gone, they consiered it to be glorious because thye didn't have as many rules and no one to treat them bad. They considered it the glorious spring!
  • The Chicken Eggs!

    The Chicken Eggs!
    Once Papa and Niang left, Older Brother, demanding a huge chicken egg omlet which wasn't allowed to be served to the upper level floors. After he gathered up all 16 eggs around the house, no matteer is he got in trouble or not, he made it and ate it!
  • Tricks!

    In this glorious spring, Adeline had thought that one of her brothers was finally being nice to her and playing friendly too. But then, one day he and the other 2 brothers turned by pretending that the drink they gave her was OJ, when really it was their mixed up urine.
  • Reconition

    Adeline was such a great student in school! She had led the class in every subject accept art. When report cards came out, she got a special gold star for all of her achievements. She also got a newspaper article published for her great work.
  • PLT

    PLT is a new pet to Adeline-one for her and only her. Adeline got a duckling from Mr. and Mrs. Haung shortly after her parents returned home. She believes that this duckling adores her and can understand her. She also loves and looks after her so dearly because she feels that only PLT and her Aunt Baba care about her a lot.
  • The Bite!

    The Bite!
    When Adeline was out in the garden digging up worms for PLT, the dog, Jackie, had just woke up froma nap and was not in a good mood resulting in a bite. This happened because Adeline stuck her arm out to calm the barking dog, but instead he pounced and pit her rist
  • The Tragic Moment

    After dinner, father decided to take on eof the duckilings outside by the garden to test how Jackie's obediance classes were going so far. Though, of course the indangered duckling that Adeline's brother chose was PLK. After getting pounced on by Jackie, PLK was injured but Adeline would wait until the morning to check on her. Unfortunatly, in the morning PLK was dead. Though, 3rd brother and Adeline had a funeral when Jackie was on his walk in the morning with father.
  • A Surprise Marriage!

    A Surprise Marriage!
    During the New Year holiday of 1948, father and Niang brought older sister with them back to Tianjin. Sister, 17, told them that while they were there she had agreed to marry a man named Samuel, 31. Many thoughts went through Adeline's mind. she thought about how Samuel was almost twice sister's age, and how could she be marrying a stranger? Though, Adeline's bigest fear was that the same thing would happen to her when she was older. The maraige followed, and she was off on her honeymoon!
  • Sneeky Birthday!

    Adeline was invited to her friend Wu Chun-Mei's house for her birthday party. Though, knowing that this would break Niang's rules on no visiting friends or missing shcool, she had a big decision to make. Deciding to make a plan with all the girls attending, they concluded in missing school the following Tuesday. While at the party feeling guilty yet joyed, she ran home for lunch!
  • Arriving to a Sticky Situation!!!

    Adeline arrived home 20 minuetes early (eager to go back to Wu Chun-Mei's) to fing Niang in her bedroom ready to question her. Right away, Niang started with "Why are you home so early?, What's in your pocket?, etc. " After all these questions, Wu Chun-Mei called for Adeline, and NIang pick up the phone, taking a message. This is how she found out that they were skipping school for a party which Adeline would not be returning to. Later, Adeline was whipped and in trouble for taking aunt's money.
  • Sent Away

    Sent Away
    After Adeline had acted up, Niang decided once and for all that she must be sent away! So, Adeline was sent away to St. Joseph's border school in Tianjin, where her parents left her with nuns and othere children that were leaving quickly.
  • My Aunt Arrives!

    After 2 years of attending St, Joseph's, Adeline was the only kid because all of the other children fled freom Tianjin because the communist were coming towards them. Though soon after 2 years, Adleine's aunt arrived (on Niang's side) to bring her to Hong Kong to reunite with her family.
  • I Felt Included!

    Adeline finally felt included when she was with her aunt and kids becuase she always comforted her and they included her in activities fairly while they sailed to Hong Kong.Though she was worried what would happen when she reunited with her family!
  • Victor Made A Stand!

    Victor, aunt's son, was about to climb in the car to attend a picnic and fun day in the park woth his family and Adeline's. Though, when he relized how unfair it was to Adeline that she woukd not be included, he made a hard decision. Though, without dought, he said he would stay and keep company with Adeline.