Telltale's The Walking Dead Timeline

  • Vernon

    Little is known about Christa's life before the outbreak. She lived in a San Francisco apartment, and she and her boyfriend, Omid, were taking the "All-American Road Trip" when the apocalypse began. She also had parents who were into Kung Fu movies and had a very fancy home. Omid also mentions that they owned a cat.
  • Charles (Chuck)

    Charles (Chuck)
    Almost nothing is known about Chuck's life before or as the outbreak began. All that is known is that he had lived in Georgia for his entire life. He inferred to Lee that he was an alcoholic, which contributed to him becoming a homeless drifter. He had a family but hadn't seen them for around 14 years. He also learned to play the guitar.
  • Pete Joseph Randall

    Pete Joseph Randall
    Pete's early life is never gone into detail, however, he came from a working-class family in the American South. However, Pete may mention that he attended a boarding school in San Bernardino, California. Pete assumed a fatherly role with Nick. Pete once took Nick on a hunting trip but was disappointed that Nick didn't want to shoot the buck, and when they argued, Nick's shot and nearly hit Pete. Pete found the buck, killed it and took it back to his sister's house to show to Nick.
  • Hershel Greene

    Hershel Greene
    Hershel prior to the outbreak was a former veterinarian, and he was a family man who owned a farm that has been in his family for generations. His oldest son, Shawn, also appeared in the video game. In the weeks before the outbreak, Hershel repeatedly asked Shawn to take the gathered woodpile to the dump, but Shawn never got around to it.
  • Larry

    All that is known about Larry is that he was a retired army commander that had a history of heart problems. Larry married a woman (1967) and together they had a daughter, Lilly. Larry went through a great deal of suffering and loss during his life with the loss of his wife (1976), keeping her wedding band in his pocket at all times to remember her. Lilly says that when she was little Larry would have very strict rules around the house and became angry about anything being wasted.
  • Brenda St.John

    Brenda St.John
    Very little is known about Brenda prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she owned the St. John's Dairy Farm somewhere near or in Macon, Georgia. She grew up in Macon or the Macon area where she was taught not to waste resources and how to "survive" both physically and metaphorically. She has two sons, Andrew and Danny and a husband, Terry.
  • Clinton Barnes

    Clinton Barnes
    Nothing is known about Clinton's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was a stockbroker who worked from his home and spent every spare moment on his lavish garden.
  • Joan

    Joan was a divorced single mother, a driven child of immigrants, who worked her way up to COO of her furniture manufacturing company, running the factory as both den mother and disciplinarian. She knew every employee’s name, but also everyone’s weak spots.
  • Kenny

    Kenny was raised by his father who taught him respect. Kenny's knowledge of mechanical engineering extended to boats due to his love of the water and traveling. Kenny became a commercial fisherman. Kenny retained his job as a fisherman after having Duck, allowing him to begin catching tuna, which he would allow his wife to grill for him. The family adopted a dog. Kenny stated that he cried when they had to put it down, despite the fact that he did not like it as much as his son did.
  • Katjaa

    Katjaa worked as a veterinarian and lived with Kenny and Duck, in Fort Lauderdale. Katjaa emigrated with her family from Belgium to America when she was young (1967). After graduating (1986), she started working in a vet's office and received her license a few years later (1989). When she started her veterinarian office, she met Kenny who she married in 1992. She was visiting her sister when the outbreak started.
  • William Carver

    William Carver
    Nothing is known about Carver's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He only mentions that he dislikes "Yankee weather" and had not been "north" prior to the apocalypse. Thus, he may have lived in the southern United States.
  • Danny

    Before the outbreak, Danny was caught and arrested for some manner of sexual assault, presumably involving a minor. The exact nature of his crime is never revealed but is mentioned and hinted at through several comments made by a fellow prisoner, Justin. Danny himself claims to have been falsely accused.
  • Conrad

    Conrad owned a small-town restaurant and was an avid baseball fan and had a family. His family was all brutally killed in the first months after the fall, but Conrad still managed to keep a group of people safe by leading them to Prescott airfield, and helping to build it up from nothing. He knew of Javier García's career ban from baseball. He met Francine before the apocalypse.
  • Alvin

    Nothing is known about Alvin's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was happily married to Rebecca, who he loves dearly. Alvin also mentions that he and Rebecca went skiing once, and Rebecca states that it wasn't pretty.
  • Carlos

    Nothing is known about Carlos' life prior to or as the outbreak began, though he was medically trained in some area and became a doctor of some kind.
  • Tavia

    Nothing is known about Tavia's life before or as the outbreak began.
  • Walter

    Walter was a history teacher before the outbreak began. He and his boyfriend Matthew would regularly visit the ski lodge on their vacations together.
  • Max

    Nothing is known about Max's life before the outbreak.
  • The Stranger

    The Stranger
    The only things that are known about the stranger's life before the outbreak is what he tells Lee, though it can be assumed that he lived in Georgia. He says he coached little league, and while none of his characteristics are explicitly stated, his evident resourcefulness and intelligence made him able to support his family and himself for at least a few months during the zombie apocalypse.
  • Paul Lingard

    Paul Lingard
    Prior to the outbreak, Paul was a world-class oncologist and a respected faculty member of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. His profession and medical knowledge carried over into the apocalypse.
  • Francine

    Nothing is known about Francine prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she may have lived in or near Prescott. She met Conrad before the apocalypse.
  • David García

    David García
    Little is known about David's life prior to the outbreak. He lived with his second wife and two children. David was somewhat abusive towards Kate during their marriage. David was also a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, receiving a cup from his commanding officer before his death. Sometime after Javier was banned from baseball, David let him stay at his house. One night, he found Javier together with Kate, and his army glass broken. Javier admitted that he broke the glass angering David.
  • Lee Everett

    Lee Everett
    Lee comes from Macon, Georgia. His mother, father, and only brother worked at the family's pharmacy in Macon. Lee was a history professor at the University of Georgia. His wife had a traveling job that kept her away for significant periods of time, something that had been difficult for their relationship since Lee wanted to have a family but her job prevented that.
  • Justin

    Before the outbreak, Justin was a pyramid scheme entrepreneur who made around $100,000,000 before being caught. When he was put on trial, he "cried his eyes out," and lied that he didn't know what he was doing. However, he was found guilty, and as the outbreak began he was being transported to prison with four other prisoners. He possibly has a brother, as he mentions that when Vince keeps pointing his gun at him.
  • David Parker

    David Parker
    Hardly anything is known about David's life before the outbreak began. All that is known is that he was a high school band director at Stone Mountain High School. It is also revealed that he taught both Ben and Travis.
  • Mark

    Before the outbreak, Mark was formerly employed at a U.S. Air Force base before it was overrun but did not appear to be familiar with either Lilly or her father, Larry.
  • Rebecca

    When Rebecca was at Clementine's age, she had a tense relationship with her father. Rebecca says to Clementine at one point that her father knew nothing about her, implying they argued frequently. Eventually, she met and married Alvin. At some point in their marriage, they went skiing together, though "it wasn't pretty."
  • Andrew St.John

    Andrew St.John
    Andrew, along with his younger brother, Danny lived and worked on their parents dairy farm somewhere near or in Macon, Georgia. Andrew was the older sibling of the family where he took on more responsibility. He looked after his brother while helping his father work on the farm. After high school, Andrew went to college at the University of Arkansas and graduated with an unknown degree. However, he returned home to help his mother when the attacks started.
  • Sarita

    Nothing is known about Sarita's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than that she was of Indian origin and that her family never really celebrated Christmas. However, she always enjoyed the holiday season because of all the decorations.
  • Brie

    Not much was known about Brie's life prior to the apocalypse, besides the fact that she lived in the Crawford community and was a former student at St. Felicity's Catholic School, and also suffered from cancer after college, though it was in a remissive state by the time of the outbreak. She also lost all of her family after the apocalypse broke out.
  • Matthew

    Almost nothing is known about Matthew's life prior to or as the outbreak began, though judging by a photo of him and Walter at the ski lodge while it was functioning and Walter's words, they had met before the apocalypse. He and Walter frequently vacationed at the ski lodge they were found staying at.
  • Lilly

    Lilly is the daughter of an army man and was stationed at Robins Air Force Base where she held an office job. She is used to dealing with pushy military men and immediately takes charge in tough situations. While incredibly strong-willed, she will always submit to her dad. Lilly says that when she was little Larry would have very strict rules around the house and became angry about anything being wasted.
  • Danny St.John

    Danny St.John
    Danny's parents, Brenda and Terry, own a dairy farm somewhere near or in Macon, Georgia, and Danny helps out along with his brother, Andrew. Andrew, being the oldest, caused some friction between the brothers as Danny feels that his parents favored him more than himself as well as Andrew attending college. Danny, on the other hand, excelled in sports and even won a trophy in baseball. Danny returned home to the farm when the attacks started.
  • Jolene

    Almost nothing is known about Jolene's life prior to or as the outbreak began. She presumably worked at the Save Lots and had a daughter, Danielle.
  • "Badger"

    Nothing is known about Badger's life prior to or as the outbreak, except that he may have taken hunting as a hobby. He may have lived in or near Richmond at the time. He was a privileged bully.
  • Javier García

    Javier García
    Javi was a professional baseball player in Baltimore, possibly under the jersey number 25. However, he was expelled from the league after he was caught betting on his own games, a scandal that went into the news. He once played a minor league game in Arkansas before he was expelled, commissioning a charter plane to fly him there. Apparently due to his gambling debts he lost all of his money as David claimed that Javi was broke on money and he can't even pay ten dollars to David.
  • Troy

    Nothing is known about Troy's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have lived in or near Tennessee.
  • Eddie

    There is little known about Eddie before the apocalypse, except that he had a girlfriend named Abigail, that he was friends with Wyatt and someone named TJ, and that he smoked weed. According to Wyatt, he ate paint when he was a kid, though that could have just been a joke.
  • Tripp

    Tripp was a former dock worker with little education but he has street smarts, he is also a lover of vehicles, given his attachment to his truck. It is also possible he lived in or near the location of Prescott prior to its construction.
  • Carley

    Before the outbreak, Carley was a regional news reporter for WABE in Atlanta, Georgia and worked with fellow co-worker, Steve. Having spent time as a correspondent in various war-zones, she is experienced in surviving under extreme circumstances and is also proficient in the use of firearms. Right before the outbreak, Carley and her production crew drove to Macon to cover the Cherry Blossom Festival which occurred later than usual (15th July 2003).
  • Wyatt

    Little is known about Wyatt's life before or as the outbreak began, though it is known he was friends with Eddie as well as someone named TJ and smoked marijuana. On one occasion, TJ was high on marijuana and tried to put a pancake in Eddie's CD player.
  • Vince

    Before the outbreak, Vince was convicted of shooting an unarmed man in Macon in order to protect his brother. He flees the scene and hides the weapon on the nearby roof. Vince is then later caught and convicted, and taken aboard a bus to serve his sentence in prison.
  • Doug

    Doug worked as an IT technician and considered himself to be a geek. He moved to Macon, Georgia two months before the outbreak to live with his uncle (20th May 2003). He spent some time traveling in Europe, namely Belgium, when on vacation.
  • Christa

    Little is known about Christa's life before the outbreak. She lived in a San Francisco apartment, and she and her boyfriend, Omid, were taking the "All-American Road Trip" when the apocalypse began. She also had parents who were into Kung Fu movies and had a very fancy home. Omid also mentions that they owned a cat.
  • Mike

    Nothing is known about Mike's life prior to or as the outbreak began.
  • Bonnie

    Little is known about Bonnie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she never went to college. She visited the White House in Washington. Her mother may have passed away because she looks up to the sky and says "Mama, watch over me". She was a drug addict either before or early in the zombie apocalypse using heroin. It is said that when she was found by Leland and Dee, she was high on drugs, and knocked out. She also tells Clementine that she's never been to prison.
  • Omid

    Little is known about Omid's life before or as the outbreak began apart from that he had a girlfriend, Christa. He is originally from San Francisco, where he and Christa shared an apartment and owned a pet cat. He and Christa were on the "all American road trip", due to Omid's interest in American Civil war history, when the apocalypse started. He also, according to Christa, had his driver's license suspended twice, at least once for reportedly hitting a pedestrian.
  • Eleanor

    Little is known about Eleanor's life prior to the outbreak, other than that she was an Emergency Medical Technician and she lost her family during the outbreak.
  • Luke

    Luke was with his parents before the outbreak and started an unsuccessful six-month business pursuit with his childhood friend Nick. He mentions to Clementine that when he was a child, he used to jump rooftops downtown with others, even though he knew it was stupid. Luke mentions that he graduated college 5 years back before the apocalypse, where he studied and majored in Art History as well as a minor in Agriculture "to keep the old man happy."
  • Kate García

    Kate García
    Little is known about Kate's life prior to the outbreak. She married into the García family, becoming David's wife and the stepmother of Mariana and Gabriel. She did not travel much with David despite her desire to do so. She remained at home to care for Salvador during his final days.
  • Nick

    Nick was born to an irresponsible father who was rarely around, and an unnamed mother. Due to this, Nick's uncle, Pete, took on the responsibility of raising his nephew. Pete felt that it was best for Nick to learn about the cruelties of the world as soon as possible. Because of this approach, Pete was often condescending and brutally blunt with Nick. He would later go into a six-month business pursuit with Luke, his childhood friend after the latter had drunkenly suggested it to Nick.
  • Shawn Greene

    Shawn Greene
    He was the eldest son of Hershel Greene and was a kind, good-spirited kid who knew his Dad loved him, but often had to be convinced to do any work around the family farm. In the weeks before the outbreak, Shawn's father had repeatedly asked him to take the leftover wood to the dump, but Shawn never did, something he was grateful for, as it helped him fortify the fence.
  • Glenn

    Almost nothing is known about Glenn's life before or as the outbreak began except that he was a pizza delivery boy with his own pizza delivery car.
  • Jane

    Jane had a younger sister, Jaime, with whom she had typical sibling squabbles. She and her sister used to visit an amusement park in Virginia every summer where they pretended to be friends. Jane tells Clementine about an incident in which she drank a bottle of alcohol belonging to her parents. After drinking it and believing there were sugar crystals at the bottom of the bottle, she smashed the bottle on the floor to get to them. Her sister, Jaime, found her drunk and bleeding from her mouth.
  • Shel

    Nothing is known about Shel's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than she has a younger sister named Becca and that during one of Becca's birthdays, Shel face-planted her face into the cake.
  • Ava

    The product of a military family, Ava was a bullish student always at the top of her class, and her brief stint in the United States Armed Forces alongside her sister was no different. Though she presents a tough exterior, Ava is also severely compassionate, a trait her father always referred to as her “greatest fault”. Ava was in the army as seen in one of the memorial photos of her.
  • Molly

    Not much is known about Molly's life prior to the outbreak, but that she had a 14-year-old diabetic sister. She reveals she already lived in Crawford with her sister before the outbreak began.
  • Russell

    Almost nothing is known about Russell's life before or as the outbreak began, besides that he graduated from high school and has grandparents who live in Statesboro.
  • Travis

    Nothing is known about Travis' life before or as the outbreak began except that he had a father who served in the Special Forces, and that he attended high school and was friends with Ben Paul. He performed in the band along with him and they were traveling to a sports competition, with Mr. Parker as their director.
  • Ben Paul

    Ben Paul
    Ben had a younger sister and was a high school student where he befriended Travis and played in his school band in his native town of Stone Mountain (Started August 28th, 1999). During the summer, Ben would work on a goat farm. He also sometimes took his parents' car into Macon but felt there wasn't much there to make the trip worthwhile. He was traveling with his school's marching band on the way to the football playoffs when the outbreak occurred.
  • Arvo

    Nothing is known about Arvo's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he is of Russian origin and that he had a sister named Natasha.
  • Becca

    Almost nothing is known about Becca's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that she has a sister named Shel and she had a good guitar teacher.
  • Sarah

    Nothing is known about Sarah's life prior to or as the outbreak began, however, Sarah's overall attitude and her father's rigid sheltering of her, along with the comment that if Sarah knew of the outside world in-depth she would "cease to function", implies that Sarah possibly lived a highly sheltered life before the outbreak.
  • James

    Not much is known about James' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he helped his father run a food truck and had a boyfriend named Charlie. On the night the apocalypse began, he visited Charlie and was sat hanging out with him. Suddenly, alarms started going off and screams could be heard, to which Charlie went back indoors to investigate, while James discovered that the world was beginning to end via an emergency message.
  • Aasim

    Nothing is known about Aasim's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he was sent to Ericson's Boarding School for starting fires. When Aasim was ready to be released from the school, the apocalypse started.
  • Minerva

    Nothing is known about Minerva's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a twin sister and an adoptive brother and all attended Ericson's Boarding School. She was also in a relationship with Violet, who claims Minerva was a good singer.
  • Louis

    Louis came from a wealthy family, where he was given whatever he wanted except singing lessons. His father told him "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, you don't get to be both". Louis was angered by this, so he framed him for having a mistress. As his mother and father fought, Louis pretended to cry to make it seem real. After their divorce, Louis came clean and said, "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, can't be both", causing his parents to send him away the week after.
  • Kenny Jr. (Duck)

    Kenny Jr. (Duck)
    He was allergic to bees, was never fussy about what he'd eat, and did not enjoy using forks. He was traveling with his parents from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting his aunt when the apocalypse started. While parked at a gas station, Duck was grabbed by an unknown man, causing his father to savagely beat the stranger.
  • Violet

    Violet lived in a trailer with her family. Her father was a drunk while her mother worked three jobs, causing her to spend most of her time with her grandparents.
  • Marlon

    Nothing is known about Marlon's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was a student at Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth and played on one of the school's sports teams with his best friend Louis.
  • Gabriel García

    Gabriel García
    Almost nothing is known about Gabe's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except lived with his father, David García and his stepmother Kate García and that he liked to play chess. He also had a friend named Drew who Gabe worshiped or idolized.
  • Ruby

    Nothing is known about Ruby's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was a student at Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. She also used to hunt boars with her father. It was revealed that when she arrived at the boarding school that she had anger issues and would act out aggressively towards the senior staff, including one time where she chased the home economics teacher around with a barbecue fork.
  • Brody

    Nothing is known about Brody's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was a student at Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, and lived around the area all of her life. She also had a close friendship with Violet.
  • Mitch

    Nothing is known about Mitch's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was sent to Ericson's Boarding School sometime before the apocalypse for his interest in making explosives out of fertilizer. He later reveals to Clementine that, when he was eight years old, he blew up his father's garage.
  • Clementine

    Clementine comes from a loving family with her father Ed and mother Diana living in an Atlanta Suburb, House No.5240. She used to own a pet hamster before the outbreak as well as a fish called Peanut. She was in the first grade, which she considered to be easy despite her age, however, hated maths. She's smart and can hold her own if necessary- known to spend hours building elaborate make-believe tales in her treehouse and reading books
  • Omar

    Nothing is known about Omar's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have had an interest in cooking, which could explain his role as the cook.
  • Mariana García

    Mariana García
    Before the apocalypse, Mariana lived with her brother Gabe, father David and stepmother Kate. She mentions that her biological mother used to tell her a story before bedtime which had an ending that she considered stupid despite her mother thinking it was funny.
  • Willy

    It is unknown where Willy lived before being sent to Ericson's Boarding School; however, he claims to have been sent there for "chronic masturbation". Due to the fact he would have been at the most five years old when he was sent to Ericson's, it is unclear whether Willy was joking or not.
  • Tennesse

    Nothing is known about Tenn's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had two sisters, Minerva and Sophie.
  • Violet is sent to Ericson's

    Violet is sent to Ericson's by her mother, due to her grandmother killing herself and Violet simply continuing her cartoons until her mother came to pick her up.
  • Clementine's parents go on holiday.

    Diana and her husband, Ed, leave to go to Savannah and stay at the Marsh House. They leave Clementine with babysitter called Sandra.
  • Clementine receives a call from her parents.

    Clementine receives a call from her parents.
    Sandra is asked by Clementine to tape something that she finds in her treehouse, which is none other than a baby raccoon. Ed and Diana call, telling Clementine to be nice to her, and not to stay up too late. Ed also reminds Clementine not to get his hat that he let her borrow dirty. Just before the conversation ends, Diana tells Clementine they will come home in a few days, Clementine is seen excitedly looking forward to the day.
  • Clementine's parents leave message.

    Diana calls to tell Sandra they may be later getting home due to Ed being bitten by a 'crazy' person and that he doesn't feel well enough to drive home. She then leaves another message saying how Savannah has been closed off and they aren't letting calls through. She begs Sandra to take Clementine to Murietta.
  • The García Family (5/5)

    Javier rips one of the posts off of the bed and tells his father that he is "sorry" before hitting him in the head. Javier returns to Kate and his mother. Afterwards, Mrs Garcia is hurried out of the house by David who tells the others to meet them at the hospital. Javier tells him not to take the highway as it is backed up with traffic. As Javier piles Kate, Hector, Gabe, and Mariana into the van, Hector notices a bite mark on his wrist and covers it with his sleeve.
  • Final message.

    A final message from Diana is telling Clementine to call the police and stay safe as she cries. Sandra is attacked at some point in the day and Clementine flees to her treehouse.
  • The García Family (1/5)

    David phones Javier urging him to come see their family in time for their father's passing. As the phone call ends in the background, Javier, having abandoned his car due to inert traffic on the highway, is shown running to his family's house. When he arrives, he is confronted and punched in the face by David for missing their father's death.
  • The García Family (3/5)

    Walking in on the brothers' conversation, David's wife, Kate, hugs Javier and gives him her condolences before leading him inside the house where Javier's mother sits. She slaps him, frustrated at Javier's absence, but hugs him immediately after. David's daughter, Mariana, is shown exiting her late grandfather's bedroom with his empty glass. Mariana claims that he is awake. Startled, the family follows Mariana into his bedroom, where a zombified Salvador is approached by his brother.
  • The García Family (4/5)

    Hector asks Salvador how he is alive but is soon attacked by him and slammed against a wall. Panicked, Javier and David rip Salvador off of Hector and pin him down, but their mother tells them off, claiming that Salvador is "just confused". This is short-lived, however, as she stumbles backward, a large wound open on her cheek. Kate and Javier turn their attention to her, but Kate urges Javier to help David, who is being pinned on the bed by their reanimated father.
  • The García Family (2/5)

    Javier ends up on the ground with David on top of him, threatening to punch him again until David's son and Javi telling him to go ahead, Gabriel, interrupts them. When Gabe leaves after his father gruffly shoos him away saying they were talking, David offers a hand to Javier and hands him a can of beer which he uses to ice his bruised cheek, and admits that while growing up, he was jealous of Javier. David expresses that he loves him, despite how he may be showing it, Javi saying he knows.
  • Ericson's boarding school is attacked.

    The majority of the faculty, including the headmaster Ericson, flee. Leaving Ms. Martin, 42 children and Rosie.
  • GLOBAL OUTBREAK - Lee heads to prison.

    GLOBAL OUTBREAK - Lee heads to prison.
    While Lee is leaving Atlanta for prison with a police officer. They have a discussion about Lee's circumstances and Lee is reasonable. They talk about another prisoner that spent his time crying. The officer ignores the radio and the increased police presence. While not paying attention to the road they hit a walker and crash into a roadside forest.
  • Christa and Omid start journey while Savannah falls.

    Christa and Omid, are taking a road trip across America. Brie loses all of her family.
  • Kenny at gas station.

    Kenny at gas station.
    Kenny and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katjaa's sister, stopping by at the gas station for filling to fuel, when a man grabbed Duck, thought he was going to kidnap Duck, Kenny beats the guy.
  • Carley is saved by Doug and meet up with Drugstore Group.

    Carley and her production crew drive to Macon to cover the International Cherry Blossom Festival. The crew is attacked by walkers and she is forced to watch as her producer is eaten alive. She was saved by Doug and joins him. They both later meet up with Glenn, Lilly, and her father, Larry.
  • Lee awakens.

    Lee awakens.
    Lee awakens from the crash, only to find that the police officer has died. After unlocking his handcuffs, much to Lee's surprise, the police officer reanimates and attacks Lee. Lee shoots the officer, with his shotgun in the head in self-defense. A herd of walkers is attracted by this gunshot and chase Lee into the backyard of someones home. Lee then enters the home, slips on some of Sandra's blood, finds a walkie-talkie, drinks a cup of water and finds the messages left by Clementine's parents.
  • Lee meets Clementine

    Lee meets Clementine
    Clementine then talks through the radio mistaking Lee for her father. Lee asks her a series of questions while trying to locate her downstairs, discovering her name is Clementine, her age to be eight, and her parents to be in Savannah. He asks her if she is safe while searching for her in the kitchen. She explains that she is hiding in her treehouse. Lee sees her outside and waves at her in the treehouse. Lee is then suddenly attacked by a zombified Sandra and slips again on the blood.
  • Lee and Clementine leave during the day.

    Lee and Clementine leave during the day.
    Lee backs to the back door where Clementine gives him a hammer. He then proceeds to kill the undead, Sandra. He tells Clementine that something else killed her and that she should stay with him until her parents return as they'll be able to track her down. They then decide to leave under the safety of day. They meet Shawn and Chet pushing crashed cars out of the way in the street, Lee explains he's just some guy that came across Clementine and they push the cars and escape as a herd arrives.
  • Vince's Story (2/2)

    Vince's Story (2/2)
    The prison bus driver, Bennett panics and abandons the bus. Vince manages to grab Clyde's shotgun and kills Jerry. Walkers later breach the bus trapping Vince, Justin, and Danny inside. Danny later suggests that Vince use the shotgun to shoot the cuff of one of the prisoners feet to free themselves. Vince has to shoot Danny's foot off to free himself. After they flee the bus, Danny tries to crawl away from the walkers but is ultimately eaten.
  • Meeting Hershel

    Meeting Hershel
    Lee and Clementine arrive at Hershel Greene's farm where Shawn drops them off and says goodbye to Chet who leaves. Hershel lets Lee and Clementine stay the night in the barn. He also checks Lee's leg while questioning him on how he got out of Atlanta, with Lee being truthful to him. Shawn then tells Hershel how they'll have to barricade the farm to which he reluctantly agrees. When in the barn Clementine questions the smell and Lee tells her Manure, she says she misses her parents and sleeps.
  • Vince's Story (1/2)

    Vince's Story (1/2)
    Vince is convicted for his crime. Vince and fellow prisoners, Justin and Danny are being transported by a prison bus to West Central Prison. Another prisoner on the bus, Marcus Crabtree kills another prisoner, Jerry, by strangling him to death with his handcuffs. The prison guard, Clyde orders him to stop, but Marcus does not listen, resulting in Clyde shooting him in the head. Soon Jerry reanimates and bites Clyde, killing him.
  • Introductions.

    Glenn leaves to gather supplies taking the other walkie. Carley is struggling with a radio but it doesn't have batteries. When fixed Lee finds that radio stations have been over-run. Lee gives energy bars to Duck, Clem, and Larry Lee enters the office to move a table where he tells Clem how his parents had just died. She gets a splinter and Lee bandages it up. Carley confronts Lee telling him she knows who he is but Lee trusts her. He then confesses to Clem on where he was going when they met.
  • First choice.

    First choice.
    Hershel calls out Lee on his lying but commends him for listening to someone else's advice. As they speak Shawn screams and Lee rushes over to see what happened. Walkers had reached the fence and Shawn was pinned over the tractor and Duck was grabbed on top of the tractor. Lee saved Duck but there wasn't time to save Shawn.
  • Mission to Motor Inn.

    Mission to Motor Inn.
    Glenn talks to Clem saying he needs help, Lee and Carley head to the Motor Inn to save him. When they get there they find Glenn but he says there is a survivor. They take out all the walkers until they get to the survivor. Irene turns out to be bitten as she tried to warn Glenn. She asks if she can use the gun to commit suicide which Lee accepts. Lee stays to pick up the gun and they then head back to the pharmacy.
  • Getting to know Katjaa and Clementine.

    Getting to know Katjaa and Clementine.
    Lee then begins a discussion with Katjaa where he finds out that Clementine found first grade easy. Katjaa says she used to be a veterinarian and Lee says he was a History professor before he was fired. Lee asks how they made it out to which she replies they just drove past people and over some and that she wishes things would go back to prior the outbreak before things get worse.

    Shawn is attacked and eaten by two walkers while being pinned down by the tractor, and Kenny would run away with Duck. A third walker would advance on him, but they were all put down by Hershel. Hershel banishes them from his farm and Kenny says they've got the ride if they want it.
  • Arrive in Macon.

    Arrive in Macon.
    The group heads to Macon where they meet Lilly's group, who saves them from a herd of walkers and are situated in the Drugstore which Lee's parents owned. The group goes into a scuffle with Larry as he believes Duck to be bitten. Lee threatens him that he'll have to kill him first before anyone else is killed. Clem is suddenly attacked by a walker but Lee saves her with Carley. Larry then experiences an episode of heart pains afterward and requires a medicine from the nearby pharmacy.
  • Reunited with Brother.

    Reunited with Brother.
    When they return Lee talks to Doug and goes outside. Lee realises one of the walkers is his brother and that he should have the keys. He breaks the door and uses the remote to activate TV's and distract the walkers. He then goes to his brother, says goodbye before killing him with an axe. Lee and Doug then run back in as the walkers see them. Lee and Lilly then open the pharmacy only for the alarm to go off.
  • Getting to know Kenny.

    Getting to know Kenny.
    Lee asks Kenny if he needed any help and what his plan is. Kenny then says that he believes the National Guard would solve the situation and that if they don't they'll get on his boat until the situation was resolved as he's a commercial fisherman. He then asks if Lee knows what he's doing with Clementine and if he ever wanted kids, too which Lee replies he would.
  • Final Stand.

    Final Stand.
    Kenny orders Lee, Carley, and Doug to keep their defenses up until the trucks ready. A window shatters behind and Doug and Carley leave them so that she could shoot at any walkers trying to get in. Lee asks Clementine to look for anything that could keep the doors together. Doug and Carley leave Lee for walkers getting in. Clementine returns with a walking cane. Lee sticks it between the handles and then sees both Carley and Doug held by walkers. Lee then saves Carley by handing her ammo.

    Carley uses her gun to shoot the other walkers and free herself, but looks on in horror as Doug is pulled out of the window. Clementine is tripped by a walker that had gotten through. Lee saves her and Clementine scrambles back. Larry holds the door open for her but stops Lee when he attempts to get out of the store. He punches Lee in the face and leaves him for dead as the walkers close in on his supine body. Kenny returns with the axe and helps him up saying he won't leave a good friend.
  • Meeting the other Family.

    Meeting the other Family.
    The following morning, Lee is awoken by a man telling him to "get up". He then jokes to Clementine that she might have spiders in her hair, but her "daddy" scared them off but Lee quickly corrects him. The man greets Lee and tells them that he is Kenny. Kenny tells Lee that his son is called Ken Jr. but he tends to call him "Duck" because he tends to quack like one. He introduces them to his wife, Katjaa, who compliments Clementines name. Shawn comes and says they should get to work.
  • Getting to know the Greenes.

    Getting to know the Greenes.
    Lee then goes ask Shawn if he wants any help, too which he replies he needs some wooden boards cut. While barricading he asks Lee if he's had to off one yet to which he replies he had to bash a girl's brains in. Shawn says how he saw a man straight up shoot a boy in the face. Shawn then asks if Lee will help father. Lee goes to talk to Hershel where he asks about family and Lee says they're in Macon. He then asks how he came across Clementine and Lee says she saved him when he entered her house.
  • New Base.

    New Base.
    They flee back to the motel, Glenn reveals he's going to find his friends which Lee encourages. Lee thanks Kenny who suggests they stay at the Inn. Carley is suffering from survivors guilt and Lee explains he didn't choose between her and Doug. Clem is sad her walkie broke and Lee apologises as it was important to her. Larry then reveals he knows Lee and his past. Lilly, Kenny, and Lee say they could stay at the Inn while gunshots go off. Then all the lights go out.
  • Jolene joins the Save-lot Bandits.

    Upon the fall of humanity, Jolene went to Save Lots like many of the other locals seeking refuge for herself and her daughter. She met up with a group of bandits that lived in the woods near the St. John's Dairy.
  • Jolene leaves the Save-lot Bandits.

    The bandits Bart, Linda, and Jake took her daughter into the woods despite Jolene's objections and potentially raped then killed her. Afterward, they possibly raped Jolene and left her to fend on her own in a small camp.
  • Vernon's daughter dies.

    Vernon's daughter died during the first week of the outbreak in Savannah.
  • The Ericson's greenhouse.

    Ms. Martin, Ruby, and other students from Ericson's Boarding School came to the Greenhouse to set up a source of food but walkers attacked the Greenhouse, Ms. Martin sacrificed herself in order save the students.
  • Crawford Community founded.

    Crawford Community founded.
    Crawford Oberson creates a community that enforces strict rules upon its followers. No children, elderly and anybody with a medical condition, including pregnancy, were allowed to stay. Food was rationed to its citizens, and signs were posted around Crawford telling them to use their rations wisely. The community set up a barrier of walkers to scare people off. The community also set up a system of communication called "Crawford's Final Solution".
  • The Cancer Support group is created.

    Crawford began eliminating certain "liabilities" in his town, including the sick and elderly. Vernon fell in both categories and was targeted, along with the rest of his support group. After the deaths of half of his group due to Crawford, he fled along with Brie, Clive, Boyd, and Joyce. They discovered an abandoned fallout shelter, as well as a morgue, where they hid from Crawford and the zombies.
  • Airbase Raid.

    Airbase Raid.
    Having exhausted the majority of their supplies, the Motel group has to travel to the nearby air force base. They discover Mark alone in the air force base, having managed to lock himself inside one of the commissary storage closets when the base was overrun. Since he had access to the commissary supplies as a result, Lilly allowed him to stay at the Motor Inn.
  • Wyatt's Story

    Wyatt's Story
    Eddie accidentally shoots and kills a friend of Nate. Wyatt and Eddie driving away from Nate who is following them. After Wyatt shoots at Nate, destroying a headlight, he pulls off the side of the road, giving Wyatt and Eddie the opportunity to pull off into the woods. Eddie runs over Bennett, causing Wyatt and Eddie to have an argument about who goes and investigates, playing a game of rock paper scissors to decide. Eddie goes and Nate finds Wyatt in the car causing Wyatt to abandon Eddie
  • Javier's Group (3/5)

    Kate apologizes for being unable to act, though Javier tells her that no apology is necessary. She embraces him in tears, suffering a panic attack. Javier comforts her, promising that they were still alive. They then decide to return to the house, leaving their weapons and Drew behind.
  • Javier's Group (4/5)

    Kate decides that it was time to leave the house, as the neighborhood was not safe for them and held no supplies. Javier agrees that they should leave, but their discussion rouses Gabriel and Mariana from their sleep. Gabriel argues that they were safe in their house and that they did not need to leave, but Kate asserts that staying there any longer would put them all in more danger than leaving.
  • Javier's Group (5/5)

    Javier's Group (5/5)
    Kate and Javier inform him of Drew's fate, saddening him but successfully persuading him to leave the neighborhood so long as he could leave a note for his dad to read if he ever found the house again. Javier tells him to remind David that they loved him. The family gathers their few remaining supplies and mournfully snuffs all of the candles in the house before getting into their van and leaving Baltimore behind.
  • Javier's Group (2/5)

    As Javier attempts to console Kate, a child walker exits the house from behind and attacks him. Kate is petrified when she recognizes the walker to be Drew, one of Gabriel's friends. Javier struggles with and ultimately kills the zombified Drew without Kate's aid.
  • Javier's Group (1/5)

    A few months into the outbreak, Javier and Kate exit their house at night to retrieve a tank of fuel from one of their neighbors. Kate is terrified of being outside in the dark, but she presses on because she feels that she needs to adapt quickly. At the Wallace family house, Javier locates a propane canister in the driveway. He picks it up, only to discover it empty, greatly frustrating Kate. Javi saying they can still look around for anything that would be useful.
  • Crawford's Fall (1/5)

    The people of Crawford found 3 people in one of the buildings in Savannah, 2 of which are brought in into the community, while the third person was left behind because the person was ‘ineligible’. They also encountered 3 walkers inside of the building.
  • Crawford's Fall (2/5)

    Some of Oberson’s most trusted men came to Logan’s office, and ‘cracked’ his whole supplies list. Caused Logan to think to stop the arrangements he made with Molly.
  • Crawford's Fall (3/5)

    Dr. Logan ends the arrangement with Molly that he had of secretly giving her supplies for her diabetic sister. Outraged, she took the last of her supplies and left Crawford.
  • Crawford's Fall (4/5)

    Dr. Logan tells Anna Correa that she's pregnant, and they have to abort the pregnancy under Crawford's laws. She refuses and runs out. He gives her a day to think about it.
  • Crawford's Fall (5/5)

    Anna comes back with the decision to leave Crawford and take her chances on the outside, not wanting to give up her child. When Logan isn't looking, she runs up and stabs him in the stomach, killing him. She grabs his gun and runs out the door, where multiple shots can be heard. Causing the collapse of Crawford and Crawford is hanged by Molly's father in the bell tower.
  • Ben discovers truth behind infection.

    Ben Paul and his band of classmates took shelter in the school gym for a while but departed after he learned that to become a walker you don't need to be bitten. Ben discovered this when Jenny Pitcher committed suicide through an overdose, reanimating soon afterward. Killing all the females when one of the teachers checked on them in the morning.
  • Ben and group flee from Save-lot bandits.

    Ben then stayed with the remaining members of the group until Save-lot bandits raided their camp. He soon fled with Travis and David Parker into the woods after being forced to watch multiple female students being raped.
  • Confrontation with Jolene.

    Confrontation with Jolene.
    Lee tries to talk down Jolene but she refuses to back down turning on Danny, confronting him on what he has planned for the Motel crew. Lee intends to hear her out as she claims the St. Johns to be monsters and that Lee stole her girl. Before Jolene could say anymore, Danny shoots her in the head and takes her crossbow. Lee calls Danny out on murdering her but he refutes these claims and they return to the farm. When they return Kenny and Lilly fight over Kenny's suspicions of the St. Johns.
  • The fate of Mark.

    The fate of Mark.
    When Lee gets to the house Andy tells him how a walker got in during the first few days. He asks where the toilet is but after leaving the dining room Lee notices a strange yellow cable that leads upstairs. He heads up to find a cupboard full of used medical supplies and a large amount of morphine. He then moves some draws to find a hidden room. He opens it to find Mark with his legs removed and warns Lee not to eat dinner.
  • Escape.

    Lee asks Lilly if he can loot her father's corpse and uses coins from Larry's pocket to unscrew the air conditioner in the room, and Clementine volunteers to go through the vent. A few moments later she opens the door. Kenny and Lee leave while Clementine stays with Lilly to comfort her in mourning her father. Lee grabs a sickle from the skinning room, and they attempt to sneak up on Danny, who is guarding the barn. Andrew comes over and talks to Danny, so Lee and Kenny hide in a stall.
  • The Downfall of the Stranger.

    The Stranger returns to his wife and daughter without Adam their son. Tess begins blaming all their misfortune on her husband as they leave to find their son. The leave their campervan with the keys in, in the middle of the woods near the farm.
  • The camcorder.

    The camcorder.
    Carley finds some batteries in the car and gives some to Clementine for her walkie-talkie and some to Lee for his camcorder, jokingly asking if she can handle that. Both to Lee and Carley's surprise it is Jolene's recording of the Motel in the morning, telling Clementine over the recording that the Save-lot Bandits are focused on the farm at the moment.
  • Hunting Lesson.

    The stranger takes his son, Adam, hunting as he feels it's necessary nowadays. Leaving his wife, Tess, and daughter, Elizabeth, in their car. At some point, he loses his son and spends the majority of the day looking for him.
  • The Truth.

    The Truth.
    Katjaa tells Lee that she has done all she can but David has passed away. Just as Lee begins to say that it is a shame but at least there is one less person to worry about, David reanimates and tries to attack Katjaa. Lee saves Katjaa and then struggles with David himself for a bit. After a short struggle, Carley dispatches the newly reanimated David after Larry fails to kill him. Ben then reveals the truth about the infection he learned while hiding at the gym.
  • Bandit attack and Group arrival.

    Bandit attack and Group arrival.
    Bandits open fire with their crossbows, while Mark and Lee hide behind a tractor. Lee gets it to move and the two use it as mobile cover until they reach the gate. They make it to the farmhouse & Lee talks to Andrew about the bandits while Brenda takes Mark inside to patch him up. The motel group arrives and sees the mess, and Lilly believes the farm is unsafe. Andrew states that the bandits and St. John's had a deal and that as long as they provided food, the bandits would leave the farm alone.
  • Returning the hat.

    Returning the hat.
    Lee returns to the farm to witness Kenny and Lilly fighting. Kenny wants to investigate the farm while Lilly feels they should take dinner and leave. Lee enters the barn and returns Clementine's hat, asking if she saw anyone suspicious. He also notes a salt lick to which Clem tells not to lick, Lee asks if she licked it and she responds "I don't know?". Duck wonders what the smell is and Clem tells him manure. Lee then inspects the barn and sees a suspicious door at the back.
  • Preventing dinner.

    Preventing dinner.
    Lee figuring out what Mark meant rushes downstairs and stops Clementine from eating the meat. He warns everyone that they're eating Mark which freaks everyone out. Lee says they need to go but Brenda starts spouting her ideology of not wasting food. Lee calls them sick and tells Clem to come to him. Andy grabs her by the hair and Danny says they'll be next. Mark then crawls downstairs in view of everyone and as Lee goes to grab Clementine he gets knocked out by Danny.
  • The walk of silence.

    The walk of silence.
    The group is walking back to the Motor Inn in silence, along the way Carley tells Lee that she should've been there sooner to which Lee agrees. Kenny then tells Lee that he's more than earned the trip to the coast in their RV once it's fixed, they also discuss how there'll be fallout for killing Lilly's dad. Clementine asks if the St.Johns are dead too which Lee responds he that they didn't kill them so he doesn't know but they definitely won't be harming anyone else again
  • The Stranger loses everything.

    After failing to find their son they return to their car, only to find it looted from the Motel crew that just left. The wife loses all trust in her husband due to losing their son and now all their supplies. Tess then takes Elizabeth and flees from The Stranger into the night.
  • New survivors.

    New survivors.
    Lee and Mark find Ben and Travis trying to get David out of a bear trap. Kenny shows up asking what happened and Mark explains there isn't a release latch. Travis starts freaking out telling Ben to stop talking to them. Ben reveals they were attacked by bandits and forced to flee from camp. Walkers are attracted to the sound and Kenny tells Lee to do something.
  • Tension at Home.

    Tension at Home.
    Once the group returns to the motor inn, Larry and his daughter are upset to see that Lee has brought back even more mouths to feed. Lilly, who seems to have become the de-facto leader of the group, has already been pushed to her limits trying to ration out what little food remains and snaps at Lee for bringing back the two survivors. Kenny and Lilly argue, and Kenny states the group is not Lilly's personal dictatorship, which Lee sides with. Clementine drags Ben away before he is targeted.
  • The St. Johns.

    The St. Johns.
    After this realization, Andrew and Danny St. John, arrive looking for gasoline. They tell the group that they own a dairy farm, and are willing to trade food for gas to keep their generators running. After a vote, they decide to bring some gas with them to check out the farm. On the way, the brothers pry for information such as leader and amount of people but Lee keeps avoiding their questions. Along the way, they come across and hide from a couple of bandits who kill each other.
  • Time with group.

    Time with group.
    Kenny is pushing Duck on the swing telling Lee to watch out for anything suspicious. Lee then pushes Clementine on the swing where he tells her Mark got lucky and that Lee's been lucky ever since he met her. He catches up with Lilly who also tells Lee to watch out as these kinds of people don't like people invading their privacy. Danny then tells Lee he knows where one of the camps are and they head out.
  • The meat room.

    The meat room.
    Kenny asks if Lee can pick the lock because he's 'urban' but Lee retorts this but he should be able to remove the mechanism. Lee messes with the generator to distract Andy. The bell for dinner then goes off and Kenny says he'll make an excuse for Lee. Lee then uses the multi-tool to unscrew the lock and open the door. Inside he finds it covered in blood. Andy says that it's for hunting because Brenda doesn't like blood in the house, he tells Lee to have dinner and Lee is too hungry to respond.
  • Locked in and desperate decisions.

    Locked in and desperate decisions.
    Lee wakes up in the meat locker. Larry is pounding on the locked door. When Lee tells him to calm down Larry threatens to tell everyone who Lee really is. While trying to find a way out of the room, Larry seems to have a heart attack over all the stress the situation has brought. Lilly runs over and tries to revive her father, while Kenny believes that Larry is already dead, and will return as a walker. Lee then sides with Kenny and holds Lilly back as Kenny drops a salt lick on his head.
  • Dealing with the First St.John.

    Dealing with the First St.John.
    Lee peeks his head out and finds himself staring down the barrel of Danny's rifle. Lee grabs it and moves it to the side, just as Danny shoots. Lee hits Danny once with his sickle but he recovers and knocks Lee down. Danny is surprised by Kenny knocking him into his own bear trap. Lee grabs a pitchfork, and Danny tells him not to kill him, Lee angrily throws the fork into the hay leaving him for dead, Lilly then chastises Lee for killing her dad but not a cannibal.
  • The Final St.John and leaving the farm.

    The Final St.John and leaving the farm.
    Lee then beats his face but stops himself from going further and begins walking away. Andrew then taunts him telling him to kill him. Lee ignores these taunts and tells the group that they're leaving. As they leave the generator turns off, walkers enter the barn and a walker Brenda exits the house heading to Andrew.
  • Change of luck.

    Change of luck.
    Duck then hears a noise, everyone creeps up on the noise finding an abandoned car. The car is full of food and supplies, to everyone's amazement. Clementine, Ben, and Lilly agree that the food is not theirs. Lee feels they should take the supplies. Katjaa finds a red hoodie in the car that looks to be Clementine's size. Clementine declines to wear it but Lee manages to convince her to keep it as they aren't like the bandits as they didn't hurt anyone for the supplies.
  • Starvation.

    Lee and Mark are out hunting 3 months after the pharmacy, they kill a walker eating a rabbit. As they are walking, Mark questions Lee and Larry's relationship. Lee says he's just looking out for Lilly, to which Mark understands but says he shouldn't be so aggressive all the time to Lee. Mark spots a bird and goes to shoot but Lee calls him off. They then hear a scream, not knowing if it was Kenny they run after the source.
  • Amputation.

    Lee decides to cut David's leg off as the chain won't break. It takes a few hacks but he is eventually cut free and passes out. Travis goes to throw up but is jumped by a walker where he tries to run away but is pinned to a rock and killed. The remaining survivors rush back to the motel to get help for David.
  • Rationing.

    Lilly demands Lee to hand out the rations for the day too which he agrees. He talks to Clem questioning where her hat went and gives her half an apple. Lee then gives duck some jerky. Lee talks to Kenny who's trying to repair the RV. He then goes to Mark and Larry on the wall both giving them the last pieces of food and gives Larry the axe to help them along. Lee then helps Katjaa who is busy trying to save David. Clem tries to cheer Ben up and Carley refuses to take any food.
  • Meeting the mother.

    Meeting the mother.
    At the dairy farm the group meets Andrew and Danny's mother, Brenda St. John. She welcomes the group and gives them a basket of biscuits. When hearing Brenda say the St. John's last cow isn't doing too well, Mark says that they have a veterinarian within the group and that everyone is extremely hungry. Brenda says they should bring the whole group over to the farm and have a big dinner. The group agrees and sends Carley and Ben to get the others, with the basket of food.
  • The Camp.

    The Camp.
    Lee and Danny make their way into the woods and find a small camp. Danny checks the only tent while Lee checks the supplies. Lee finds a lot of boxes empty. Lee finds a video recorder which erks Danny but it's dead. Lee then checks the tent, in which he finds two sleeping bags, one kid-sized, inside the tent. He then finds Clementine's hat, after which a woman, by the name of Jolene, sneaks into the bandit's camp and tells the two men to drop their weapons, or she will shoot.
  • Checking the fence.

    Checking the fence.
    Lee finds some wood and rope to fix the broken swing. Then Andrew asks for Mark and Lee to clear the electric fence of walkers, who stuck on the fence, while he fills the generators that power the fence with fuel. Mark and Lee walk along the fence pushing the dead off of the electrical wire. They then stumble along a couple of posts that are knocked down and hop over the fence and set the posts back up. At that moment, the fence turns on and Mark is struck in the shoulder by an arrow.
  • Hostage situation and the Second St.John.

    Hostage situation and the Second St.John.
    Lee runs into Carley and Ben. Lee tells them the situation and says they should sneak around the back of the house. He then enters the house and finds Brenda holding Katjaa hostage. He asks her questions leading to her backing up the stairs. Lee keeps walking slowly to her, seeing Mark, now a walker, upstairs, struggling with the railing. Brenda ends up walking back into Mark's outstretched arms, in which he pulls her towards him and takes a bite, killing Brenda and freeing Katjaa.
  • Brawl in the rain.

    Brawl in the rain.
    Katjaa and Lee run outside to find Kenny, who is yelling at Andrew, who has Duck hostage. Kenny makes a move but is shot in the side. Carley shoots Andrew's ear. Lee rushes in and grabs for the gun. They wrestle and end up stumbling down a hill. Andrew recovers first and activates the electric fence. He starts dragging Lee towards the fence, despite Lee resisting. Lilly doesn't shoot at Andrew and Lee struggles to get himself free from Andrew. Lee quickly positions himself on top of Andrew.
  • The Stranger alone.

    The Stranger finds his wife and daughter the next day undead in the street. He decapitates his wife and places the head into a bag to talk to. He then picks up Clementine, trying to talk to her parents, on his walkie-talkie and finds out that they were the ones that robbed him. He begins plotting his revenge by telling Clementine he has her parents in Savannah.
  • Build up to Bandit raid.

    Ben Paul starts exchanging their supplies to save a "friend" of his which the bandits tricked him into getting free supplies, including medicine with oxy in it. Ben steals Clem's pink chalk to mark on the opposite wall where he leaves supplies.
  • Clementine's 9th birthday.

    Clementine tells The Stranger that it is her birthday over the radio, however, she doesn't tell anyone in the Motor Inn including Lee.
  • Duck solves the case.

    Duck solves the case.
    During the investigation, Katjaa informs Lee of a cluster of broken glass shards near the edge of the walled area of the motel. He then discovers a pink, chalk-marked "X" on the wall facing away from the parking lot. Lee goes to Clementine, asking if she had any pink chalk, but she's lost it. Duck takes him to the gate, revealing that he had found the chalk inside and a scuff of pink dust beneath the dumpster. Lee high fives Duck for his help. He finds a small grate in the wall with the drugs.
  • Escaping the Motor Inn.

    Escaping the Motor Inn.
    Lee gets behind the RV and Kenny gives him a rifle to hold them off. Lee then saves Ben and Carley. Lee then goes to save Clementine, Duck, and Katjaa but a walker grabs Katjaa and Duck, splitting her head. Lee quickly shoots the walker and they get in the RV. Lee then fends off the horde of walkers as Kenny gets the RV working, Lee calls for Lilly but Kenny says to leave her if she doesn't want to come. Lilly just manages to get in before Kenny drives off destroying the Motor Inn's fences.
  • Explaining to Clementine.

    Explaining to Clementine.
    Lee sits down on a couch with Clementine, slowly embracing her. Lee solemnly informs her that Duck had been bitten by a walker while escaping the motel. Clementine, her calm threatened, asks after Carley whose death she had witnessed. Lee says that she's dead but won't come back, Clementine finishing by saying because she was shot in the head. Lee then says how he's glad to have her and she says the same back.
  • How they got out of the Drugstore.

    How they got out of the Drugstore.
    Katjaa and Carley come up to the three of them. Kenny relays that he feels that she shouldn't be making decisions for the group in her current state. He bluntly states that somebody else needs to think about the food situation and the protection of the motel. Kenny brings up what Lee had done with regards to the screaming woman in Macon. Lilly and Katjaa are upset with Lee. Kenny argues that Macon and the people that were left in Macon were "dying and wandering out onto the streets".
  • Confessing about going to prison (2/2)

    Confessing about going to prison (2/2)
    Lee then decides to tell Katjaa and she is understanding once you explain the actions that lead to the murder. She then asks what happened in the meat locker and Lee explains how he held Lilly back as Kenny smashed Larry's head in. Katjaa explains the worlds changing too fast. Lee tells Ben but he doesn't know what to do. Lee tells Carley that he told everyone and she jokingly says that it wasn't that hard. Lee then goes to talk to Lilly about the stolen supplies.
  • Lilly's prosecution.

    Lilly's prosecution.
    Still in shock Lilly decides to figure out who sold them out. Lee then admits that someone was making a deal. Lilly targets Carley who denies involvement. Lilly then turns to Ben, who thinks they should vote. Lilly thinks that Ben and Carley were working together but Ben gets overwhelmed only making Lilly more suspicious and Carley defending him. Lee says that they shouldn't be doing this now. Kenny then hits a walker and is forced to pull over. Lilly then demands everyone outside.

    Lilly raises her weapon on Carley and pulls the trigger before she could even turn to face her, Lilly only staring coldly at her corpse. Lee grabs Lilly, pins her to the wall of the RV, forcing her to drop her gun. Katjaa screams for Kenny, asking what had just happened. Clementine witnessed it in full from the door. Lilly says she was correct about Carley. Kenny curtly says that they would leave her for the walkers. Lee asks why she would shoot Carley and has to decide what to do to her.
  • Figuring out a way in.

    Figuring out a way in.
    Kenny climbs up a big rig ladder to climb over a truck in their way as had become normal for their supply runs when the ladder breaks. Lee comes across a stationary military jeep with a metallic winch. As he pulls the winch to meet the wheels of the truck, Kenny offers his opinion on Lilly's state. Lee says that they did kill her dad to which Kenny agrees. Kenny asks if Clementine was still upset with taking the supplies from the abandoned station wagon, but Lee is unsure.
  • Screaming Woman.

    Screaming Woman.
    Kenny reaches down and grabs Lee's hand, but drops him, clutching his side in pain. Lee stands up when the two suddenly hear Beatrice screaming. Lee identifies several walkers approaching on her position and says she'll get them killed, Lee witnesses her get bitten on the leg. He says that he needs to shoot her to stop her suffering, but Kenny points out that if she continues screaming, she would draw all of the walkers and keep them off of Lee and Kenny while they raided the drugstore.
  • Escaping the drugstore and returning to Inn.

    Escaping the drugstore and returning to Inn.
    Lee is attacked just as he jumps over the counter, a door collapsing on him with walkers on top of him. Kenny rushes back to help Lee lift the door and fight off the walkers. Lee successfully lifts the door off of himself and tips over an empty refrigerator to barricade the doorway from further walkers. Lee makes his way to the hole in the drugstore wall to exit. As Lee heads to Kenny, he is attacked by a walker. Lee beats it into exposed rebar and he and Kenny escape the oncoming walkers.
  • Lilly reveals the missing supplies.

    Lilly reveals the missing supplies.
    Lilly snaps at him, yelling that it would not be easier out on the road. She brings up that someone had been stealing from the group's medicine supply, and mentions that her trust in the others is wearing thin, she then orders everyone out of her room. Lee asks Kenny if he was happy for making her snap in front of the other adults. Katjaa gives Lee an apologetic look before following her husband. Carley comes up to Lee and advises him to talk to Lilly about what she said about stolen supplies.
  • Giving Lilly the missing drugs.

    Giving Lilly the missing drugs.
    Lee brings the bag to Lilly in her room, reporting his findings of the chalk sign and where he had found the drugs. Lilly decides to line everyone up and demand to know who had placed it there, but before she could get the chance, she suddenly notices that a small group of armed bandits were within their walls, holding the motel survivors hostage for not receiving their drug shipment. Lilly grabs her rifle and orders Lee to go out and distract the invading bandits so she can get in position.
  • Lilly's fate.

    Lilly's fate.
    Lee accepts Kenny's decision to leave her behind. Lilly begs to be allowed back, but Kenny brands her a murderer and refuses to let a murderer on the RV. Lilly counters by bringing up Lee's past, but this does not sway Kenny's stance, as Lee already told his past beforehand. Ben and Kenny enter the RV, Lee following them after giving Lilly one last cold glare. As the RV drives away, Lee watches somberly as Lilly notices a walker behind her and begins running.
  • Drugstore supply run.

    Drugstore supply run.
    Three weeks after the events of the farm, the survivors continue to use the Traveler Motel for shelter. Lee and Kenny procure the last of the supplies from the town of Macon. Kenny asks Lee his opinion on whether or not the group should leave the motel for the coast. Lee agrees that they should leave as it isn't safe at the motel anymore. The pair approach the drugstore, remarking on how the town was running out of supplies to scavenge.
  • Guilt and worries.

    Guilt and worries.
    Kenny tells Lee that his son had asked him about Shawn Greene and if he had made it, despite Kenny's beliefs that Duck really knew that Shawn was dead. Lee can assure Kenny that Duck would've said something, to which Kenny says the world has taken its toll on his son. Lee then asks for a hand to climb up.
  • Leave or Stay.

    Leave or Stay.
    Lilly mentions that they should be able to survive the winter with the supplies found. Kenny angrily refutes the idea that they could last the winter in the motel with regular supply runs like this, complaining that they would freeze in the empty motel rooms. Lilly bitterly retorts that she did not want to get into an RV for an extended time with her father's murderers.
  • Bandit hold-up.

    Bandit hold-up.
    Lee walks out of Lilly's room with his hands up and announces his presence to the bandits. Lee can choose to attempts to reason with the bandits. Lilly shoots the masked bandit in the head. The survivors of the motel all scramble for safety. Lee and Carley deal with the remaining bandits shooting them. Before Lee can kill the final bandit, he throws himself over the wall and whistles sharply. A large swarm of armed men comes out of the woods, shooting at the survivors of the motel.
  • Duck bitten.

    Duck bitten.
    Katjaa calls Lee up to the cabin of the RV. Lee asks Kenny and Katjaa what was wrong, only for them to hesitantly glance at one another. Lee notices that Duck was entirely unconscious and he asks if the boy was okay. Katjaa lifts his shirt slightly to reveal a bite mark, Kenny explaining that it happened during the raid, but the plan hasn't changed and that savannah may have a cure. Katjaa says she'll examine from a medical viewpoint and asks Lee to tell Clementine.
  • Handing supplies to Lilly.

    Handing supplies to Lilly.
    Back at the motor inn, Kenny brings the supplies inside, noting that their current lookout was Ben again. Clementine approaches Lee, showcasing new stickers on her walkie-talkie. The two of them enter Lilly's room, Kenny saying that Ben being on watch is a death sentence. Lilly asks what they have. Kenny hands over the backpack, stating that they were fine and sarcastically thanking her for asking. Lilly is relieved by the amount of new rations.
  • Confessing about going to prison (1/2)

    Confessing about going to prison (1/2)
    Lee goes to talk to Carley where they begin to flirt before Carley brings up that Lee should tell people he is a convicted murderer, too which Lee agrees. Lee talks to Clem who's doing a leaf rubbing and further explains the circumstances before they met, Clem understands. Lee talks to Katjaa and Kenny arguing about carrying guns, Lee says that Katjaa should feel uncomfortable but that they need them. Lee explains to Kenny that he was going to prison and Kenny is fine with it.
  • Nightmare.

    Lee suddenly turns his attention to a leaking sink faucet in the RV, it being the only noise in an otherwise quiet vehicle. Clementine softly groans beside him, only to spring to her feet and lunge at him with her teeth bared. Lee, shocked, barely manages to fend off her attack but eventually succumbs to her relentless strength. Just before she could bite him, he wakes up with a start.
  • Leaving Beatrice and Gathering supplies.

    Leaving Beatrice and Gathering supplies.
    Lee abandons the girl, Kenny picking him up and heading to the alley entrance. Her screams buy them more time to get more supplies. Lee and Kenny scour the pharmacy section of the drugstore for any remaining supplies. Lee manages to gather the remaining supplies. Lee announces he has gotten everything he can, Kenny takes the backpack they had placed their gatherings in and jumps over the counter into the general drugstore.
  • On the roadside.

    On the roadside.
    Lilly tells Kenny there's a walker trapped and he goes to kill it. Lilly then persecutes Ben who says he'll do anything to earn her trust. Carley refuses to gang on Ben. Carley tears into Lilly saying she's just a paranoid bitch and she should be more like Lee. Kenny refuses to be involved and Lee says that once again they shouldn't be doing this now too which Lilly ignores. Kenny then manages to kill the walker and asks what they were discussing again.
  • Investigating with Duck.

    Investigating with Duck.
    Lee returns to Lilly's room and she apologizes for snapping at them. Lee assures her she doesn't need to apologize, then asks after the stolen supplies. Lilly states that she believes that there is a traitor in the group. Lee initially denies her claim, but she tells him that she had been keeping her own count on the medicine stockpile. She shows him a broken flashlight she had found discarded in the dumpster. Lee acknowledges that she could be correct. Duck overhears and wants to help.
  • Investigating the train with Ben.

    Investigating the train with Ben.
    Lee and Ben open one of the compartments to see that someone had been living in it. Ben hopes they don't come back but Lee says it was used recently. He picks up a bottle of water and a map. Heading to the front Lee finds some tools in a compartment and taking a monkey wrench. Ben notes there's a body in the front and Lee pulls his gun only for the body to fall, missing half his face. Ben and Lee notice a blinking light which Ben presses releasing the brakes.
  • Stopping Kenny.

    Stopping Kenny.
    Lee enters the engine car and tells Kenny to stop the train, initially ignoring him, Lee manages to get through to him and he retorts Duck isn't like the others and he won't die. Lee refuses to fight with him and realises that Kenny thinks that this is because he didn't save Shawn. Lee reassures him that he isn't to blame and convinces him to stop the train. Kenny meets Katjaa where she says their son is out of time, Kenny eventually agrees after a desperate defence.

    Lee takes the gun from Kenny, which he picked up from Katjaa, wanting to spare him from the pain of having to put down his son. Dismayed at what he was forced to do, Lee raises the gun on Duck and quickly pulls the trigger, preventing the boy from reanimating, much to the grief of Kenny. The two men depart from the clearing, leaving the two corpses as they were.
  • Advice from Chuck.

    Advice from Chuck.
    2 Hours after Duck, Lee sits next to Clementine to ask her if she understood what happened and she replies that she does and that Chuck said that what happened to Duck would happen to her. Lee gets angry and goes to confront Chuck. Once Chuck explains that she isn't a girl anymore but alive and she needs to learn to defend herself, figure out a plan for Savannah and cut her hair, Lee becomes more understanding as Chuck says that one more girl dying may do him in. Chuck shares his drink with Lee.
  • Preparing Clementine.

    Preparing Clementine.
    Lee grabs some scissors from Chuck's pack and talks to Clem saying they'll have to do some things. He tells her she has to be able to defend herself and teaches her how to use a gun, telling her to take short breaths. They then make a plan to find Clem's parents at the Marsh House when they reach Savannah. Lee then cuts Clem's hair, where she says that she's glad he told her about his past and that it doesn't matter anymore. Lee tells her that killing is never good. The train then stops.
  • Team work.

    Team work.
    Lee asks if Clem wants to go over and she says she will. Lee tells her to grab the keys opposite the gate but before she can she notices two walkers and alerts Lee. Lee manages to barely fight them off, noticing Clem shaking with Lee's gun. Suddenly a walker appears on Clem's side and Lee tells her to get the keys. She unlocks the gate and Lee is able to kill it. Christa comes in and warns Lee that he better know what he's doing with her to which he replies they're still alive aren't they.
  • Escaping the herd.

    Escaping the herd.
    The train is started and Omid and Lee run to the other side of the bridge. Lee tells Omid they'll have to jump, but Omid says he won't. To get Omid to jump Lee says that they'll leave with his girl making Omid jump instantly, however, he crashes and splits his leg falling off the train. Christa jumps off to help him. They run to the train and Lee helps up Omid, but Christa ends up catching up and getting on the train in time.

    Lee tells the family that he'll shoot Duck as no parents should have to do this. Katjaa says that he'll be doing a great thing for them, giving them some time to say goodbye before Lee shoots him. As they leave Clementine asks whats happening and Lee tells her that he's putting him out of his misery so he doesn't suffer anymore. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Kenny screams. Lee runs into the forest to find Katjaa had killed herself due to their son's fate.
  • Ben comes forward.

    Ben comes forward.
    Before leaving Chuck he says that if anyone needs a drink tell them he has some. Entering the engine department he tells Kenny that Chuck has a drink if he wants any to which he agrees and goes out allowing Lee to grab a map. Kenny thanks him when he comes back in. Before entering the carriage Ben admits he was the one making the deal, too which Lee says that he can't tell anyone and he better not put Clem in danger again.
  • Meeting Omid and Christa.

    Meeting Omid and Christa.
    When the group meets outside they see that a tanker has partially fallen off the bridge. Chuck asks if they can plough through it but Kenny explains that it'd blow up. Suddenly two voices from the bridge tell them to be quiet and Lee says they don't want trouble. Lee climbs the ladder to meet them explaining their situation. Clem followed and greets them, Christa noting he isn't her father. Lee explains Kenny lost his family 2 hours ago and they decide to help. Lee picks up some duct tape.
  • The train station.

    The train station.
    Lee decides that the train station has what they need and begins to head over before Clem says she wants to come as they're a team. They notice that the door is locked but the window above is big enough for Clem, Lee puts her on his shoulders and tells her to find a way to open it and she unlocks the door. They enter but Lee has to leave his weapon to hold the door open which keeps shutting. Lee notices a blowtorch behind a locked gate with another small gap above it.
  • Cutting down the tanker.

    Cutting down the tanker.
    Before heading back with the blowtorch. Lee asks Clem what they learned, Clem sadly says that she isn't ready to have a gun. Lee denies this and tells her she learned not to be afraid as they should've got them but they didn't. After returning to the train Omid tells Lee he'll help and after repairing the hose with the duct tape, Lee is able to cut the first half and Omid the last part. Suddenly Ben notices a massive herd and tells them to get the train started.
  • The Stranger revealed.

    The Stranger revealed.
    3 Hours later at dusk, Lee is in the engine room with Clem sleeping in a chair. He notices she had drawn an image of Kenny and his family. Kenny enters the compartment and has recovered some, he states that he's looking for a boat while Lee says he wants to help Clem look for her parents. Suddenly Clem's radio comes to life and a man says he's happy she's come to Savannah and he can't wait to meet her and he has her parents. He says to come even if Lee says no.
  • Waking from nightmare.

    Waking from nightmare.
    Realization of his nightmare relieves him, as he gently sets Clementine down on the couch, as she had fallen asleep. He stands up when Kenny quietly announces that there's derailed train in the way. Kenny calls for everyone to get off of the RV so that they could let the engine cool down. The group sits on some logs near the train. Katjaa asks Lee if he could search for anything on the train to drink for her son, but Kenny identifies the train as a freight train rather than a commercial train.
  • Moving by train.

    Moving by train.
    Kenny asks if they'll be able to move now and Lee says they should much to the pleasure of Kenny. Chuck agrees to go with them since they're taking his home with them. Clem says that Duck is sick and Kenny gets mad, looking at his son which scares him. Katjaa says they need to talk about what to do with their son, before telling them to get in the train as it's the fastest way to the coast. Kenny allows Lee to start the train and it begins to move.
  • Trying to start the train. (2/2)

    Trying to start the train. (2/2)
    Now with the instructions, Lee is able to use the controls and start the train. Kenny allows him to start the train only for it to get stuck, still being attached to the crashed carriages. Lee heads back and is successful in removing the coupling and heads back to the train.
  • 3 Hours in.

    3 Hours in.
    A few hours later the group is in the carriage waiting for the train to arrive in Savannah. Chuck asks Lee how they had survived as three adults taking care of three kids. Lee says how they had more and says no to when Chuck says if dead got them. Katjaa suddenly calls Lee over and asks him to clean up some coughed-up blood on Duck's cheek. He takes a rag from her and goes to the engine car to get Kenny to stop the train at the request of Katjaa.
  • Conversing with Omid and Christa.

    Conversing with Omid and Christa.
    They climb down and Lee explains that they're good. Christa decides to talk with Clementine and Omid goes to learn how to drive the train from Kenny. Lee checks in on Clem asking if she's interrogating her well to which Christa replies she's very thorough and approves that Lee has taught her how to shoot. In the engine room, Lee relays that all they need is a blowtorch to cut the tank down which eases him.
  • Meeting Chuck.

    Meeting Chuck.
    As Lee enters the cart, a man asks if he took any of his things and Lee answers him truthfully. He introduces himself as Chuck and doesn't mind the things you took. He says he already met the group and Clementine excitedly says he gave them candy. Lee makes sure it doesn't taste funny then welcomes him to the group. He explains his past and Katjaa welcomes him saying it's nice to meet new people. Chuck then begins playing the guitar next to Clementine.
  • Trying to start the train. (1/2)

    Trying to start the train. (1/2)
    Kenny meets them and says that they should be able to use the train to get to the coast. Lee notices a notepad with the instruction page torn out. He finds biscuits in a car after killing a walker and gives the water and snack to Katjaa who's trying to cope with her son. Lee asks Clem if she has any pencils, she says she left them at the Motor Inn but there might be in the RV. Lee finds a pencil and manages to get the instructions for the train.
  • Streets of Savannah.

    Streets of Savannah.
    The day after arriving the group heads into the streets to get to the coast. Lee has Clementine's walkie and when she asks to just hold it Lee tells her to pay attention to the streets. Christa says that they need to let Omid rest. Lee asks Kenny how much further and he says a few blocks. Suddenly church bells go off and Lee sees a figure on the church roof. The Stranger on the walkie tells them they should move and Lee asks who he is. Suddenly a large horde appears forcing the group to move.
  • A little bit of hope.

    A little bit of hope.
    Heading outside Lee isn't able to find Clem. He then hears a banging from the shed and opens it just as Clem comes bursting out, knocking Lee over. Clem's glad Lee made it back and Kenny stumbles out dropping the bottle. Inside the shed was a working boat. A bit later after checking the boat, Kenny says it just needs gas and a battery. They decide that Crawford has what they need. Christa says they should ask but Vernon proposes they sneak in instead as they won't help them.
  • Getting the battery.

    Getting the battery.
    Lee then heads out to find the battery and finds a way over the fence using an old shed. As he tries to find a way into the auto shop, a walker suddenly drops from the roof and Molly drops down beating it up. Lee says he thinks it's dead and Molly helps him open the door. Inside Lee is able to lower a car with Molly's hook. However, the car alarm goes off and Lee has to quickly grab the battery and they both flee to the roof and Molly leaves for a bit with the battery so he won't leave her.
  • Helping with the medicine. (1/2)

    Helping with the medicine. (1/2)
    After being ditched by Molly, Lee heads back to the classroom only for Kenny and Brie to burst through the doors followed by a herd. Lee helps them close the door and places his hatchet in the handle. Lee tells them he got the battery and will help with the medicine. As he goes round to the medicine room he finds it surrounded by walkers and kills them all. He enters the room and finds Christa and Vernon. The medicine is behind a coded door and they need to find the code.
  • Confronting Molly.

    Confronting Molly.
    Lee tells Molly that he knows she's from Crawford and she admits she was looking for a picture of her sister. She managed to get out of Crawford but only after they took her sister away for being diabetic. Ben jumps them with a hatchet, Lee asks where he got it from and a herd blast through the glass doors. Molly goes to fight them but is pinned down, Lee misses his shot but she is saved when Clem manages to shoot the walker and kill it. They run to the classroom.
  • Saving Ben.

    Saving Ben.
    Kenny tells Lee to let him fall but Lee refuses to do so, even at the request of Ben who views himself as a detriment to the group. Lee pulls him up with Ben asking why, and they climb out of the window. Vernon asks if they came from the train, Kenny saying they did. Vernon ignores his comment and then spots the manhole for the sewers. They make their way back to the manor to find Omid unconscious, he wakes up and notes how Ben looks worse than him after getting his medicine.
  • Talking with Clementine.

    Talking with Clementine.
    Lee walks in to see Clem watching Kenny working on the boat. She asks Lee when they'll be able to find her parents. Lee answers that the city isn't safe anymore and they need to leave. This causes Clem to cry and curl up next to the window. Lee tries to reach out to her but backs away and sits in the opposite seat, putting the walkie on the table, before falling asleep.
  • The coastline.

    The coastline.
    As Kenny and Lee reach the docks another bell goes off but further away, leading the walkers away from them. The reach the pier only to find all the boats either gone or destroyed. Lee stays silent as Kenny rants but decides that one of the boats may be fixable. Lee then finds strange markings on the doors and a barricade of impaled walkers leading to Crawford. Lee gets some money from a newspaper machine and uses the telescope to notice someone coming down a building near them.
  • Exploring the sewer.

    Exploring the sewer.
    Lee manages to activate the water in a section of the sewers that draws some walkers, he then takes the handle and releases the water near the entrance drawing the remaining walkers away. Lee then investigates what they were eating to find Chuck, he used his last bullet on himself and Lee takes his gun saying he's sorry about what happened. Lee sneaks up on the last walker but a hand grabs his leg. He quickly cuts it and dispatches the walker without alerting the rest.
  • Truth about Crawford.

    Truth about Crawford.
    After arriving underneath Crawford, Lee gives everyone advice and telling Clem it goes double for her. Lee exits the sewers and spots a guard. Kenny tells him he's got his back and just as Lee's about to shoot him it turns out to be a walker. Suddenly a herd arrives and forces the group inside the main building. They decide that this makes it easier as walkers are easier to deal with. Brie explains where everything they need is and the group splits.
  • Many goodbyes.

    Many goodbyes.
    After checking Omid, Vernon takes Lee outside the room to tell him that Clem would be better off with them as she won't be in danger. Lee berates Vernon saying he doesn't know what they've been through together and that anyone that gets between them will end up dead. Vernon then angrily leaves to reunite with his group. Lee heads down to find Molly leaving, she says she isn't good with goodbyes and Lee wishes her well. Lee then heads up to the study where Clementine is.
  • Escaping the Street.

    Escaping the Street.
    Forced to fight to push through, the group makes there way down the street. Kenny is tripped by a walker but Lee quickly kills it, Kenny mentioning how quick a call it was. Lee notices Ben and Clem trapped by walkers and Ben ditches Clem. Lee kills the majority before Chuck runs in and tells Lee to get Clem safe, staying behind to fight. The group runs into the back garden of a mansion, Omid tripping over, Christa asking about Chuck and Lee saying that he stayed to buy them time.
  • The child upstairs.

    The child upstairs.
    Kenny and Ben go to check upstairs while Lee checks downstairs. The bottom floor is clear with no supplies and Ben comes down saying that Lee needs to help now. Ben shows him the stairs to the attic and says that Kenny hasn't come down. Lee goes up to find Kenny staring at a walker that looks like Duck. The boy starved to death and his legs break when he tries to stand. Lee says that he'll kill him and stomps his head. Lee takes him downstairs to bury him.
  • Meeting Molly.

    Meeting Molly.
    Kenny comes to Lee saying the boat is damaged and won't work, Lee quickly saying someone is coming. They get behind cover and prepare to jump them in case they've been ringing the bell or stalking them. Lee comes up to her last location only to be beaten by her, Clem quickly screams for her to stop and seeing that he has a child helps him up and introduces herself. Kenny sneaks up but is kicked over and he fires a shot. Molly then explains Crawford and its rules after asking about the barricade.
  • The Cancer Survivor Group.

    The Cancer Survivor Group.
    Lee investigates a propped up sign to find an entrance to an underground bunker. They are well-stocked and Lee opens the door suddenly on the group getting on with business. Lee calms the situation down saying he doesn't mean harm, isn't from Crawford and only wants to get back to Clem. This allows Vernon, the leader, to trust Lee and says he'll help him get back to the manor as he knows the sewer system like the back of his hand.
  • Leaving for Crawford.

    Leaving for Crawford.
    As Lee heads upstairs to get ready, he notices Clem overhearing the conversation. She asks if it'll be safe and Lee tells her that it won't be. She says she'll go get her stuff, Lee questions her and she says because they're a team. Lee agrees that she should come much to her pleasure and she goes to get her stuff. When outside Vernon confronts Lee on bringing Clem but he tells him to deal with it. He gives Clem a gun then they leave for Crawford.
  • Splitting up.

    Splitting up.
    Ben is left to try and open the armoury door in case they need to shoot their way out, Kenny and Brie go to get some gas, Vernon and Christa attempt to open the medical room. Molly tells Lee she'll go on ahead to the motor repair shop where the battery is and Lee tells Clem that he's leaving her in charge of looking after Ben too which shes pleased with. Before leaving Ben says he wants to tell Kenny about what he did but Lee tells him to save it till later.
  • Helping with the medicine. (2/2)

    Helping with the medicine. (2/2)
    Lee finds a tape with the events of 10/9/2003 on it and then noticing the doctor goes back to his walker and gets another tape and locker code. He finds the locker and in it is another tape. The second tape has the events of 10/10/2003 and gives them the code they need. Lee stays behind to view the last tape that has the events of 10/3/2003 on it revealing the truth behind Molly. After exiting the room Molly jumps down saying she had an errand to run.
  • The armoury.

    The armoury.
    The group runs to the armoury but finds it mostly empty and the bottom floor filled with walkers. The group is forced to head to the top of the belltower and Kenny gives Lee a shotgun to hold them off. Lee stays behind them killing the walkers and slowly making his way up. Once at the top the bell chimes and the hanging body of Oberson grabs a hold of Ben. Lee shoots the walker and Ben falls, hanging off the edge.
  • Getting into the Manor.

    Getting into the Manor.
    Having tripped, Omid has re-opened his wound so the group need to get in the manor quickly and they each try and find a way in. Lee checks on everyone, telling Clem the walkers didn't see them and criticising Ben not to make the same mistake again. They notice a dog flap that requires a chip and Lee decides to dig up the dead dog for its collar. Christa tells Clem to look away as Lee grabs the collar and the dogs head falls off. Christa throws up but Lee now has the key to the door.
  • Burying the boy.

    Burying the boy.
    After Lee kills him, Lee buries Fivel next to his dog and fill up the grave while Clementine watches sadly. Lee suddenly sees that someone is watching him from beyond the fence but they run off before he can get a good look at them. Lee screams at him, asking who he is. The group rushes outside and Lee tells them someone was watching them. Christa expresses how she doesn't like the idea of being stalked which allows Kenny to bring up the importance of the boat and that they should find one now.
  • Returning to the Manor.

    Returning to the Manor.
    Lee arrives back at the manor with Vernon. Christa tells him how Omid has gotten worse and Lee asks Vernon if he'll take a look at him, he agrees and tells Christa to take him to him. Lee then begins looking for Clem and finds Ben with a drunk Kenny. Lee once again criticises Ben on how he's let Kenny drink. Ben tells him he didn't know what to do and Clem should be around somewhere. Lee then goes outside to find Clem.
  • Escaping into the sewers.

    Escaping into the sewers.
    Lee, Clem and Kenny learn about how Crawford got rid of the weak to ensure their safety. Before they can finish the walkers return, attracted to the gunshot forcing the group into an alleyway. Molly helps Clem and Kenny up but isn't able to help Lee. She drops her pick so that he can open the manhole and enter the sewer. Lee tells them that he'll meet them back at the manor, he then slips down further into the sewer where they are numerous walkers.
  • Inside the Manor.

    Inside the Manor.
    The group discusses how to unlock the door but before they can decide Clem scurries in, Lee asks if she's able to open the door and after some silence, Clem opens the door saying "Tada". Lee congratulates her and the group goes inside. Christa and Clem take Omid to the chair. Christa confronts Lee on when he was going to talk about the walkie but Lee says he only found out yesterday. Kenny assumes it was him with the bell but Lee disproves this as why would he warn them.

    Brie holds the door as Kenny tries to break down the armoury door. Ben breaks down and explains to Kenny his deal with the bandits, even when Lee tells him not to. Kenny breaks the door down and lunges at him. Lee tells him to beat him up later and the group votes to let him stay or be left. Clem and Lee vote he stays with them and Christa abstains. Before a decision is made walkers break through the door and kill Brie forcing the group into the armoury.
  • Goodbye.

    Lee now drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness asks Clem to shoot him. She initially refuses but Lee says that she doesn't want to see him become a walker. They hug the last time and Clem raises the gun closing her eyes and killing Lee with a single shot. She leaves the store and walks through Savannah to the area near the train.
  • The arm.

    The arm.
    As Lee wakes up he notices Kenny about to cut his arm off. Kenny realises he's awake and Lee decides to "fuck it" and cut it off. Kenny now unwilling leaves Christa to cutting off the arm. Lee faints again but wakes up with his stump bandaged up. They ask how he feels and he says he can still feel his fingers. Walkers start breaking in and Lee quickly finishes opening the elevator shaft and the group hurries in. Lee coming up the rear not to bleed on anyone.
  • Back at the manor.

    Back at the manor.
    The group returns to the manor and Kenny starts arguing with Ben. Omid opens the shed to find the boat missing and a note from Vernon saying they took it and they hope the group and Clem stay safe. After making it into the garden Kenny lays into Ben until he snaps and shouts at Kenny that at least he knew how his family died whereas he didn't and he should just leave him alone and give him a break. Kenny apologises but a herd of walkers force them into the manor.
  • In the attic.

    In the attic.
    Making it into the attic Ben gives Lee his gun back saying he isn't good with them. Kenny then brings up Lee's bite asking if he thinks cutting it off worked and that they may have another Larry situation. Lee loses his temper at Kenny and throws a bust at the wall. They realise the wall is rotten and begin taking turns to break through to the other manor. Lee, Kenny and Christa share a drink while Kenny explains the Larry situation to Christa. Omid then manages to break through the wall.
  • Sacrifice and BEN DIES.

    Sacrifice and BEN DIES.
    The group jumps across one at a time until Ben is the last one. When he goes to jump the balcony collapses and Ben falls to the ground. Kenny rushes down and Lee follows. Ben has been impaled by the balcony. Kenny tells Lee to save Clem and that he's going to try and save Ben. Lee says goodbye and watches as the herd envelops them and Kenny shoots Ben. Lee climbs back up and tells Omid and Christa they're dead. they continue along the rooftops till they reach the final street to the Marsh House.
  • The Marsh House.

    The Marsh House.
    After making his way through the herd and being ignored due to being covered in their blood, Lee finds The Strangers room and finds Clem trapped in a room with rope. The Stranger comes up behind him and tells him to put all his weapons on the table and Lee complies. He then tells Lee to take a seat and they begin a conversation after asking Lee if he's figured out who he is. Lee says he has, the person they robbed after the farm.
  • Struggle and THE STRANGER DIES.

    Struggle and THE STRANGER DIES.
    Lee then pounces on The Stranger and chokes him in the cupboard but the Stranger manages to get on top choking Lee. Clem then takes his gun and shoots the Stranger in the head, killing him. Lee thanks Clem who then questions why Lee is missing an arm and it's scary. Lee tells her not to worry and as they go to leave a walker is outside, ignoring Lee but going for Clem. Lee kills it and figures out how they'll escape, cutting the walker open and covering Clem in its guts.
  • Final lessons.

    Final lessons.
    He tells her to grab the baseball bat and break the window to unlock the door. She does this and then Lee tells her to pick up the handcuffs and cuff the walker to the display case. She does but the walker is still able to get free and attack her. Lee gets hit in the face with a vase but is still able to get Clem the bat to kill the walker. After killing it Clem now gets a gun and Lee gives her some final words saying to keep her hair short and find Omid and Christa.
  • The bite.

    The bite.
    As the group comes up to Lee he decides to show them the bite, all of them in disbelief. Lee asserts that Clem is more important than him and they must find her. They ask who Lee thinks took her and he says Vernon, telling them of their conversation yesterday.
  • Escaping the hospital. (1/2)

    Escaping the hospital. (1/2)
    After climbing the ladder to the roof, noticing the hospital is filled with walkers, the group decides to try and find a way to the mansion. The streets are packed and dust is filling the air. Kenny says that he can't imagen Katjaa and Duck here and is glad they didn't have to see this. Ben says he wants to prove himself and Lee entrusts Christa and Omid with Clem once they save her.
  • Siege at the manor.

    Siege at the manor.
    The group run into the manor and Lee tells the group what to do. Omid then notices the front door is open and Lee tells everyone to run and shut the door. A walker trips him up but he kills it and then helps shut the door by chopping all their hands off. The group runs upstairs but Lee kills an undead Brie first. They decide to make their final stand, counting their bullets. They quickly get overwhelmed and are pushed into the attic, Lee dropping his gun.
  • The other manor.

    The other manor.
    The group climbs through into the other manor into a bedroom. On the bed are the corpses of a couple that killed themselves. The group mentions how sad it is and Kenny tells the group that you can't give up saying he can't forgive his wife for leaving that way. Kenny takes the gun and it has a bullet left. Lee then investigates the house and finds they can jump onto the opposite roof and get to the marsh house from the balcony.
  • The final street.

    The final street.
    Lee, Omid and Christa reach the waterfront opposite the Marsh house. To get down to the street they have to cross over a sign. Lee says he'll go first as he's most expendable. He then tells them to look after Clem when he's gone and that they'll meet where the train is. The sign breaks as Lee climbs it and is forced onto the street. He pulls out his cleaver and marches through the herd in the street killing any walkers that lunge at him. He makes it to the Marsh house and notices a camper car.
  • Conversation.

    The Stranger begins to criticise all of Lee's decisions since the drugstore. Criticising him for not saving Doug, taking Clem to the farm, killing Larry, leaving Lilly on the side of the rode and stealing from his family. Lee explains himself and apologises to him. The Stranger says he'll hurt Lee bad, then tells his undead wife's head she'll like Clem saying she wouldn't hurt a fly. Clem then manages to break out and Lee tells her to use the cleaver which she lodges in his shoulder.
  • Escape from the Marsh House.

    Escape from the Marsh House.
    After covering Clem, Lee tells her she's missing something and puts her hat on her. Lee tells her to stay close and not be afraid. They make their way outside and the walkers ignore them. Clem, as they're walking away, notices her undead parents in the street. Lee tries to tell her not to look at them but faints due to the bite. Clem then drags Lee and locks themselves into a jewellery store for safety.
  • Clementine missing.

    Clementine missing.
    Lee heads outside to find Clem and finds her hat on the back garden floor. He then notices her walkie next to some rubbish and cardboard on the other side of the fence. He jumps the fence and as he goes to grab the walkie a walker jumps at Lee. He quickly kills it and picks up Clem's hat only to find that he's been bitten on his wrist. The group then exits the house asking where he is and come round as Lee is staring at his wrist.
  • The Stranger's warning.

    The Stranger's warning.
    The Stranger quickly takes over the walkie and tells Lee that Clem is fine. He also confirms that he isn't Vernon, telling Lee to choose his words carefully. Lee tells him not to hurt her and he snarkily replies she's safer than with him and they have a city of walkers between them. After this Lee realises that he has to be in the city somewhere.
  • Escaping the hospital. (2/2)

    Escaping the hospital. (2/2)
    Lee notices the bell tower and that they could distract the walkers and climb down the other side. Lee then finds a ladder and decides to climb over, the ladder falling to the ground after Lee just makes it. He rings the bell and manages to jump from the tower to the roof. The group congratulate him and they climb down the fire escape to the streets to reach the manor.
  • Final moments.

    Final moments.
    Lee wakes up as Clementine asks if he's okay. She tells him she saw her parents and they were dead. Lee then hugs her before asking her to open the door again. They're unable to and Lee tells her that he was bit and that's why he cut his arm off. Clem can't believe it and she helps him move to the other side of the room. Lee then tells her how to get supplies from a trapped walker.
  • Going to save Clementine.

    Going to save Clementine.
    Omid and Christa decide to go with Lee as he's been there for them. Likewise, Kenny goes with Lee as he was always helping and siding with him. Lee turns to Ben and tells him he should come. Kenny counters this and Ben agrees he shouldn't come, but Lee says that he owes it to Clem as she always stuck for him. Lee tells Kenny that he needs to deal with it and that this is Ben's chance to prove himself. The entire group then heads out to the morgue through the sewer system. Leaving the boat.
  • Raiding the morgue.

    Raiding the morgue.
    The group enter the morgue to find the shelves empty and no-one there. Lee gets stressed out and leans on the table staring at his bite. Then they notice a never-ending stream of walkers on the street through the window. The walkie suddenly comes to life and Clem calls out for Lee.
  • Finding a way out the morgue.

    Finding a way out the morgue.
    Lee then searches the morgue to find a way out as the rest of the group defends the door in from walkers. He finds a rib spreader, bone saw and some rubber hose. Lee then takes the rib spreader to the elevator and begins to open it, however before he can finish he faints and falls down the ramp.
  • Clementine alone.

    Clementine alone.
    Clem continues walking in the rural hills near Savannah before sitting down on a log, she picks up some spent bullet casings before noticing two figures walking in the distance. Scared she watches them and they eventually stop, noticing her and waving. Clem then meets with them and they turn out to be Omid and Christa who managed to also make it out of Savannah and were looking for Clem.
  • Russell's Story. (2/3)

    Russell's Story. (2/3)
    Nate then drives up to a female walker and lowers Russell's window asking what he'd rate her if he was alive, Russell screams 10 and Nate goes to shoot it but doesn't have bullets. He then drives off knocking the walker over. Giving Russell the gun to reload. Later in the day they reach the Gas station and are shot at. Nate tells him they'll need to work together to cover each other as they get closer and Russell agrees to help Nate.
  • Russell's Story. (1/3)

    Russell's Story. (1/3)
    Russell is walking down a long road trying to get to his grans in Statesboro with 61 miles left. A car is driving closer forcing Russell to jump to the ground facing the corpse of Carley. Nate see him and asks if he wants a lift or stay on the ground with his girlfriend. Russell accepts the lift and gets into a conversation with Nate explaining his former group. He refuses a drink from Nate or to rate the daughter in the group he was with.
  • Russell's Story. (3/3)

    Russell's Story. (3/3)
    They make it to the back of the station and Russell spots a walker, he says they should put it out of its misery and kills it, Nate mocking him for it. They get inside and Russell sneaks up on the shooter, revealing an old man and his injured wife. The man thinks Nate is the same one who attacked before and shouts at them to leave. Nate tells Russell they should kill them and take their stuff but this is the last straw for Russell who leaves Nate. Two gunshots are then heard.
  • Bonnie's Story. (2/3)

    Bonnie's Story. (2/3)
    Dee snaps and accuses Leland of always siding with Bonnie and calls her his girlfriend. Bonnie denies this but Dee doesn't accept this. Leland then calls darling which drives Dee further. Before it goes too far people start to chase them causing them to flee, Bonnie being shot in the arm. Bonnie then falls down a hill but wakes up after a minute crossing a road, with a trail of blood left by Danny, and rushing into the cornfield opposite.
  • Bonnie's Story. (3/3)

    Bonnie's Story. (3/3)
    Bonnie manages to avoid the other group and eventually hides behind a tractor, pulling up iron rebar to defend herself from an approaching figure. She hits them in the face only to realise it was Dee. Dee in her last moments berates Bonnie calling her a whore, bitch and that she did this to be with. Leland. Bonnie refuses this but Dee dies. Leland shows up to find his wife dead, Bonnie tells him it was an accident and he agrees to leave, taking the bag Dee died for with them.
  • Bonnie's Story. (1/3)

    Bonnie's Story. (1/3)
    Bonnie is currently under a water tower with Leland who's asking if she wants lobster hands or snake tongue. Bonnie replies the tongue and Leland expresses how proud he is of her recovery. He goes to grab her hand much to the refusal of Bonnie when his wife Dee shows up with a bag she found. On the path back Bonnie asks if she can use her nail varnish before Leland brings up the bag. They get into an argument and Bonnie tries to stay out of it by saying she'll leave them behind.
  • Shel's Story. (2/5)

    Shel's Story. (2/5)
    Roman then asks Shel to feed the watchdogs, which are walkers they feed for security. She feeds the undead Bennet and notices that the undead woman was eating a puppy. She goes back inside, tearing up, only to be startled by Becca. Shel tells her to never "fucking" do that and mentions how she jus watched the walker eating a puppy and how you never really think about babies anymore and that she wanted to save it. Stephanie rushes in saying they have a situation.
  • Shel's Story. (3/5)

    Shel's Story. (3/5)
    Shel and Becca come round the front to see Roman and Clive holding a blindfolded man hostage. They found him stealing and he doesn't speak English. Roman puts forward a vote to kill him or let him go. Boyd votes to let him go while Clive and Joyce vote to kill him. They get in an argument about what got Vernon killed with Boyd telling them it was the boat. Roman leaves the final vote to Shel who decides to let him go. They give him supplies and warn him not to come back.
  • Shel's Story. (1/5)

    Shel's Story. (1/5)
    The Gil's Pitstop group are currently listening to Becca play the guitar, Stephanie says that she's very good to Shel and Shel mentions she likes how she still has some innocence. After finishing, Roman congratulates her and commends Boyds farm. Becca then asks if she can check the weapons and Shel lets her as long as she doesn't mess around. Stephanie mentions how they still haven't found the flashlight in the cornfield.
  • Shel's Story. (5/5)

    Shel's Story. (5/5)
    Shel returns to the RV and informs Becca. Becca says that her guns in the drawer and should just get it over with. Also in the drawer is the RV keys, Shel proposes they leave as the pitstop isn't safe anymore. Becca says that stupid but Shel grabs the keys and rushes to the wheel, driving through the wall of the base while Becca yells at Shel about what she did. A furious Roman and Clive then inspect the damage done to the barricade.
  • Shel's Story. (4/5)

    Shel's Story. (4/5)
    A month later, Shel and Becca are playing cards in their RV. Becca complaining about not playing the guitar anymore after the attack. It turned out the man came back with his group and attacked. Killing Boyd. Roman then asks to speak to Shel and she says she'll be a minute. She finds out from Joyce that they caught Stephanie stealing and trying to escape. Roman says that because Shel voted to the let the man go she has to kill Stephanie and gives her some time to get prepared.
  • Sarita and Kenny.

    Sarita saves Kenny, who was taking refuge in a restaurant, one of the many abandoned and dilapidated establishments remaining in the post-apocalyptic world. Sarita finds him in a depressive state with the facial hair that Kenny let to grow out excessively. Eventually, they become lovers.
  • Howe's Hardware group established.

    Howe's Hardware group established.
    Before the outbreak, Howe's was large hardware and home improvement chain store with the business slogan "Howe's that for a deal?" At some point, a certain store in Tennessee was abandoned. Eventually, a group settled here under the leadership of William Carver. They got the power and PA system working. Built a greenhouse on top and was a point where many herds passed through, being fended off or drawn away. Carver initially focused on saving and getting many people.
  • Kenny and Sarita find the Moonstar Lounge.

    After a while surviving with just the two of them together. Sarita and Kenny find a ski lodge. They then met the couple of Walter and Matthew, who they quickly become friends with. Matthew gives Sarita the nickname "Rita". Walter worries for Matthew's safety on his many journeys near the mountain the lodge is on but he tells him not to worry.
  • Michelle the raider.

    Michelle raids a group of survivors. Obtained many "good stuffs" from them.
  • Clementine with Omid and Christa.

    Clementine with Omid and Christa.
    8 Months after killing Lee, Clem is now travelling with Omid and Christa. They are currently arguing on what to name their child. Omid wants to name it Omid. Christa doesn't want this and asks for Clem's hep, she replies, what if it's a girl. Omid then says that he doesn't care. They stop at some public toilets to clean up. Omid and Christa remember something from before the outbreak and Omid tells Clem to get cleaned up in the other toilet.

    Clem makes some noise alerting Michelle and she tells Clem to get out of the stall at gunpoint. Clem tells her that's her stuff but Michelle doesn't care. She asks for Clem's hat but she refuses, asking where it's from, Clem says her dad. As she goes through Clem's stuff Omid enters the room and attempts to grab her gun. The door shuts and Michelle shoots Omid killing him. Christa rushes in and see's Omid. Michelle tries to apologise but Christa shoots her dead. Clem and Christa cry over Omid.
  • Cleaning up.

    Cleaning up.
    Clem walks into the toilet and checks the stalls one by one with her gun to check for walkers, she finds nothing and sets her backpack and gun down near the sink. She tries the tap but there isn't any water. She pulls out her water bottle and cleans her face, she then knocks over her bottle and goes to pick it up as someone comes into the toilet. Clem quickly gets herself on top of the toilet seat as she goes through her backpack.
  • Christa's child.

    Nothing is known precisely about what happened to Christa's baby, it might be stillborn or got killed after it was born. Clementine and Christa start their journey to Wellington after they heard things about it from the other survivors along the way.
  • Recruiting the group. (3/3)

    Recruiting the group. (3/3)
    Vince then says that she looks well-fed and clean so he agrees to go. Tavia says she's willing to be their hostage if they want. Shel and Becca decide to go for protection against Roman who may still want to kill them. Russell and Wyatt both agree to go after Tavia mentions they have reunited many people and have been Statesboro. The whole group decides to go and Tavia gives Vince their photos which they burn in the campfire before going with Tavia.
  • Recruiting the group. (1/3)

    Recruiting the group. (1/3)
    Tavia takes down the photos of Vince, Russell, Bonnie, Wyatt, Shel and Becca and tells Johnny that she should be able to find the group in the day. He warns her to use her judgement as Howe's can only use good people. She agrees then drives past the now deserted Gil's Pitstop to follow the map left by the survivors.
  • Recruiting the group. (2/3)

    Recruiting the group. (2/3)
    She arrives at the campsite at nighttime, Johnny wishing her luck and that she shouldn't force them to come. Bonnie is the first to see Tavia and calls for Vince who holds her at gunpoint. They ask who Tavia is and she replies that she's looking for people to help grow their community. She mentions they have food and hot water. Bonnie instantly agrees to go, Becca mocking her by saying not everyone needs to tell the truth like her.
  • Tavia brings the new group to Howe's.

    Bonnie and her fellow survivors join with the Howe's survivors, which is ruled by a man named William Carver. Becca meets up with Sarah, whom she dislikes almost immediately due to her childish mannerism.
  • Clash of ideologies.

    Luke tries to convince Carver certain things that he feels needs to be done inside their community to make it better as a home to the survivors. but Carver turned down his suggestions, which caused their relationship to be strained due to the disagreements.
  • Rebecca becomes pregnant.

    Rebecca finds out that she is pregnant with a baby she conceived after having sexual intercourse, or raped by, Carver.
  • Growing fear at Howe's.

    The situations at Howe's are not getting easier, the problem between Rebecca, and Carver escalates and stirs everything up to the point where everything becomes unbearable. Luke, Rebecca, Alvin, Nick, Nick's Mother, Pete, Carlos, Sarah, and Reggie decided to leave the community for good.
  • Bonnie refuses.

    Before executing their escape plan. Luke tries to convince Bonnie into coming with him. Bonnie thinks he is crazy because she can not seem to believe that there are better places out there besides the Howe's. nonetheless, Luke leaves without Bonnie.
  • Hunting party.

    Knowing some of his members are missing, notably Rebecca. Carver decides to hunt them down, with the help of his men, notably; Johnny, Troy, and Bonnie--who volunteers to participate into the party, out of hope that she would be the one who handles the things that needs to be done when they eventually find the 'strays'.
  • The escape.

    Alvin kills George on his way out of the community. Reggie is accidentally got left behind after he tripped, and fell behind from the group. He was captured and is kept later on in the pen.
  • The meet up point.

    The group find themselves at the Parker's Run, a place that Luke and Carlos know where it's located.
  • Finding the cabin.

    Finding the cabin.
    After searching for a seemingly safe place to hide out up until they figure out where to go away from Carver's territory. the group found a cabin in the woods.
  • Mike joins Howe's.

    The Howe's survivors found Mike, Mike joins up with the community, but only to be kept in the pen along with Reggie, and possibly others.
  • Reggie loses his arm.

    One day, when he and Reggie are doing their 'chores', to prove themselves to be worthy enough to be welcomed back into the group. Reggie is bitten on by the arm, after a walker snuck up on him, knowing what will happen next and what to do to prevent it from happening, Mike hacked his arm off, saving Reggie's life.
  • Jane joins Howe's.

    Not long after Reggie's maiming. Jane is discovered by the members of Howe's, all smeared with walkers' guts, she joins the community, but the same as Mike, only to be kept in the pen.
  • Jane slowly gains leeway.

    Troy and Jane occasionally have sexual intercourse, in which during one of them, Troy tells Jane that he could help her get out of the pen.
  • A bite victim.

    The Cabin group discovers a girl in the woods, already bitten, not willing to let her die to the walkers. the group take her inside and aid her. thinking they could control it when the inevitable happens. the girl out of sudden turns while Nick's mother is standing beside her. Bitten. Nick is forced to shoot her mother, in order to stop the reanimation process of becoming a walker.
  • Wellington is full.

    Wellington is full.
    Wellington isn't accepting any more members after the capacity of the community itself is full of survivors, Edith has to refuse many survivors from joining her community, and gives them bags full of supplies to try their lucks again outside Wellington, as they leave the gate, Edith tells them to come back in a few months to check whether there are some spots for them to fill in.
  • Keeping the campfire alive.

    Keeping the campfire alive.
    16 Months after Omid has died, Clem and Christa are attempting to cook a weasel in the rain. Clem asks Christa to talk to her but Christa goes to the fire and complains that Clem should be the one keeping the fire litas she needs to know. Clem then says how she misses Lee and complains about the cold. Christa then says that it'll be colder in Wellington. Christa goes into the forest to find some wood and leaves Clem with keeping the fire lit.
  • The river.

    The river.
    Clem successfully dodges walkers whilst fighting the raider. She pierces his shoulder with a branch, almost bites his thumb off and manages to get into an empty log. The man pulls her out but Clem clings to a tree knocking him over near a walker. Clem gets grabbed but she pulls the walker's arm off. The man gets on top of Clem but she pushes him into a walker killing him. She backs up throwing a rock in a desperate attempt to stop the walkers but stumbles too far and falls into the river.
  • Attack in the forest.

    Attack in the forest.
    After looking in her bag, pulling out the image of Lee from the pharmacy and her drawing of Kenny's family, Clem finds her lighter. She then finds a big piece of wood. She lights the fire with paper then puts the wood onto the fire, keeping it alive. Suddenly Clem hears Christa being harassed in the woods. Clem hurries to her aid and distracts the raiders by throwing a rock. One of the raiders chases Clem and in the background, Christa screams and a shot is heard.
  • Wandering the forest.

    Wandering the forest.
    Clem stumbles through the forest before resting behind a big rock. She drifts out of consciousness but wakes up to find walkers everywhere. She tries to get away but gets pinned only to be saved by Luke and Pete. Luke picks Clem up and they ask if she's from a group with Carver. She denies this and explains how she and Christa were attacked over a weasel. Luke notices the bite and drops Clem. She tells them it was a dog and Pete believes her. Clem then faints after seeing the cabin.
  • Meeting Sarah.

    Meeting Sarah.
    Now inside the house, Clem listens in on the group's conversation about her and heads upstairs. She finds a gold watch and takes it from a room. She then enters the bathroom, finding a clean needle. As she's about to leave someone comes to the room, Clem hiding in the closet. Rebecca then begins worrying about who's the father of her baby and leaves. Clem then enters onto Sarah who immediately asks Clem to be her friend, Clem accepts and pinky promises. Sarah then gets Clem some peroxide.
  • Still Not Bitten.

    Still Not Bitten.
  • Talking with Luke. (2/2)

    Talking with Luke. (2/2)
  • Rebecca's threats.

    Rebecca's threats.
  • 6

  • Sam the dog.

    Sam the dog.
    Clem begins the trail and sees a sign warning for bears and wolves. Clem then climbs over a fallen log, freezing due to being soaked, and hearing something moving in the grass. She walks towards it to notice it's a dog. She looks at his collar and finds his name, Sam. Sam then runs off barking and Clem follows Sam, telling him to wait up. Sam takes Clem to a decrepit camp which has been torn through. Clem tells Sam she hopes they left some food.
  • The campsite.

    The campsite.
    Clem searches around finding little of value. She plays with Sam using a frisbee and finds a picture of his family who lived at the camp. Clem then decides to go through the rubbish and manages to find a can of something. Sam begins barking at a walker who is tied to the tree and attempted to cut the bite out. Clem sadly saying that doesn't work. She then grabs a thick tree branch and kills the walker, taking his pocket knife to open the can. She then moves to sit on a log and open the can.
  • Rude awakening.

    Rude awakening.
    Clementine wakes up to find the Cabin group arguing about what to do with her. Rebecca mentions that she might be with Carver. Pete relays what Clem told him and they don't believe it. Clem sits up and tries to say she isn't working with anyone only for Nick to fire a shot next to Clem. Luke bursts out and tells Clem that Carlos will have a look at her arm. Clem tries to reason with Rebecca about how she's going to have a child but Rebecca blows the attempt off and refuses to believe her.
  • Getting supplies.

    Getting supplies.
    Clem decides that she'll have to sew her own arm up and finds a box with thread in it. She moves the box and pulls a plank off the wall with her hammer. She then kicks some rotten wood and manages to get out. She then sneaks up to the house and finds Alvin arguing with Rebecca. After she leaves Clem pleads Alvin to help and he eventually complies getting some bandages and a fruit box. Clem thanks him and goes underneath the house, finding a trap door which she opens with the loss of her knife.
  • Sewing arm.

    Sewing arm.
    After thanking Sarah, Clem leaves the house and returns to the shed. She notes how this is going to hurt like hell and that she has to do it how Christa showed her. She then drinks the entire juicebox before pouring the peroxide on her cut. She screams in pain and drops the bottle. She then grabs the needle and fishing wire, slowly pushing it into her arm to seal the bite. As Clem goes to bandage the wound she drops the rag and as she goes to pick it up a walker grabs Clem and enters the shed.
  • Talking with Luke. (1/2)

    Talking with Luke. (1/2)
  • 13

  • 14

  • 15

  • Clementine awakens.

    Clementine awakens.
    Clementine wakes the next day on the shore. She picks herself up and notices a crashed canoe in the distance. She then climbs onto a destroyed stairway and makes her way into a clearing. There's a walker with a signpost through its head and a makeshift grave. Clem then makes her way towards the forest trail.
  • Sam attacks.

    Sam attacks.
    Clem sits down and opens the can to reveal beans. Clem begins to eat but gives Sam some as he was whining. Sam then grabs the can and when Clem goes to pick it up Sam latches onto Clem's arm. Clem struggles to fend him off and stabs him multiple times in the nose, eventually kicking him away over a log. Sam, however, landed on some tent spikes and is in pain. Clem then decides to end Sam's pain before walking off with a bleeding arm.
  • The shed.

    The shed.
    Carlos comes out and takes a look at Clem's arm, Clem asking if he thinks it had rabies. He says probably and the group ask if it was a dog bite. Carlos says it could be anything and that they should lock her in the shed and see if she's turned by morning. Luke and Nick escort her to the shed, Clem telling them that they'll see it's a dog bite. They lock her in and Clem scouts the room, climbing on a shelf to get a hammer but it collapses, Clem falling on her arm but getting the hammer.