Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

  • Born

    Lady Mary Pierrepont was born on 15 May 1689 in at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottinghamshire. She was the oldest child to Evelyn Pierrepont and Mary Fielding.
  • Young Lady Mary age 16

    she had written two volumes of poetry, a short novel, and taught herself Latin.
  • Elopes with Edward Montague

    This was to avoid marriage to Skeffington. Whom her father was pressuring her to marry. Instead she married Edward Montagu at age 23
  • Lady President Montagu's 1st published writing in Addison's Spectator

    "Montagu's first published writing appeared in Addison's Spectator in 1714, where she wrote under the pseudonym Lady President. Through her husband's close friendship with Joseph Addison, Montagu was introduced to other writers of her generation. In 1713 she wrote a critique of Addison's Cato; although her remarks were not published in her lifetime, Addison took them to heart, making several of the changes she recommended."
  • Smallpox

    In 1716 she contracted smallpox, she thankfully recovered but her only brother did not from this disease and sadly passed away
  • She Travels to Turkey

    First European woman to Travel to Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, where her husband became the ambassador to Constantinople.
  • Letter I: To the Countess of

  • Letter II: To Mrs. S

  • Letter III: To Mrs. S.C.

  • Letter IV: To The Lady

  • Letter V: To the Countess of B

  • Letter VI: To Mrs. P

  • Letter VII: To the Countess

  • Letter VII: To Mr. P

  • Letter IX: To the Countess

  • Letter X: To the Lady R

  • Letter XI: To Mrs. J***

  • Letter XII: To the Lady X

  • Letter XVIII: To the Lady R

  • Letter XII: To Mr.

  • Letter XIX: To the Countess

  • Letter XIV: To the Countess

  • Letter XV: To the Countess

  • Letter XVI: To the Countess

  • Letter XVII: To the Countess of B

  • Small Pox Letter -> First witnessing inoculation

    Discovering the new world of Turkey she noticed there was no scarring from the pox. She wrote this in a letter.. "I am going to tell you a thing, that will make you wish yourself here. The small-pox, so fatal, and so general amongst us, is here entirely harmless. . . . There is a set of old women, who make it their business to perform the operation..." this is where she witnessed inoculation "
  • Letter XX: To the Lady

  • Letter XXI: To the Countess

  • Letter XXII: To Mr. Pope

  • Letter XXIII: To the Countess

  • Letter XXIV: To Mr. Pope

    A letter from Montagu to Mr. Pope about her travels through Europe, specifically Hungary, Turkey, and smaller villages within that region.
  • Letter XXV: To His Royal Highness the Princess of Wales

    A letter regarding an invasion of the Turkish/ Ottoman empire, specifically of the region of the Greeks
  • Letter XXVI: To the Lady

    A letter regarding more specifically about the women of the Turkish empire, and those women that are found within the villages.
  • Letter XXVII: To the Abbot

  • Letter XXVIII: To the Countess of B

  • Letter XXIX: To the Countess

    A letter regarding the garments that the author has worn and is wearing, with very detailed accounts of what she is wearing.
  • Letter XXX: To Mr. Pope

  • Letter XXXI: To Mrs. S.C.

    A letter regarding the illnesses that are rampant within the time, specifically small-pox.
  • Son Edward inoculated at age 5

    Lady Mary had the British Embassy’s surgeon inoculate her young son. He was the first English person to undergo the operation but this was done at the Embassy in Turkey
  • Letter XLI: To the Countess of B

  • Letter XLII: To the Countess

  • Letter XXXVIII: To Mrs. T

  • Letter XXXII: To Mrs. T

  • Letter XXXIII: To the Countess

    A letter recounting a dinner party that the author attended within the Turkish empire, specifically with Greeks.
  • Letter XXXIX: To the Countess

  • Letter XL: To the Lady

  • Letter XXXIV: To the Abbot

  • Letter XLIII: To the Abbot of

  • Letter XXXV: To the Abbot

  • Letter XXXVI: To Mr. Pope

  • Letter XXXVII: To the Lady

  • Letter XLVII: To Mrs. T

  • Letter XLVIII: To Mr. Pope

  • Letter XLIX: To Lady R

  • Letter L: To Mr. T

  • Letter LI: To the Abbot

  • Letter LII: To Mr. P

  • Daughter Montagu is the first inoculation in Britain

    Back home in 1721, while a global smallpox epidemic was killing people from Britain to Boston, Massachusetts, she had him inoculate her daughter (born in Turkey), and publicized the benefits of inoculation against bitter hostility, including physical violence."
  • Preface - By Mary Astell

    Montagu wrote letters intended to the Turkish, "The Turkish Embassy Letters", they went around as a letter book and her friend Mary Astell created a preface for this manuscript. These letters were published after her death.
  • Lady Montagu starts Political Periodical

    She started writing her own political periodical (a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals) from 1737-1738.
  • Ciao Edward

    Lady Mary left her husband to live with an Italian Intellectual diplomat, this man was also having an affair with her good friend John Harvey.
  • Return to England

    Lady Mary never returned to England until her husband passed and she became very ill. (powerpoint)
  • Death due to cancer

    Mary Montagu lived into her early 70's, passing due to cancer. All though she did not get much credit then, she had great achievements in both the literature world and medical. "As the scientist Francis Galton later put it, “In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs.”
    Nor, he might well have added, “to the Lady.”